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There are many organizations around that provide quality services to seniors or that serves as a fountain of helpful information for those of us who care for seniors. Below is a list of organizations and companies that represent respectable resources for seniors and their caregivers.

Aging Organizations

  • American Society on Aging – A site that is full of free information and that helps protect the quality of care and quality of life of seniors. This is an excellent resource for seniors and caregivers. It is also an outstanding resource for community leaders and leaders of companies that help or provide services to seniors.
  • Leadership Council on Aging Organization – A group of non-profit companies that represents 70 non-profit organizations focused on national politics and serves as a voice for seniors.
  • National Council on Aging – Is a powerful organization that helps push senior health and living agendas on a national level. This is a site with deep resources that help seniors stay healthy, secure, and independent.
  • National Association of Area Agencies on Aging – This is an organization that helps seniors find care in their area. It is an organization that checks on the providers and cultivates a list of preferred providers which meet their guidelines. They are an advocate for seniors and play an active role in helping to reduce elder abuse.
  • AARP – This is a large organization with many benefits that range from money-saving discounts to opportunities to buy insurance. They offer education and information on everything from choosing the right senior insurance to information on money and finances to traveling abroad or living abroad.
  • Senior Living – is an organization that helps seniors find appropriate living and care. Their site is rich with information and tools that help you find care organizations within the local communities. In addition, they show you ratings for care providers and pricing too.

Senior Non-Profit Organizations

There are many non-profit organizations for seniors. Some of the bigger names are AARP and the National Council on Aging.

Nonprofit means that the company is not designed to make and retain a profit. They do make money and sell services and products and often their profit becomes their next year’s budget.

There are thousands of companies that offer senior services and that are non-profit. They are both national companies and local companies. Rather than list a bunch of companies here, it is better to show you how to find what you need. If you are looking for care, start with a national organization such as Senior Living or AAPR. Both offer tools that help you find care in your local area. You can also use the National Association of Area Agencies on Aging, which focuses on all of the organizations in the local settling from a national perspective.  Many of the national organizations also screen or rate local companies that provide service to senior, including local organizations. Topics to consider include:

  • Finding Care
  • Finding Resources such as food, medicines, etc., that help keep seniors in their homes with a higher quality of living, dignity, and respect.
  • Elder abuse and rights both on a person-by-person basis and as a voting group.
  • National Politics and Senior Rights

There are many non-profits around that focus just on seniors. Use the Internet to help you find what you need, and then a national company to help screen the results.

Elder Rights Organizations

  • National Center on Law and Elder Rights – A great resource which helps seniors with legal questions and services, elder rights issues, information and services, and services that help people address changes as they age. Some services are free of charge, and others are community-based.
  • Center for Advocacy for the Rights & Interest of the Elderly – CARIE – This is an organization that helps seniors by promoting laws and environments that support well-being, senior rights, and independence.
  • Justice in Aging – This is an organization is a non-profit that works on the national level to advocate for seniors and fights to improve the quality of lives of seniors through an advocacy and legal fight that improves senior poverty. Their goal is to make sure that seniors have access to affordable healthcare, and economic security and other issues that impact seniors of all income levels, but especially for those with limited and low incomes.
  • The National Council on Aging  – In addition, all that the National Council on Aging does, they offer an Elder Justice Now Campaign which helps to address physical, emotional, and financial abuse including neglect.

There are state agencies too, such as the Department of Justice in California that handles elder abuse claims. A good resource is to check with your state’s governmental agencies which not only often have the power to help, but the resources to help you find organizations that can.

Senior Volunteer Organizations

  • Corporation for National & Community Services runs the Senior Corps., which is an organization that helps seniors to find volunteer positions on the local level. Their services include volunteer positions that help other seniors.
  • Volunteer Match – This organization does amazing things. It matches volunteers with causes that are important to the volunteer, such as animal rights, advocacy for seniors, art opportunities, working with children, and community-based opportunities that help to build better and lasting relationships.
  • Projects Abroad – This organization helps seniors find volunteer opportunities in foreign countries. These opportunities build upon the skills and work experience of retired and seniors.

There many organizations across this great land that focus on seniors. Some are non-profit, others focus on the quality of life for seniors, and some focus on enriching the lives of seniors. They represent services from legal and advocacy to nutrition, health, and wellness. Whatever your need, there is an organization that can help.

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