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Senior Housing & Assisted Living in Connecticut

Connecticut is home to many beautiful rolling hills, horse farms, and lush woodlands. Living by the water generally means higher cost of living no matter where you go, and it's no exception in this state. The cost of living in Connecticut is more than 30% higher than the national average. If you enjoy taking road trips out to appreciate new scenery, the state is conveniently located pretty close to New York City and Boston. You can easily get to these neighboring states by car, bus, or train within a few hours.

Considering retirement in Connecticut and hoping to find out more about the state's senior living costs, facilities, and benefits? You're in luck. We have gathered valuable information here about Connecticut's senior living options, from independent living facilities to assisted care choices. Discover a wealth of information about the different types of support systems and amenities that each has to offer here. Explore the list of cities below to find the closest senior living options available to you in this state.

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Best Senior Living Communities in Connecticut

Most of the living communities in the state are quite pricey, but you can definitely find some livable towns where housing prices and living costs are reasonable. To help you with your search, we've put together a list of the best senior living communities in Connecticut for you to check out below!

Atria Crossroads Place

type of care

Assisted Living, Independent Living, Memory Care

The Hearth at Southbury

type of care

Assisted Living, Independent Living, Memory Care

MiddleBrook Farms at Trumbull

type of care

Assisted Living, Memory Care

Brandywine Living at Litchfield

type of care

Assisted Living, Memory Care

The Village at Waveny

type of care

Memory Care

The Village at East Farms

type of care

Assisted Living, Memory Care

Stoneridge Retirement Community

type of care

Assisted Living, Independent Living

Coachman Square at Woodbridge

type of care

Assisted Living, Memory Care

Task Home Care Services - Westport

type of care

Home Care

Arden Courts of Avon

type of care

Memory Care

Living Costs for Seniors in Connecticut

With a high housing index of 124.40, Connecticut is one of the more expensive places to retire in the country. A one bedroom apartment here averages out to $1,038 a month compared to the national average of $825 a month. A two bedroom apartment goes for an average of $1,308 a month compared to the national average of $1,027 a month.

Home health care costs in Connecticut average out to $3,813 a month. Home health care services make it possible for seniors to live in their own home or go back to living in their own home. Service aides help to keep the house clean, run day to day errands, and cook meals for the elderly. There are also home health aides available in the state, and the cost to have one is roughly $4,385 a month. These aides are responsible for helping seniors with their day to day activities in their own home rather than in a facility.

The average cost of adult day care in Connecticut comes out to a median of $1,733 a month. This allows seniors to stay at a supervised facility during the day, but doesn't include skilled nursing care. Day care is ideal for seniors who are independent and mostly healthy, but could could take advantage of social activities to keep them busy, and therapeutic and health services.

For an average monthly cost of $4,600 a month, elders requiring more assistance with their day to day tasks can stay at an assisted living facility to receive personal care and health services in Connecticut.

While on the expensive side, nursing homes are available throughout the state for seniors who need close supervision and care. The cost for a semi-private room is roughly $12,516 a month, while a private room is about $13,505 a month. Nursing homes provide residents with personal care, medication, housing, supervision, skilled nursing care 24/7, and therapies and rehabilitation.

Benefits of Retiring in Connecticut

While it can be pretty expensive to retire in the Nutmeg State, those who do will find plenty to admire about Connecticut. Below are just some wonderful things people love here!

Changing Seasons

Living in Connecticut, you'll surely get the most out of every season. Winters are cold and snowy, while summers are hot. Spring time is lovely here, but the state is especially known for a very beautiful autumn. Residents are able to experience change of leaves and enjoy colorful fall foliage this time of year throughout the state.

Senior Friendly Extracurricular Activities

With New York City and Boston in Connecticut's vicinity, it's easy for residents to take a quick road trip over and explore new sights. Those who prefer to stay within the state can enjoy a good mix of coastal cities and rural areas. Some popular attractions include Seaport Museum and Mystic Aquarium. If you like adventuring the great outdoors, there are a plethora of hiking and saltwater trails to explore in Connecticut as well. If you are retiring with someone you love, there are plenty of romantic escape experiences here as well, such as winter retreats and restaurants that provide a warm and cozy ambience.

