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Like many Americans, you’re probably concerned about rising healthcare costs. In the U.S., we spend twice as much on healthcare as similar countries.1 At the top of a long list of increasing costs are prescription medications. High-priced medication impacts Americans of all ages, but seniors especially feel the effects. That's because 75 percent of adults over the age of 50 take at least one prescription medication; the percentage is even higher for those over 65.2

Signing up with ValpakRx takes just a few seconds!

Signing up with ValpakRx takes just a few seconds!

ValpakRx realizes the burden these increased costs have put on seniors and their caregivers and is offering some relief. Launched in 2020 by ValPak, an industry leader in local print and digital marketing, the ValpakRx medication discount card saves users money at pharmacies all over the country. The card is totally free, so I chose to get a card for myself and give it a try. I was curious to see if it could really save me up to 85 percent on prescriptions! Read on to find out how the card stacks up.

What We Like About ValpakRx Card

  • Easy to search for medications
  • Simple mobile app
  • Getting a free discount card took less than one minute
  • Saves users up to 85 percent on prescription medications

Things to Keep in Mind About ValpakRx Card

  • Must receive the discount card digitally, no snail mail option
  • Has fewer partnering pharmacies compared to other medication discount cards
  • Medication search tool doesn't supply important drug information

Why Use ValpakRx

Did you know that five percent of adults over the age of 65 don't take their medication correctly in an effort to save money?3 Many older adults resort to skipping doses, taking less than prescribed, or avoiding refilling a medication altogether because of financial circumstances. This practice negatively impacts overall health and wellbeing and increases the chance of other illnesses developing. By using ValpakRx, you can keep money in your wallet and hopefully avoid having to ration your medication.

Pro Tip: It's important to note that you can't use your insurance and the discount card at the same time, so it's best for times when your insurance doesn't cover a medication or your co-pay is higher than ValpakRx's discount.

The card also finds the lowest price on a specific prescription in your area, so you don't have to hunt around for the cheapest price. They do the work for you! Even if you have insurance or Medicare, your co-pay may not be the lowest price. ValpakRx makes sure you get the best price on your prescription, even if you have health insurance.

Who Is ValpakRx Best For?

ValpakRx helps everyone save money on prescriptions, whether you take multiple per day or just need to purchase a prescription a few times a year. Though there are some seniors who may find it more beneficial than others. You may especially benefit from ValpakRx if:

  • You can't get a generic brand for your medication
  • You don't have insurance
  • You have insurance, but you can't afford your co-pay
  • You have insurance, but don't use it to pay for medication due to a high deductible
  • Your pet needs expensive medication
  • Your spouse or loved one needs expensive medication

How Does ValpakRx Work?

If you're like me, you're probably wondering exactly how this free card can save you moolah on your medications. Well, I did some digging. ValpakRx has negotiated discounted medication prices for cardholders through bulk buying. So when you use your discount card when paying for a medication, you get to tap into that discounted bulk price. Nice! Don't worry, ValpakRx makes their money by collecting a fee from large pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies––not from you and me.

Did You Know: ValpakRx saves users an average of $61 per prescription.

ValpakRx discount cards are accepted at over 35,000 stores across the country. Some other similar discount cards, like America's Pharmacy, are accepted at nearly twice as many pharmacies. However, ValpakRx is accepted at many popular nationwide pharmacies, so it's likely they're still available in your area. You'll want to use their mobile app or website to determine which pharmacies in your area participate in their program. Here are some well-known pharmacies that accept ValpakRx discount cards:

Easily view nearby pharmacies and prices in the ValpakRx app

Easily view nearby pharmacies and prices in the ValpakRx app

  • Walgreens
  • Walmart
  • Rite Aid
  • Osco Pharmacy
  • Duane Reade
  • Albertsons
  • Sav-On Pharmacy
  • Kroger

To start saving money on your prescriptions, all you have to do is download a card from the ValpakRx website or mobile app and show it to the pharmacist at check out when you pick up your prescription. Pretty easy! To find the best deal, you can use the pharmacy finder tool on the website or mobile app to locate the pharmacy in your area where you'll pay the lowest price for your prescription. Keep in mind that this may not be your “regular” pharmacy, but if it means getting the best discount, it may be worth having your doctor call your prescription into a different pharmacy.

How to Get ValpakRx Prescription Discount Card

Signing up for a ValpakRx prescription discount card takes less than a minute! I was impressed with the quick and simple process. All I had to do was log onto their website and enter my first name, last name, and email address. After submitting my information, I received my discount card in my email inbox immediately. It was delivered to my “Junk” folder though, so make sure you check there if you don't see it in your regular inbox.

