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45-Day Money-Back Guarantee
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One-third of seniors over the age of 65 experience hearing loss.1 If you're a part of the one-in-three, it can be challenging to admit that your hearing just isn't as sharp as it used to be. Technological advances over the past few years have made hearing aids more discreet, more user-friendly, and better able to integrate into your daily life.

If you've already begun browsing hearing aids, you've probably discovered they can cost as much as an iPhone or set of premium golf clubs. With so many options to choose from at varying price points, shopping can be an overwhelming process. If you’re looking for easy-to-purchase hearing aids at a reasonable price, Embrace is an excellent option for mild to severe hearing loss. Though their selection is a bit limited, you can get a pair of Embrace hearing aids for as little $1200, which is half of what you will pay for big-name competitors like Oticon or Beltone.

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What Makes Embrace Unique

The New Jersey-based company offers custom-programmed hearing aids that you can order from the comfort of your home. In contrast, other major providers like Miracle-Ear and ReSound require customers to visit a hearing clinic to purchase hearing aids. This middleman approach increases the cost of your hearing aid. With Embrace, you won't have to worry about overpaying or visiting a clinic since they ship directly to your door.

Other online hearing aid companies like Eargo or MDHearingAid sell directly to customers and have similar low prices, but they don't provide the custom audiologist programming that Embrace does. That's really what sets them apart. You won't have to worry about trying to program your hearing aids on your own. They will already be professionally tailored to your hearing loss once you receive them. Talk about easy!

What We Like About Embrace

  • Budget-friendly, high-quality hearing aids
  • Custom programmed by a board-certified audiologist
  • 45-day money-back guarantee
  • Comprehensive warranty

Things to Keep in Mind About Embrace

  • Limited options
  • No in-person support

Kudos: Embrace was the #1 highest rated hearing aid company by Consumer Affairs in 2018, 2019, and 2020.

Embrace Products and Pricing

Embrace partners with a European manufacturer to supply their premium hearing aids. They offer three series to cater to a variety of customer preferences, hearing needs, and budgets. These devices range between $599 and $1249 per hearing aid and are backed by excellent two- or three-year warranties. Embrace hearing aids can support mild to severe hearing loss, so no matter your diagnosis, an Embrace hearing aid can likely provide you with the crystal clear sound you're looking for. Each series has a select set of accessories available for seniors who want to boost their Embrace hearing aid's capabilities.


This series is the most “techy” of the three. Wearers can easily stream audio from their smartphone into their hearing aids. The hearing aids also provide the ability for two-way communication, making hands-free phone calls a breeze! With the option to add rechargeable batteries and multiple colors to choose from, we found these behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids are great for seniors who want an upgrade. The X-Series is Embrace's middle-tier option in terms of pricing, starting at $899 per device. With all the high-tech features, they're priced competitively when compared to other leading providers.

X-Series hearing aids

X-Series hearing aids

Available Accessories

  • Mobile App: This free app is available for Android and Apple smartphones. You can adjust the volume and setting on your hearing aids and make hands-free phone calls with sound streaming directly into your hearing aids.
  • TV Streamer: This accessory provides seamless sound streaming from your TV to your hearing aids. Priced at $199, this accessory may be worth the money for avid TV watchers.


Embrace provides an economical option with their A-series hearing aids. With prices starting at just $599, you can save around $200 per ear when compared to Embrace's two other product lines. Though these are the most basic hearing aids offered by Embrace, they still come with 24/7 customer support, a two-year warranty,2 and a tinnitus manager program. These BTE style hearing aids are available in three colors. Also, there are upgrades available like rechargeable batteries and Bluetooth capability, as long as you don't mind paying a little extra.

Available Accessories

  • Premium Remote with Bluetooth: In addition to adjusting your hearing aids' volume, this rechargeable Bluetooth remote allows you to turn your hearing aids into a wireless Bluetooth-enabled headset and stream sound from your favorite devices. It's compatible with Apple and Android products and is priced at $299.
  • TV Volume Streamer: With this device, you'll be able to stream sound from the TV directly into your hearing aids, as well as adjust the volume with ease for $100.


For seniors in search of discreet hearing support, the Embrace C-series offers just that. The nearly-invisible hearing aids fit inside the ear and are equipped with a tinnitus manager program. Though they are the most expensive of the three series, starting at $949 per ear, we were disappointed that they have the fewest add-on options. If you're looking for rechargeable batteries, color options, or Bluetooth capabilities, the C-series won't be your best bet.

Available Accessories

  • Mobile App: Easily adjust the volume and settings on your hearing aids by downloading this free app.
  • Standard Remote: For C-series wearers who don't use a smartphone, they can purchase this remote to adjust their hearing aids on the go easily. It costs $99.

Embrace Hearing Aids: Products and Pricing

Embrace Hearing Aid X-Series A-Series C-Series
Price Range (per ear) $899-$1199 $599-$1099 $949-$1249
Warranty 3 years 2 years 3 years
Recharge Battery Option Yes Yes No
Best For Seniors Who -Are tech-savvy
-Want Bluetooth capabilities
-Prefer a BTE-style hearing aid
-Want the most affordable hearing aids
-Won't need Bluetooth capabilities
-Want a BTE-style hearing aid
-Want discreet hearing aids
-Don't want all the bells and whistles
-Don't mind changing batteries

Which Embrace Hearing Aid Is Right for Me?

