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You can find many resources for seniors online and in your local area. Some of those are national companies, such as AARP. Others are regional or focus on resources at the state level. There are organizations like the Area Agency on Aging that offer all of these things and give seniors access to resources on a regional, state, and local level.

What Is an Area Agency on Aging?

The Area Agency on Aging is a conglomerate of organizations that are connected across the United States. Their goal is to provide access to resources for the senior population found in their localities. In short, they are a gateway organization that helps seniors at the local level.

To help define the “local level,” an Area Agency on Aging works within an assigned geographic location. Those locations can be a several-state region, a single state, or a geographic area within a state. Most are assigned an area that covers several counties within a state. This allows an Area Agency on Aging to get to know the local senior population. It also helps them focus on finding resources that address the unique needs of that population.

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What Services Do Area Agencies on Aging Provide?

Most Area Agencies on Aging provide services or information for everything to address the needs of a senior or a senior’s family member. Here is a closer look at the services that they offer.

Information and referral services: Each Agency provides a list of companies that offer services to seniors within their geographic area. These include companies that provide care, legal help, transportation, diet and nutritional services, and insurance. It is important to note that the Area Agencies on Aging do not provide personal care directly. It directs seniors to companies that provide personal care.

  • Referral services: The Area Agencies on Aging screen and refer companies to seniors within their area.
  • Transportation: If you need transportation, the Area Agencies on Aging can refer you to all of the screened companies within your local area. This service also includes transportation services for those seniors in wheelchairs, scooters, and other special adaptive devices.
  • Care and personal care: If you are a senior who needs personal care or at-home care, the Area Agencies on Aging can help. They can refer you to companies that offer care services and help you find one that matches your needs. Care services range from house cleaning and yard work to bathing, cooking, and nursing care. The Area Agencies on Aging can also refer family members to companies that provide personal care training. One of the most commonly needed services is caregiver respite. Caregiver respite provides temporary care to a senior which allows the family to run errands.
  • Nutritional services: Seniors can find nutritional help through their Area Agencies on Aging. Services include meal preparation, delivery, and nutritional advice. Seniors and their families can gain access to registered dietitians for nutritional information and companies, such as Meals on Wheels. These companies provide ready-to-eat and healthy meals to seniors.
  • Legal services: The Area Agencies on Aging have access to free and reduced-rate legal services for seniors and family members. They also offer easy access to an Ombudsman service for those seniors who are in a long-term care facility, working with a home care agency or are under the care of a hospice.
  • Insurance: Through your local Area Agencies on Aging, seniors can gain access to insurance professionals. This service allows seniors and their families to find the best type of insurance to fit their needs and budget. It also helps solve issues that might occur because of insurance.
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Where Can I Find an Area Agency on Aging Near Me?

A good place to start is on the National Association of Area Agencies on Aging’s website. There, you will find a simple search tool that allows you to search for your local Area Agency on Aging by your city, state, or ZIP code.

You can also begin your search on sites that are well-known for helping seniors find local resources. Our site helps seniors find resources and also provides access to an extensive database that contains complaints, ratings, and other helpful information about local companies.

You can also check with your local senior center. The closest senior center might also have information on how to contact your local Area Agency on Aging.

The benefit of using an Area Agency on Aging goes beyond finding local help. Many of the companies on their list have been screened to make sure that they are properly licensed, reliable, and legal.

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