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Medicare Change of Address

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If you have Medicare and are moving, there are a few ways to notify the federal health insurance program of your change of address. You can update your address online, in-person, or via phone. When submitting an address change online, you need to have a Social Security account. If you don't notify Medicare of your address change, you may not receive replacement cards (if lost or stolen) or important information regarding your account. Read on to learn how to make a Medicare change of address.

Ways to Change Your Address With Medicare

There are a few different ways you change your address with Medicare.

  1. Call 800-772-1213
  2. Call your local Social Security office
  3. Log into your my Social Security account and make the change online

Once you've updated your address, allow between seven to 14 days for the information to be processed and shown on all statements.

Pro Tip: If this is your first time enrolling in Medicare, our Medicare enrollment guide will walk you through the process.

How to Submit a Medicare Change of Address Online — Step by Step

When updating your address online, follow these easy steps!

  1. Visit Social Security's Change of Address page.
  2. Log into your my Social Security account if you have one (if not, register).
  3. Click the “my profile” tab.
  4. Click the “contact” link to update your information.
  5. Choose the date you'd like for the update to take effect.
  6. Review your updated information and click “submit.”

Pro Tip: For all things Medicare-related, from FAQs to understanding coverage and eligibility, be sure to check out our Medicare hub.

Reasons You Need to Report Your Change of Address to Medicare

There are several important reasons to update your address. Changing your address allows:

  • Medicare to send you your new card when moving (or a replacement card if it's lost or damaged).
  • Medicare to continue sending you your quarterly summary notices.
  • You to receive your annual “Medicare and You” handbook.
  • Medicare to continue mailing information regarding your billing and coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions

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