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About Senior Living and Assisted Living Databases

Our mission is to provide you and your family members with the most comprehensive and up-to-date information regarding senior care. Whether you have questions about types of senior living facilities or want to search for senior care corporations, we have the answers you need. Learn more about the services we provide to see how we can best serve you.

Senior Living Corporation Database

One of the most common questions and searches we get here is how to find a senior care facility. To fulfill this popular request for information, we have compiled a senior living corporation database. This database is not sponsored by service providers. We find this information based on small and large senior care providers that have websites with information for seniors and caregivers.

After combing the web for these websites, we have listed these along with a detailed profile of services offered and contact information for each organization. The types of senior care corporations provide either of the following types of senior care:

Once you have selected an organization that interests you, you can contact the organization for more information. You can also contact our senior helpline for assistance in choosing the best senior care organization for your needs.

Faith-Specific Senior Living Database

For seniors who are affiliated with a religious organization, they may experience a preference in choosing a faith-specific senior living provider. A faith-based senior care organization provides senior services with a foundation of their religious beliefs. For example, with an Adventist senior care facility, seniors would be given a certain type of diet and exercise regime that follows Adventist principles. In a Christian senior care home, daily prayer and scripture readings are likely incorporated into the program.

We have compiled a resource that offers information about religion-specific senior care providers. Religious organizations that are included in our religious-based senior care database include:

We discuss types of senior services you can expect, cost of faith-specific senior care services, and how to find this type of senior care.

Specific Group Senior Living

For seniors with specialized interests or backgrounds, we have created an extensive resource to assist in the search for specific group senior living. Interests and backgrounds include:

For each of these types of senior living, we offer detailed and researched information to help you make the best decision for your senior care needs.

Senior Living Helpline

Our senior helpline and elder care hotline is a toll-free phone service we provide to seniors and their caregivers. By calling, you are able to ask questions about senior living options and receive accurate information. Our senior care experts are ready to assist you with information about finding senior living, paying for senior care, or choosing the right type of senior housing for you. Our helpline is available from 4 am to 8 pm Pacific Daylight Time every day of the week.

Senior Living Reviews

We understand that you want to know the reality of living at a senior care facility. That is why we provide senior living reviews. These online reviews of senior living services allow you to hear from actual residents, caregivers, and family members pertaining to a senior living organization. We include the date of the review along with brief information about the care facility including contact information and services provided for seniors.

These reviews are not altered in any way. They are published as-is by individuals who want to share their personal experiences concerning a senior care organization. As we publish all reviews, so not to skew anyone’s opinion, you will notice that some reviews are incorrectly posted for a retirement community or care facility. Take this into consideration when reading the reviews and depend on those reviews specifically referencing the care facility.

You are also encouraged to leave a review of your own. Whether you, a family member or a caregiver have an experience with a senior living facility, you are welcome to review the service here.

Nationwide Senior Living Directory

In our quest to become the most comprehensive, free, and unbiased senior care information resource, We have established a national senior living directory. This directory is the result of nearly a decade of dedicated research. As a result, we are pleased to provide you with the following:

  • 15,000 images of facilities
  • 10,000 links to senior care services
  • 5,000 reviews of senior living organizations
  • 75,000 senior care service options

Our directory is constantly updated thanks to new facilities that are opening, as well as the closure of aging service providers. More importantly, we provide a complete scope of senior care services including small, independent senior care centers alongside nationwide senior care organizations. To help you navigate this expansive directory, we have organized all independent living services according to states.

  • To get started, simply click on your home state or the state you wish to live during retirement. You can also search according to city or zip code.
  • From there, we have a detailed list of the top senior living communities in that location.
  • Get contact and pricing information along with specifics regarding the senior care services provided at the facility.
  • Opt to learn more about a facility and receive more detailed information about the type of services provided, as well as senior living reviews.

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