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For many senior citizens whose first language is not English, finding living options without language barriers can present a challenge. Whether it’s a nursing home or assisted living, senior citizens want to feel comfortable, especially when medical needs are present. That is why more and more senior living facilities are accommodating certain languages, with some focusing on one specific group.

For the aging Korean community here in the United States, finding senior living facilities where Korean is spoken is vital. The elderly are held in high regard in Korea and other Asian countries. Many families try to take care of their aging relatives at home, but sometimes that is neither practical nor possible. When these cases arise, families look for Korean speaking senior living options.

Benefits of Korean Speaking Senior Living

Having a medical staff on hand 24/7 that can speak their native tongue is of the utmost benefit for Korean senior citizens who may be facing a language barrier at other facilities. All Korean speaking senior living facilities will have someone on staff 24/7 that is fluent in Korean, as well as English. This provides comfort for seniors and their family members who know that their needs will not be ignored because of a language barrier.

Korean speaking senior living facilities also work to incorporate the culture into daily life as much as possible. Korean pastors are often brought in to hold worship services for patients. Korean Bible study is also sometimes held. The staff at these facilities works to bring as many programs in the Korean language to the patients.

Social activities are also taken into consideration at Korean speaking senior living facilities. Traditional Korean board games, like Yoot, are sometimes played as well. The idea is to make residents feel at home and keep them immersed in their language and culture.

It’s important to note that while some facilities may not be 100% Korean speaking, there are some short-stay and rehab facilities offer special wings for Korean speaking patients. They incorporate Korean TV in patients’ rooms as well as other services. There are also senior living options that cater to the Asian population and have Korean speaking staff. These facilities will often offer special Korean meals as part of their cuisine. Special Korean food, such as kimchi (a spicy fermented cabbage) and bulgogi (a marinated beef or pork dish) are often prepared.

How Much Does Korean Speaking Senior Living Cost?

The type of facility chosen will ultimately decide the cost. Medicare may be an option in some cases depending on the type of facility. If it is an assisted living facility, Medicare may not be an option. But, Medicare may cover nursing home costs. As far as Medicaid, you need to check in the state where you live since determinations are made by the individual states. If you are a veteran, veterans’ benefits may be an option in some cases.

In other cases, some seniors cash in life insurance policies or are forced to pay out of pocket when insurance does not cover their care needs.

Where Can I Find Korean Speaking Senior Living?

Let us help you find a Korean speaking senior living facility. You can use our online directory search or call us at 877-748-9749 from 4am – 8pm PST. Our job is to help you find a place you can call home.

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