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AT&T Senior Plan Review

65+ Senior Plans
$29.99 Per Month
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4.0 of 5
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10% AARP Discount
150 Million Customers
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Serving wireless and mobile services to over 165 million people in the U.S.,1 AT&T is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world. In recent years, there's been a growing need for more variety, efficiency and affordability when it comes to cell phones and mobile plans for seniors. And with 91% of adults ages 51 and older consistently using some sort of technology to stay in touch with friends and family,2 I'm sure glad they did.

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With unlimited mobile to mobile minutes and up to 500 nights and weekend minutes with no long-distance charges, AT&T offers a senior-specific mobile plan—Senior Nation Plan—to ensure that older adults have reliable cellular service at a more affordable rate. However, this basic plan only provides calling services and nothing more. They also offer discounted rates for those 65 and up! Something important to note early on is that AT&T does not manufacture phones that are specifically designed for seniors, like those carried by competitors such as Jitterbug, but they do offer all the largest names in cellular technology including Apple, LG, Samsung, etc. Read on to learn more about what AT&T brings to the senior wireless plan arena.

Wallet-Saving Perk: AARP and Veterans discounts (which aren't a given with every carrier) can be applied to eligible AT&T wireless plans.

What to Expect With AT&T’s Senior Nation Plan

As I mentioned earlier, the Senior Nation Plan is the only AT&T plan that's tailored to seniors 65 and over. Priced at a monthly rate of $29.99, which is a standard rate across the industry, here's what you can expect to receive from the Senior Nation Plan:

  • 200 anytime minutes
  • Unlimited mobile to mobile minutes nationwide
  • 500 nights and weekend minutes
  • Additional minutes cost $0.45 per minute
  • Requires a 2-year cell phone contract
  • Only compatible with basic cell phones

Unlike senior plans from other carriers like T-Mobile and Consumer Cellular, AT&T's Senior Nation Plan does require a 2-year cell phone contract. Unfortunately, the plan is only eligible if you're using a basic cell phone. With over 40% of seniors owning smartphones today,3 AT&T limiting its senior plan to basic phones is not ideal but their senior-friendly discounts make up for it!

Discounts on Discounts for Seniors

If you are 65 years of age or older, you may still be eligible to use your AARP discount4 for smartphone or tablet purchases. If the plan you want qualifies for these savings, you'll take 10% off your monthly service charge and 15% off eligible accessories. Either way, you can collect these perks over the phone or at a local AT&T store5 near you.

Good To Know: For the Senior Nation Plan, additional minutes are only $0.45 each, which matches up with industry standards.

The discounts don't end there! If you are 55 or older, and have a Florida address, you can qualify for the new AT&T Unlimited 55+ plan. AT&T advertises that it comes out to $60 for one line (and $80 for two lines) for unlimited talk, text, and data. You'll also need to go into a store with a valid Florida ID in order to verify you're a state resident and of the minimum age. Florida really keeps sweetening the deal for retiring in the sunshine state!

An Overview of AT&T’s Senior Nation Plan and Discounts

Name Advertised Pricing Basics More Details
Senior Nation Plan $29.99 per month + 200 anytime minutes

+ Unlimited mobile to mobile calling nationwide

+ 500 nights and weekends minutes

+ No roaming or long distance chargers (nationwide only) Additional minutes $0.45 each
+ Eligible for basic phones only
+ Includes voicemail, call forwarding, call waiting, conferencing and caller ID
AARP Discount Save 10% on monthly service charges on qualifying wireless plans + Also save 15% on eligible accessories + Some of their unlimited data plans6 for smartphones might be eligible for this discount
AT&T Unlimited 55+ (Florida Residents Only) $60 per month for one line/$80 for two lines + Unlimited talk, text, and data (in the U.S. and Canada) + Free texting to 120 countries
+ Auto fraud blocking and spam risk alerts
+ Must verify Florida residency and age eligibility in store only

Our Top Senior-Friendly Phone Picks Available With AT&T

While AT&T has a total of 46 phone models available on their site right now,7 it's important to remember that the Senior Nation Plan only works with basic cell phones, not smartphones. But we'll cover our current favorite flip phone and smartphone below (don't forget that AARP discount!) so you can compare all of your options. For more details on the best cell phones for seniors, check out our best cell phones for seniors page.

Sonim XP3

Touted as exceptionally durable, the retail price for the Sonim XP3 is a one-time fee of $189.99. The waterproof flip phone is compact with sleek designs like large back-lit buttons and boasts good call quality. It also comes with a camera to take pictures. Plus with 21 hours of talk time, you won't have to charge your battery too often. For seniors who don't need or want a smartphone, this is a jazzed-up flip phone with just the right amount of user-friendly features. Plus, the satisfying smack of flipping your phone shut after a call is also a great bonus here, but maybe that's just me.

Sonim XP3 from AT&T

Sonim XP3 from AT&T

Samsung Galaxy Note 10

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is our current smartphone pick. Priced at a monthly rate of $31.67, this model is ideal for older adults who may or may not be familiar with the use of a smartphone. It's large enough for older eyes and hands, but not intimidatingly oversized. Also waterproof, the Note comes with an S Pen for fun, easy screen-writing, along with a decent battery life. Plus, the camera quality on the Note will make you “ooh” and “aah.” Well, at least it did for me! If you want the next step up in phone technology without feeling like you're carrying around a tablet, then this is a great choice for seniors with an easy-to-navigate menu and so much more.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 from AT&T

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 from AT&T

What We Like About AT&T's Senior Plan

  • Covers the Basic Needs: The plan is perfect for those who simply want a steady and reliable connection to talk on their cell phones.
  • A Variety of Discounts: Not all providers offer deals with an AARP membership. AT&T proudly offers 10% off all eligible plans and can still help you save a good chunk of change if you're looking for a smartphone. Oh, and if you have a Florida billing address, don't forget to collect on your discount with the AT&T Unlimited 55+ plan!

Things to Keep in Mind About AT&T's Senior Plan

  • Limited Options: There is really only one true AT&T senior plan. While it does include a lot of perks like unlimited mobile-to-mobile calling, it would be nice to see a 55+ plan that is eligible in more states (Verizon's includes Michigan, Texas and a few others), or a plan that also includes texting and data services.
  • Long-Term Contract: AT&T requires that you sign a two-year contract for the Senior Nation Plan, and it can be expensive to break it. Also, you will more than likely have to purchase a new AT&T cell phone to kick things off.

The Bottom Line

With unlimited mobile to mobile calling, AT&T's Senior Nation Plan is perfect for older adults who simply want reliable cellular service at an affordable rate that covers their basic mobile talk needs. Due to an increasing number of seniors that are starting to veer towards smartphone use, it would be nice to see AT&T offer a senior plan that includes discounts on data. Nonetheless, the extensive perks within the Senior Nation Plan for basic cell phones, along with the AARP discount for smartphones, show that AT&T strives to help seniors connect with family and friends without breaking the bank. For instance, the unlimited mobile to mobile calling element is a solid perk. Overall, the company is affordable, fair and competitive all for the sake of supporting a senior's mobility, giving them the opportunity to embrace technology without too much hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions

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