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It's a no brainer that hearing aids all serve a common purpose to help people hear better. However, different companies offer a variety of models that specialize in distinct functions, utilize their own technologies, and boast unique features. First, you'll want to determine what it is you need from a hearing aid. Then, it's time to conduct research to see what different brands offer. Both ReSound and Signia carry superior products on the market. Let's see how they measure up.

ReSound vs Signia: What's the Difference?

ReSound's product line consists of three basic types of hearing aids, each boasting unique features to address different hearing needs. Signia has a wider range of products, and offers the latest technology to stream sound from other devices to the hearing aid. Both ReSound and Signia carry products made to enhance hearing for all consumers.

ReSound's hearing aids come in the following forms: invisible-in-canal, in-the-canal, in-the-ear, receiver-behind-the-ear, and receiver-in-the-ear. Its Surround Sound by ReSound technology makes hearing someone easier than ever. Additionally, the Spatial Sense Technology makes sounds around you come off more natural and clear.

Signia is known for the development of the world's first slim receiver-in-canal hearing aid that can operate for 24 hours when fully charged. The brand has a handful of phone apps that customers can use to control their hearing experience. It is also possible to adjust settings without visiting a hearing aid professional. You can essentially do it on the go or from the comfort of your own home!


Compared to Signia, ReSound currently does not offer as many different models of hearing aids to choose from. However, it still has plenty to accommodate an array needs. ReSound's great variety of accessories like streamers and microphones enhance user experience and make it easier to connect hearing aids to other devices. Through ReSound's apps, customers can easily customize their experience like controlling the volume of their hearing aid, tracking the battery status, and more.

ReSound's hearing aids are constructed with iSolate Nanotech coating, which prevents humidity, moisture, and perspiration from interfering with the functionality of the hearing aid. The three models of hearing aids by ReSound include Linx Quattro, Linx 3D, and Enzo 3D. You can stream sounds from smart devices on all three. Those sensitive to noise distortion may like the Linx Quattro. It uses the full microphone range, allowing for sounds to be processed without distortion. The Linx 3D features a fit like wireless headphones, and the ability to make any hearing aid adjustments remotely by a healthcare professional. Last but not least, ReSound's Enzo 3D is best for individuals with severe hearing loss. With this model, you'll get 60% more clarity as far as sounds and speech goes in noisy situations.

There are a plethora of hearing aid models to choose from if you are considering the Signia brand. The newest model is the Styletto, which also happens to have the sleekest design. It is the world's first slim receiver-in-canal hearing aid that can operate all day on a full charge! Made with Signia's Own Voice Processing technology, Styletto will give you the clearest hearing experience possible. The Styletto is best for those with mild to moderate hearing loss. A couple other noteworthy models by Signia include the Pure Charge & Go Nx and Ace. The Pure Charge is designed to be charged overnight while you sleep, so that you can enjoy high quality hearing for the day when you get up. It operates on a lithium ion battery, which tends to last longer. This model is great for individuals with all levels of hearing loss. The Ace is the smallest behind-the-ear hearing aid that Signia carries. It can be easily controlled from your smartphone, and is equipped with an advanced speech function which singles out a dominant speaker so you can focus easily on a conversation.

Costs & Pricing

ReSound and Signia keep their product prices offline, which means you will have to contact a hearing provider in your area to find out the exact numbers. Your hearing aid professional should also be able to address any questions you may have about any hearing aid.

Comparison Table

Comparison ReSound Signia
Bluetooth Capability Yes Yes
Tinnitus Support Help Yes Yes
Customer Service Videos, phone, online support Videos, FAQ, online contact form
Accompanying App Yes Yes
Warranty Yes, only products sold by distribution providers Yes, 12-month manufacturer's warranty with option to extend coverage
Free Trial Yes, 30-day free trial Yes, through authorized hearing centers

What We Think

Though there are fewer hearing aid options with ReSound, each are packed with many practical features to help people hear better. ReSound's apps and accessories make it a breeze for users to customize their experience. With so many different ways to reach their customer service department, you'll be sure to have your questions answered should any arise. Read more about ReSound's products on our full review.

Signia's immense line of hearing aid models make it possible for people with all levels of hearing loss to find something that works for them. Drowning out background noise and direct streaming from smart and electronic devices are just two of many practical uses of Signia's hearing aids. Similar to ReSound, Signia offers a variety of customer support avenues, so that you may get assistance whenever needed. For more information about Signia's hearing aid products, read our review!

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