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There may come a time when you cannot take care of yourself alone or a loved one may no longer be able to provide the care you need. If you find yourself in this type of situation, it’s important to be educated about the many different types of senior living options that are available.

Years ago when people thought about senior living, an image of a nursing home immediately came to mind and it stopped there. Fast forward a few decades and there are now many senior living communities out there. From skilled nursing to assisted living to retirement communities, the options are endless.

If you are still fairly independent and are looking for more personal care as you explore senior living, you may want to look into private assisted living.

What is Private Assisted Living?

Private assisted living refers to homes or facilities that are privately owned rather than affiliated with a hospital or other medical organization. Privately held management companies usually run the day to day operations of these assisted living facilities. They are geared towards seniors who may no longer be able to live at home safely, but do not need the level of medical attention offered at a nursing home. Many seniors at assisted living facilities are still fairly independent and can get around on their own.

Benefits of Private Assisted Living

Privately owned assisted living facilities make residents feel as though they are living in more of a regular home than a “facility”.  It gives seniors the ability to live at “home” while receiving extra help and without having to worry about daily chores. In some cases, private assisted living facilities are located at homes that have been converted to suit the needs of assisted living. In other cases, they are more resort-like with beautiful landscaping and gardens.

Due to the fewer number of residents, there is more one-on-one interaction with staff at privately owned assisted living homes. Privately owned assisted living homes do have staff on hand to deal with many medical needs of their residents as well as personal needs like bathing and getting dressed.

Because they are privately owned, home cooked meals are usually the rule rather than the exception. Weekly housekeeping services are also available, as well as transportation to area attractions and religious services.

Besides the services offered, private assisted living homes also help to foster friendships. Many are tight-knit communities, so people get to know one another more quickly and on a deeper level than at other facilities. This interaction is beneficial in warding off depression among seniors which can sometimes become an issue.

Paying for Private Assisted Living

Assisted living is typically less expensive than a nursing home due to the fact that there is less medical attention needed. But, the cost is still something to consider as you search for the right type of senior living for your situation. Private assisted living can range anywhere from $2,000 a month to nearly $7,000 a month. The cost depends on the facility as well as where it is geographically located.

It’s important to know that Medicare typically does not pay for assisted living. Medicaid coverage is also highly unlikely, although it depends on individual state regulations. So, you need to check where you live.

If you are a veteran, there may be some benefits available that will cover the cost of assisted living, or at least part of it. Each plan is different, so you need to check with your Veterans Affairs office to see what type of help you may be eligible to get.

When aid is not an option, many look to their long-term insurance policies or life insurance policies to cover the cost. If the only option is out-of-pocket payment, many rent or sell their current homes or take a loan to pay for assisted living.

Questions to Ask a Private Assisted Living Home

When looking into private assisted living you should first tour the facility. Here you’ll not only get a first-hand look at the up-keep, but also the types of residents who already live there. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is the facility in good shape?
  • Are the residents and staff friendly?
  • Can I see myself fitting in here?
  • Are the services what I need?

If you answer “yes” to these questions your next step should be to do your homework. Check for violations, complaints, and look at inspection records. If the facility has passed inspections, has no or few violations or complaints, you’re probably in good shape.

Next, check the activities and amenities.

  • What kinds of activities are offered?
  • What transportation is available?
  • Are the amenities offered ones that I will use?

If you are satisfied with the activities and amenities, it’s time to look into the financial aspect.

  • Can I afford it?
  • Do I have any benefits that will cover part of the cost?

While you may have found the “perfect” facility, if you can’t afford it, the stress of finances is not worth the price of admission.

How Do I Find a Private Assisted Living Home?

Finding a private assisted living home is easy when yo use our site. Let us do the work for you. Just type in your zip code and search our extensive database of private assisted living in your area. If you need assistance over the phone, call us on our senior helpline. Our staff is available daily from 4a.m. -8p.m. PST to take care of your needs.

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