Rich History & Beautiful Towns

As one of the original thirteen colonies, Connecticut boasts a long and important history. There are many important historical landmarks here, such as the birthplace of Mark Twain and the Charles W. Morgan, the last remaining wooden ship from the 1800s whaling fleet. The towns are filled with the 18th and 19th century stylings, including the famous Yale University grounds.

Connecticut's Senior Living Options

Connecticut retirees may take advantage of independent living, assisted living, memory care, or nursing home care depending on individual needs. Determine which one best suits your lifestyle by reviewing each option below.

Independent Living

There are more than 150 independent living facilities in Connecticut. Healthy & active seniors can live in an independent living facility for anywhere from $1,100 to $5,060 a month. The cost of living depends on a variety of factors, with location playing a big role. The more expensive independent living costs are found in the metropolitan areas, while the more affordable ones are in the suburban towns.

Seniors looking for apartment living can look into 55+/65+ communities throughout Connecticut. Apartment amenities may vary, but it's standard to see things like fitness centers, walking trails, clubhouse, and meeting rooms available for residents to take advantage of.

Assisted Living

Assisted living facilities are available throughout Connecticut for seniors needing help with their day to day tasks like chores and transportation. The cost to stay at an assisted living facility ranges from $2,000 – $9,200 a month, averaging out to $4,600 a month across the state. Compared to the national average, Connecticut has pretty steep assisted living costs.

Memory Care

Alzheimer's and dementia have been affecting more and more seniors, despite increased research in the field. For seniors who will or are already suffering from memory ailments, a memory care facility will be of utmost help. There are 187 memory care facilities in Connecticut, with an average yearly cost of $92,028. This is significantly higher than the national average cost of $5,075, but there are more affordable options in the state that start as low as $2,900 a month.

Nursing Homes

There are over 500 senior living providers in Connecticut. Average costs are much higher in this state compared to others, but there is a lot of rich history here. Nearby family may make Connecticut a definite retirement state for some.

Adult daycare centers are one of the most widely used facilities for senior care. They provide a bevy of activities to keep residents in the company of others to ward off loneliness, active monitoring to ensure any accidents like falling are tended to immediately, and nutritious meal plans. On average, adult day care centers will cost around $1,950 per month, which puts Connecticut on the higher end as the state's lowest cost adult daycare facility is $2,100 a month and goes up to $4,320 a month.

Seniors with a terminal illness will find the special help they need at one of the 50+ hospices within the state. A hospice will provide everything a senior and their family will need well going through this transitional and trying time. Support groups and individual counseling will help with reaching emotional tranquility, while medications provided by trained staff will minimize any pain. Costs can vary greatly, but they can be fully covered through Medicaid, Medicare, and private insurances.

Many seniors retire here in order to be close to their children and grandchildren. In this case, respite care facilities are a top choice as they provide families temporary relief from the demanding rigors of caring for an elder loved one. Respite care will take in seniors for however long is needed, and provide assistance with day to day activities like personal grooming, meals, medications, and monitoring health levels. With 250 respite care facilities, Connecticut has no shortage of options. Costs are significantly higher in Connecticut, with an average annual cost of $142,168. That comes out to a monthly average of around $12,000, compare that to the national average of $9,222.

Resources for Seniors in Connecticut

CT Visit – Get a better idea of Connecticut living and what kind of activities you can enjoy here.

CT State Department of Aging – Stay informed with the latest news about weather conditions that may affect senior living here, along with other programs and services available to the elderly.

Connecticut Judicial Branch – This resource is filled with external links that give valuable information about elderly tax credits in Connecticut, disabled veteran property tax exemption, existing state programs for older adults, and more.

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