After I received the email with my discount card, I had the option to print it out or download it to my computer. I chose to print it out so I can easily keep it in my wallet or purse. If you're tech-savvy and have a smartphone, you can also download the ValpakRx app and show the pharmacist your phone screen at checkout to receive the discount. (More on the mobile app later.) Whether you choose to keep the card in your email inbox, print it out, or use the app, just make sure it is simple and quick for you to find, since you’ll need to flash it at the pharmacy.

I was a little disappointed that email was the only option available to receive the discount card. It wasn't an option to get the discount card mailed to me. I know some people, especially seniors, would rather not mess with email or smartphones and prefer physical cards.

Finding the Best Price on Your Medications with ValpakRx

Once I got my discount card, I searched for some medications commonly prescribed to seniors. The search process was simple, all I had to do was enter my zipcode and the medication I was searching for. It's also helpful to enter the form of your medication and dosage as well, if you know it.

Once I entered the medication information, ValpakRx showed me which pharmacies in my area accepted the discount card and how much I would pay for the specific medication at each location. I could choose which pharmacy I wanted to go to and knew exactly how much I would pay for the medicine when I got there––no more surprises! Though my locally-owned pharmacy wasn't listed as one that accepts ValpakRx, Walmart and Walgreens were.

The three medications I searched for were all discounted at over 80 percent off the retail price. Impressive! This steep discount lined up with ValpakRx's commitment to saving users up to 85 percent on their prescriptions.

View your recent discounts to quickly refill important medications

View your recent discounts to quickly refill important medications with ValpakRx

Unlike some other discount card brands, Valpak doesn't give you any information on the medications you search for. If you are looking for information such as side effects, proper dosage, or drug interactions, you may want to consider other discount cards. Though for some seniors, all that extra information can be overwhelming. If you want to keep it simple and get your drug facts from your pharmacist, then ValpakRx will meet your needs.

Prescription Medication Savings With ValpakRx

Below is a closer look at the medications I searched for using ValpakRx and how much money I could save by using the card.

Omeprazole Lisinopril Atorvastatin Calcium
Common Use Treat stomach ulcers and GERD Treat high blood pressure and heart failure Lower cholesterol and triglycerides
Retail Price $72.50 $14.52 $82.15
Lowest Price with ValpakRx $5.18 $2.82 $4.16
Percentage of Savings 93% 81% 95%
Available at Walgreens* and Walmart Walgreens* and Walmart Walgreens* and Walmart

*Pharmacy with the lowest price near me according to ValpakRx

I liked that ValpakRx showed a map of the pharmacies around me that accepted the discount card. I could easily view how many miles away they were and the best route to get there. If you or a caregiver will need to drive to pick up your medication, this is definitely a helpful tool!

Pro Tip: Your insurance or Medicare's co-pays may not be the lowest price. When you show the pharmacist your ValpakRx card, ask them to compare your copay with the ValpakRx discount price. They will give you the lowest of the two.

Once you select a pharmacy you'd like to purchase your prescription from, you'll want to make sure your doctor calls it in there. When it is ready for pick up, all you have to do is show your printed or digital ValpakRx discount card, and they will apply the discount.

ValpakRx Mobile App

If you're among the 53 percent of seniors who own a smartphone,4 you may want to check out ValpakRx's mobile app. The app is quick to download from the Google Play or Apple App Store.

Once the app was downloaded to my cell phone, I had to enter my email and create a password. Creating this user account allowed me to save frequently searched prescriptions and easily access my discount card from the app.

FYI: The ValpakRx app has a FAQ feature with answers to over a dozen frequently asked questions. Just go to “Settings” in the app and tap “FAQs.”

Just like the ValpakRx website, the app has an easy-to-use search tool that you can use to search for your medications at pharmacies near you. I was able to save my frequently searched for medications in the app, so I can go back to them later. This is a helpful and time-saving feature for those who have prescriptions they need to refill frequently. The app also has a map view so users can see exactly how many miles away a pharmacy is from their home. Once you're ready to pick up your prescription, all you have to do is show the pharmacist the digital discount card card on your phone when you pick up your meds. They will apply the ValpakRx discount at checkout.

Pro Tip: Want a mobile app with a bit more robust features, like medication reminders or health tips? Check out the WellRx mobile app.

Would I Recommend ValpakRx?

After testing out the free discount card, I would recommend it to seniors looking to save money on their prescriptions. Though they have less partnering pharmacies than some other discount cards, the ValpakRx card works at the major players like Walgreens, Walmart, and Rite Aid. So, most likely they will have partnerships with a few pharmacies in your area. Also, the easy-to-use website and mobile app definitely earns ValpakRx an A+ in my book. If you want a frill-free prescription discount card that can save you up to 85 percent on your medications, ValpakRx is worth a try.

FYI: For more information on ValpakRx and other popular discount cards, take a look at our top picks for prescription discount cards.