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Best Websites for Seniors

Explore the best websites and resources for seniors in 2024, from health and finance to technology and humor.

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We’ve put together a list of the top senior-focused sites where you’ll find a little bit of everything, from health and finances to technology and humor. Use this list of websites dedicated solely to senior citizens as a resource to help you live a better life, since the easy-to-navigate sites are loaded with useful information.

Setting Up a Social Security Account


Useful information is essential when you’re trying to age with ease. It’s important to know where to look for information on aging, from activities to do at home to retirement and investment advice. Below are some of our favorite websites that will help you as you age in place. They also provide information about alternative living situations if the time comes when you must move to a place with more assistance.

American Association of Retired Persons (AARP):

AARP has 38 million members, making it the largest nonprofit dedicated to empowering and advocating for Americans ages 50 and older. AARP’s many valuable offerings make it the well-respected granddaddy of all senior sites. From the latest treatments for Alzheimer’s to tips on cybersecurity and travel for older adults, covers a range of issues affecting older adults. With its useful articles, videos, and senior discounts for AARP members, you’re sure to find something worthwhile even if you aren’t looking for anything specific.

National Council on Aging (NCOA):

This nonprofit’s aim is to improve the health and financial security of millions of older adults and make aging well a priority. Its focus is on financial security and healthy living. Because of the NCOA’s holistic and comprehensive approach, you’ll find resources such as benefits checkups, chronic disease management programs, and valuable advocacy information for policies that benefit seniors.

Assisted Living Directory:

This site focuses on assisted living information, services, and facilities across the nation. It includes costs, information for veterans, and resources for memory care. You can get access to pricing, ratings, and reviews to help you make choices. If you’re a caregiver, you’ll appreciate having all that information in one place.

Fun Fact:

Fun Fact: There’s good news for seniors on the mental health front: Adults deal with stress better as they grow older. A study that tracked adults for more than 20 years showed that 70-year-olds reported stressors only 30 percent of the time, while their 25-year-old counterparts reported stressors almost 50 percent of the time. Seniors also experienced a steep decline when it came to reactivity to stress. Older adults still face challenges, but they’ve clearly found ways to effectively cope with them and respond to stress with a wise perspective.1


As a senior, you have specific health needs. There are many health resources available online, but you want to get your information from trustworthy sites. The well-respected sites below offer reliable tips and information to guide older adults looking to learn more about their medical concerns.


Search for any health-related topic and you’ll probably find WebMD on the first page of results. The site’s articles on health are written by experienced health journalists and verified by medical experts. WebMD is also easy to read and understand. You’ll find symptom checkers, health advice, and news articles about health alerts, current research, and public health issues.

The Mayo Clinic:

Mayo Clinic is a renowned health-care institution, and its site offers comprehensive medical expertise. You’ll find both basic and in-depth information, as well as lots of details about particular health conditions. You’ll also find slideshows, videos, and resources for further reading.

The National Institute on Aging (NIA):

The NIA’s mission is to improve the health and well-being of older adults through research. Seniors can get the latest resources, scientific insights, and health advice directly from the U.S. government. You can rest assured that you’re getting accurate and reliable information on aging, health, and caregiving for both older adults and their families.


On the official U.S. government website for Medicare, you can find doctors and medical facilities, check to see if a test you need is covered, and compare drug and health plans. On the Manage Your Health page, you can learn more about advance directives and long-term care. A popular search on the site is what Medicare covers for home health services.


If you love to travel, check out our favorite sites that provide information and special deals for seniors. Whether you have a long-standing love of travel or you were bitten by the travel bug in retirement, the sites offer tips and ideas for your next adventure.

Road Scholar:

Want to explore Israel? See the statues on Easter Island? Float down the Danube? Check out Road Scholar, formerly known as Elderhostel, a not-for-profit travel provider for people in their 50s to 90s who value lifelong learning. Since the company specializes in educational tours led by experts, its trips are perfect for people who are looking for intellectual stimulation. Road Scholar even offers programs for grandparents traveling with their grandkids.


ElderTreks caters to active people over 50 who are seeking vigorous, exotic trips. The company’s adventurous tours and off-the-beaten path destinations allow you to immerse yourself in new cultures while physically engaging in a variety of activities.

