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Most affordable
  • One of the most affordable insurance providers for seniors
  • Various bundling and add-on options
  • Excellent customer service
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Best bundling
  • Up to 25% discounts on home and auto bundling
  • Simple claims process
  • Add-ons for auto, life, and renters insurance
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Best for military personnel and veterans
  • Lowest insurance premiums for military Veterans and their families
  • Coverage and discounts for car storage
  • Highly customizable insurance plans
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If you’re a homeowner and a car owner, you may want to consider bundling your auto and home insurance from the same provider. Bundling is basically when you add two types of insurance under the same coverage plan. Because you’re getting multi-policy coverage in the same policy, bundling often makes it easier to manage your insurance plans. You also get access to bundling benefits and extra discounts!

But not all providers cater their services to older Americans. Below we’ll look at which providers offer the best auto and home insurance plans, rates, discounts, benefits, and bundling features for seniors.

  • 1. State Farm - Most affordable

    State Farm is known for much more than catchy slogans and celebrity/athlete-featured commercials. The insurer has been around for more than 100 years and is the largest insurance provider in the country for good reason.1 Priced at an average of $1,419 annually, State Farm is the most affordable insurance option for seniors (unless you’re a veteran or active member of the military!).

    Money-Saving Tip:

    Money-Saving Tip: Bundling home and auto insurance isn’t the only way you can save. Older Americans have access to a full list of senior discounts, deals, and benefits.

    But the brand offers more than just low prices. State Farm is a trusted provider that offers great options for auto insurance, home insurance, add-ons, and bundling. With a J.D. Power Customer Satisfaction Score of 885, State Farm is also rated number one for auto insurance service in the country.2

    Customer Service Product Pricing Ease of Use
    Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
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    • Affordable rates
    • Great bundling options
    • Excellent customer service
    • Long list of add-ons and coverage features
    • Robust discounts
    • Widely available in every state
    • No gap insurance (State Farm has its own unique form of gap insurance)
    • No senior discounts
    • Cannot open a new policy in Massachusetts or Rhode Island

    Final Thoughts

    If you’re looking for affordable coverage from a trusted provider, look no further. State Farm has an affordable flat rate with plenty of discounts to help you save on your home and auto insurance. With a great customer service score, credible reputation, and robust list of discounts and add-ons, State Farm is our top choice for affordable insurance.

  • 2. Allstate - Best bundling

    Allstate is another industry leader for both auto and home insurance. While it’s pricier than some of the other major providers, its long list of discounts can help bring your rates down. Allstate is our pick for bundling because it offers some of the highest bundling discounts. If you bundle your auto and home insurance with Allstate, you’ll get up to 25 percent off on your insurance.

    Customer Service Product Pricing Ease of Use
    Average Excellent Average Excellent
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    • Great bundling discount
    • Add-ons for auto, life, and renters insurance
    • Deductible rewards
    • Easy and simple claims process
    • Safe Driving Bonus program
    • Accident forgiveness
    • New car replacement
    • Not the most affordable option
    • Lower-than-average customer satisfaction score
    Pro Tip:

    Pro Tip: You can get lower rates on your premiums by paying a higher deductible.

    Final Thoughts

    Allstate has one of the best bundling discounts available to older Americans. It also makes claims easy for seniors. If you’re not happy with your claims process for any reason, you’ll get your money back and a six-month credit on your premium! Get the most out of bundling, multi-policy discounts, and more with Allstate.

  • 3. USAA - Best for military personnel and veterans

    While State Farm is the most affordable option for most seniors, USAA offers even lower rates (averaging just $1,151 annually) to active military members, veterans, and military families. USAA understands the unique challenges of military members and veterans, and they’ve catered their insurance plans and coverage features to fulfill those needs. As a USAA member, you get access to a long list of discounts and benefits that apply to your car insurance, home insurance, health care, travel and more!