Determining which hearing aid is best for you is essential. Your lifestyle, level of hearing loss, budget, and cosmetic preferences should all be factored into your purchase. Though we recommend not wavering too long since studies show that untreated hearing loss can contribute to a decline in mental and physical health.3 When you notice a change in your hearing, it is pretty important to get a hearing test done quickly and begin using hearing support.

Fortunately, Embrace makes it easy to figure out what's right for you. Their website provides excellent educational materials, clear comparison charts, and the ability to speak with a trained hearing professional to help you determine which Embrace hearing aid is the best fit for you or your loved one. Since a board-certified audiologist programs Embrace hearing aids, they can cater to mild to severe hearing loss according to your specific hearing needs. Generally speaking, we've outlined which Embrace hearing aids are ideal for certain seniors.

  • The Social Seniors: If you're still in the workforce, frequently socialize with large groups, or love to chat on the phone, the X-Series from Embrace is a great option. Its Bluetooth two-way communication, superior sound in group settings, and rechargeable batteries make it ideal for active seniors who need extra hearing support.
  • The Saving Seniors: If you're living on a fixed-income or simply don't want to spend an arm and a leg on hearing aids, the A-Series provides quality hearing support at a low price. Plus, the A-Series still gives you the option to splurge on rechargeable batteries or add Bluetooth capability if you want to upgrade.
  • The Simple-Loving Seniors: If bells and whistles aren't your thing, the C-Series provides simplicity without sacrificing quality. These small but mighty hearing aids discreetly fit inside the ear canal, so they are barely noticeable.

FYI: Embrace offers interest-free payment plans through CareCredit with 24- and 36-month financing options available.

How Do I Purchase an Embrace Hearing Aid?

Once you're decided on a hearing aid, you'll be ready to place your order with Embrace. There are just a few simple steps that are required to get your Embrace hearing aids.

  1. Get a hearing test done: A hearing test evaluates your ability to hear across the range of relevant frequencies in various environments. The results are displayed on a chart called an audiogram. You can use their online test or have a test done at your local audiologist's office. Be sure to ask for a printed copy of the test.
  2. Submit your hearing test results: You can fax, email, or upload a copy of your hearing test results to Embrace via their website. The results will provide the data that the Embrace audiologists need to program your hearing aids and ensure the model you choose is a good fit.
  3. Place your order: Once you submit your order, you'll receive your hearing aids in five to eight days. Embrace provides 24/7 customer support, so you can call them with any questions or concerns you may have.

Pro tip for Medicare members: If your primary care physician requests the hearing test, there's a good chance your insurance will cover most of the cost of the evaluation.

After you receive your hearing aids, you'll have 45 days to return them for a full refund if you're not satisfied. To initiate a return, customers simply call Embrace or send them an email to request a return form. Keep in mind that a return must be completed within the 45-day trial period to be valid.

In addition to the money-back guarantee, Embrace hearing aids come with an impressive two- or three-year warranty, depending on which model you choose. The warranty covers any manufacturer defects at no charge to you. Also, there is no charge for reprogramming or adjustments for your hearing aid during the warranty period. If your hearing aid is lost or damaged during the warranty period, you can purchase a replacement at half the regular price. What a deal!

Need Help?: If you need assistance finding an audiologist to conduct your hearing test or would like assistance choosing an Embrace hearing aid, their customer support is available by phone 24/7.

How Does Embrace Measure Up to the Competition?

A growing aging population, plus a rise in the number of seniors with hearing loss, has resulted in a thriving hearing aid industry.4 With that comes lots of choices for consumers, which can be both good and bad. With so many options out there, how do you know which to choose? As we mentioned earlier, Embrace sells hearing aids directly to the consumer, which is different from most major brands that require consumers to go to a hearing clinic to purchase hearing aids.

A few of Embrace's how-to videos

A few of Embrace’s how-to videos

In addition to Embrace, several other hearing aid companies have foregone a storefront and sell directly to customers via their website. Let's take a look at how Embrace rechargeable hearing aids stack up against similar hearing aids from Eargo and Lively.

The Competition: A Pricing and Value Comparison

Hearing Aids Embrace X-920R Eargo Neo Hi-Fi Lively Rechargeable
Price (per pair) $2,598 $2,590 $2,250
Warranty 3 years 2 years 3 years
Custom Programmed Yes No Yes
Money-Back Guarantee 45-day 25-day 100-day
Smartphone App Yes Yes Yes
Battery Rechargeable Rechargeable Rechargeable

Final Thoughts

When it comes to hearing aids, we believe Embrace has successfully merged convenience, affordability, and quality. Though their catalog of hearing aids is limited compared to some competitors, they make up for it with personalization and customer service. We are impressed with their custom audiologist-programmed hearing aids as well as their 24/7 customer support. Their prices are competitive yet still affordable, starting at just $599 per ear. For seniors who want to save money and avoid going to a hearing clinic to purchase hearing aids, Embrace is an excellent option for quality, custom hearing solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

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