Overseas Adventure Travel (O.A.T.):

Also supporting senior adventurers, O.A.T. focuses on groups of no more than 16 people. Well known for welcoming solo travelers, the company provides good value and competitive pricing. Many trips are two weeks or longer to appeal to retired folks, and O.A.T. prizes authenticity and cultural immersion over luxury.


Technology is always changing. As an older adult, it can make you feel less independent when you have to keep asking for help with your computer, smartphone, or television. Know that you’re not alone. Check out the resources we’ve found to make using technology easier.

Senior Planet:

Senior Planet is a reputable source for technology education from experienced instructors operated by Older Adults Technology Services, which is strongly supported by AARP. Senior Planet offers free online courses on a range of tech topics specifically for seniors, and it has a comprehensive and empowering approach to digital literacy for seniors​.


TechBoomers provides free tutorials in easy-to-understand language on a range of digital topics. It also offers blog posts, reviews, and glossaries to help you navigate the digital world. Not all seniors have the latest tech, so the site caters to various devices and software programs. TechBoomers has been recognized by Forbes and the Chicago Tribune for its effective and user-friendly approach to helping seniors.


Who can't use a good laugh once in a while? Laughter is good medicine, but it can be hard to find websites that cater to the senior crowd. When you appreciate a lighter take on life, we recommend the websites below.

Suddenly Senior:

What sets this site apart is its unique mix of humor, entertainment, nostalgia, and practical information for those over 50. With a monthly readership of over 3 million and over 4,500 pages of content, Suddenly Senior is described as a blend of Andy Rooney, Dave Barry, and Garrison Keillor. You’ll enjoy the trivia, online quizzes, nostalgia, and senior jokes, but don’t overlook the important health tips, money-saving strategies, and articles on senior advocacy. Expect compassion and a humorous twist from the site’s articles, which cover topics such as ear hairs and sex. (I saw one article on sex headlined “Looking for Mr. Oldbar.”)

Senior Funnies:

If you’re looking for funny photos, videos, cartoons, bumper stickers, and more, check out Senior Funnies. (Sample joke: “Turning 80 and thinking about what tattoo to get? You might want to consider your name and address.”) Check out the site’s Facebook page, under the name Geezer Planet, to find a humorous look at senior life. It boasts 15,000 followers, which suggests its content is relatable and engaging.


Just because you’re a senior doesn’t mean you can’t date. If you’re interested in finding a companion for a night out or long-term partnership, learn more about how dating can be a positive experience with our guide to senior dating. When you’re ready, meet like-minded seniors by joining an online dating site.


SilverSingles, which is more focused on long-term relationships than some other sites, sends you potential matches daily based on a detailed personality test you take when you sign up. The site is very big on safety and security, which is especially helpful for women on the site.


OurTime is another senior dating site that can help you find that special someone. OurTime allows you to identify if you’re seeking casual relationships too. The site is owned by PeopleMedia, which has been owned by since 2009.


Whether you want to supplement your retirement or you need to work because of financial necessity, you have job options. If you aren’t sure how to search for a job at this age, the following sites can offer advice and help guide you in finding a job that fits your skills and needs.

Pro Tip:

Pro Tip: If you don’t want to look for full-time employment right now, check out our guide to part-time jobs to find one that may be perfect for you.

Workforce 50:

This site, which was highlighted by AARP, targets late-career professionals with experience and includes remote, freelance, and flexible jobs. Loaded with advice, Workforce 50 offers articles, publications, resources, and a job board. You can find articles about search preparation, marketing yourself, and finding meaning and purpose.


RetirementJobs works with vetted employers who are age-friendly and willing to accommodate an aging workforce so you don’t have to worry about ageism. The site offers tips, articles, and one-on-one support and lists jobs by category or state. RetirementJobs was recognized for its expertise by Forbes and AARP.

Did You Know?

Did You Know? If you’re a baseball fan looking for a job, check out the Boston Red Sox. The organization is one of 200 around the world to be named a Certified Age Friendly Employer. Over 30 percent of its almost 2,000 employees are over the age of 50.2

Finance and Money

If you’re like many seniors, you’re probably searching for ways to save money or invest better. In addition to the phenomenal AARP, which offers fantastic information about Social Security and senior-specific financial concerns, we suggest you visit the sites below.