    Customer Service Product Pricing Ease of Use
    Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
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    • Average savings of $725 a year on premiums (according to USAA)
    • Long list of discounts for military seniors
    • Car storage discounts and coverage
    • Bundling discounts
    • Customizable insurance policies
    • Long list of benefits that extend to travel, shopping, health care, and more
    • Second highest J.D. Power Customer Satisfaction Score (875)
    • Must be a member of the military, veteran, or part of a military family to apply

    Final Thoughts

    If you’re a veteran or military member, USAA is our top pick for you. It offers some of the most competitive rates, discounts, bundling options, and benefits available to seniors. It also has excellent customer service ratings and customer satisfaction scores, which most drivers and homeowners appreciate.

  • 4. AARP from The Hartford - Best membership benefits

    The American Association for Retired Persons has been dedicated to serving older Americans for over 50 years, and the AARP auto and home insurance plan from The Hartford has been around since 1984. AARP’s auto insurance plans cost about $1,520 annually on average, and you can bring that number down significantly with its long list of discounts.

    Pro Tip:

    Pro Tip: Check out our AARP car insurance review to learn more about this provider’s coverage options. 

    The AARP also offers unique features and add-ons, like the RecoverCare Essential program. The benefit provides you with a $2,500 reimbursement for household services that you can’t complete if you’re injured in an accident. This can offer you and your family peace of mind if you ever need some time to recover from an accident.

    Customer Service Product Pricing Ease of Use
    Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
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    • Ranked No. 1 overall for customer satisfaction by J.D. Power
    • Long list of AARP membership benefits
    • Add-ons and coverage features designed for seniors
    • Lifetime care repair assurance
    • Up to 5 percent bundling discount on auto insurance
    • Up to 20 percent bundling discount on house or condo insurance
    • 24/7 roadside assistance
    • Must be an AARP member
    • Does not insure Teslas

    Final Thoughts

    If you’re looking to take advantage of additional senior benefits, discounts, bundling options, and features/coverage, AARP could be the choice for you. As a trusted member in the industry with one of the best customer service ratings in the country, we think AARP is a great option for Americans over the age of 50.

  • 5. Travelers - Best customizable packages

    Travelers is a great option for older Americans looking to benefit from additional coverage and customizable insurance plans. With Travelers, you can get gap insurance, roadside assistance coverage, rental car coverage, accident forgiveness, umbrella insurance, and non-owner insurance if you don’t own the car you drive. At $1,629 annually on average, Travelers is a reasonably priced provider with several discounts to bring down your costs!

    Pro Tip:

    Pro Tip: Check out our guide to the best car insurance for seniors, as well as our list of the best home insurance for older adults for a closer look at leading providers.

    Customer Service Product Pricing Ease of Use
    Excellent Above Average Excellent Average
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    • Long list of add-ons and customizable coverage options
    • Featured discount programs (Travelers Affinity Auto & Home program and IntelliDrive)
    • Seamless handling of claims
    • Responsible Driver Plan (accident and traffic violation forgiveness)
    • Commercial and collector car insurance
    • Up to 15 percent discount when you bundle your home and car
    • Highest AM Best financial strength rating (A++)3
    • Other than storms, there is no additional wind damage coverage on your home/properties
    • Mobile app is not the most intuitive

    Final Thoughts

    Travelers has a number of excellent add-ons, discount programs, and coverage features that allow you to mix and match your liability and full coverage plans. If you have an Affinity membership, you’ll get access to even more discounts and coverage options. If you need customizable and flexible plans for your auto and home insurance, Travelers is a great option.

How We Chose the Best Home and Auto Insurance for Seniors

We take a holistic approach to choosing the best home and auto insurance plans for seniors. As such, we researched providers to find the best rates, discounts, membership benefits, add-ons, and bundling. Then, we compared the results and narrowed down our choices to the best providers. Below are some of the main factors that we took into consideration.