Retirement Planner:

This government-backed website goes beyond just benefits. It offers a comprehensive guide to all aspects of retirement planning, including saving strategies, health-care considerations, and lifestyle changes. It’s a valuable resource endorsed by financial advisers and retirement planners for its objective and balanced approach.

The Money Alert:

Tailored specifically for seniors, the site provides articles, advice, and tools to help you make good financial decisions. Topics it covers include finance, real estate, retirement planning, and investment strategies. The site’s Calculator page is worth a visit in and of itself.

Online Games

You may already be obsessed with Wordle and crossword puzzles on The New York Times website, but here are other great sites for seniors who love playing online games.

AARP Games:

AARP offers a variety of online games tailored toward older adults, including puzzles, card games, and word games that can help seniors keep their minds sharp. The most popular games include Word Wipe, in which you form words by connecting adjacent letters on a grid to clear rows or columns and score points before time runs out; Mahjongg Dimensions, which offers a contemporary 3D layout for the traditional game requiring you to match tiles in a rotating cube; and Spider Solitaire, a variation on the card game in which you must organize cards in descending sequence.


Pogo offers free games, including Scrabble, chess, mahjong, sudoku, and crossword puzzles. Strike up a solo game or pit your skills against friends in online competitions. Pogo provides a fun and engaging gaming experience for seniors.

Discount Sites

When you’re living on a limited budget, it’s important to find all the deals you can. You probably already know AARP and AAA have lists of places that offer senior discounts, but there are more dedicated discount sites you may not know about.

Senior Discounts:

The online directory site is slightly outdated, but it claims to list over 150,000 U.S. businesses that offer discounts to people ages 50 and older. It also has a free weekly e-newsletter distributed to over 50,000 subscribers. You can get a free, gold, or premium membership (which costs $12.95 per year).


Groupon isn’t only for seniors, but it provides up to 90 percent off various activities, restaurants, and services. You can find deals on dining out, entertainment, and travel, both online and at local stores. It’s a great site if you’re looking for an affordable activity or restaurant, but pay attention to the limited-time deals and restrictions. offers discount coupons from thousands of retailers in one place. You can save on everything from hardware and oil changes to restaurants and retailers.

Pro Tip:

Pro Tip: Find fantastic senior discounts and deals on everything from restaurants and department stores to movie theaters and cruises in our Senior Living guide.


Senior forums are a great place to meet other seniors who have similar interests. From local forums that build community in your area to online groups that enable people to share ideas, forums are an excellent place to start a virtual conversation if you’re lonely or shy.

Seniors Only:

Seniors Only is a free online forum for individuals over 50. Through the site’s philosophical discussions and help requests, you can get to know other members — and you just might find someone in your area on the site. You have to use a first and last name to sign up for the site, but if you’re concerned about privacy you don't have to use your real name.

Senior Forums:

Senior Forums is the place to go when you have questions you want answered by your peers. With an active community and categories for any interest, you can have fun looking through the forums and meeting other people.

Retirement and Lifestyle

You’ve looked forward to retirement for years. Gathering information from the right websites can help you make the most out of this period of your life. In addition to AARP, which offers a wealth of resources on retirement planning, including articles, tools, and calculators, check out the other excellent sites below.


You’ll find extensive tips, information, and resources on everything from housing and travel to health and wellness. Recognized by legacy media outlets such as USA Today and Kiplinger for its thorough and user-friendly content​, RetirementLiving features information on housing options and retirement communities, as well as state-by-state guides to help you choose the best place to retire.

Senior Housing News:

The site focuses on the latest trends and developments in senior housing, including industry news and insights into assisted living and other senior housing options. It has been recognized by senior living industry leaders and referenced by publications such as Senior Housing Business and McKnight’s Senior Living.

Next Avenue:

Affiliated with PBS, this well-respected digital publication covers news, information, and advice for people over 50. Next Avenue has served over 80 million people on its website and millions more through its platforms and partnerships. Perfect for baby boomers, the content, written by experts and journalists in the field, includes topics relevant to aging adults.

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