  • Add-ons and coverage features: Outside of the basic coverage that most providers offer, there’s a long list of coverage features that may or may not apply to your specific needs. We looked at companies with robust coverage packages that include gap insurance, rental car reimbursements, classic car coverage, personal umbrella insurance, life insurance add-ons, and more.
  • Rates: We’ve compared insurance rates from each provider and found the best average rates for seniors.
  • Bundling options: Whether you’re looking to take your RV across the country, sail in the Bahamas, find coverage for your vintage car, or simply manage all of your basic insurance needs under the same roof, a robust bundle is a must for multi-policy plans.
  • Discounts: We included providers who offer a long list of discounts for seniors.
  • Customer service: We look at trusted sources, like J.D. Power Customer Satisfaction Score, to get the most accurate data and information on customer service.
  • Platforms: Whether you want to speak to an agent over the phone, head to an office in person, or manage your insurance online, we’ve picked the best providers for ease of use and simplicity.

Should I Bundle My Auto and Home Insurance?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. It really depends on your provider, your unique demographics (location, gender, type of car, etc.), and the coverage plan. However, these are some pros and cons to consider when thinking about bundling.

Pros About Bundling Auto and Home Insurance

  • Bundling gives you access to discounts
  • It’s often easier to manage your various policies under the same provider
  • It’s more convenient

Cons About Bundling Auto and Home Insurance

  • It’s not always cheaper
  • Customer service might be great for one insurance type but not the other
  • Quality of auto insurance and home insurance are not always the same


FYI: Even with a discount, some providers might offer cheap auto insurance but more expensive home insurance (or vice versa). That means your overall costs might be more by bundling under the same provider. If that’s the case, you may be better off finding two separate providers that offer cheap auto insurance and home insurance, respectively.

If you can save money by bundling and know that the provider has solid customer service and coverage, bundling is probably a good idea. But, as you can see above, it really does depend on your unique situation. The best way to answer this question is to speak to an agent, ask for a quote, and compare your bundled prices/coverage to other offers.

Tips for Choosing the Best Home and Auto Insurance for Seniors

How do you know what to look for when you want to bundle your auto and home insurance? Follow these tips to get the most out of your bundling policies.

  1. The more things you need to insure, the more bundling might make sense: If you need insurance for your RV, boat, motorcycle, pet, or other policies on top of your home/auto insurance, you may be eligible for even more discounts. If you need multiple insurance policies, bundling might make more sense for you.
  2. Consider the price: Like we pointed out above, don’t assume bundling is your cheapest option, even with a discount. If your provider has a great bundling discount but very expensive home insurance, it might be more affordable to forgo the discount and find affordable home and car insurance from two different providers. Always compare prices and talk to an agent about your options before selecting a plan.
  3. Check the bundling discount: The highest bundling discount on our list is from Allstate (up to 25 percent). Some providers offer much less, while others might offer a bit more. Be sure to review the discount percentage before selecting a plan.
  4. Bundling isn’t always the most convenient option: Some insurance providers will bundle your car and home insurance through a third-party provider. Your auto insurance might be with the company you’re directly reaching out to, while your home insurance goes through a partnership they have. If this is the case, you may still have to manage your auto and home insurance from separate platforms, which doesn’t make bundling any more convenient than going with two providers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Auto and Home Insurance for Seniors

  • Which provider offers the best bundling discount?

    While Allstate offers the best bundling discount on our list, American Family offers up to 29 percent off on your home insurance when you bundle.

  • How much does bundling save on average?

    The average bundling discount is 14 percent.

  • Can you bundle home and car insurance from different states?

    It depends on the provider, but in most cases the answer is yes. If you own a car in one state and a home in another, most providers will allow you to bundle your plan. It’s best to speak directly with an agent to find out if this is something they allow.

  • Should I bundle my insurance with my spouse?

    The answer depends on a number of factors. If you both have a good driving record, credit score, and no recent absences in insurance, it could save you more to bundle with a spouse. If one of you has a poor driving record or credit score, it might end up costing you more.

  • Do any states not allow bundling?

    Bundling is allowed in every state. However, bundling options and discounts may differ from state to state, so you should speak to an agent to find the most accurate information for your region/state.

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