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The American Association for Retired Persons (AARP) is the country's largest nonprofit and has been dedicated to serving Americans over the age of 50 for more than half a century! AARP members enjoy a number of benefits, including car rental discounts, cruise tours, health and wellness benefits, hotel and resort deals, and, as we'll cover in this article, auto insurance plans through The Hartford.

The AARP auto insurance plan from The Hartford offers competitive rates with several benefits for older adults. Their program has been around since 1984 and is a tried-and-tested member in the auto insurance industry. Below we'll get into what their plans offer and why AARP might be right for your auto insurance needs.

What We Like About AARP Car Insurance from The Hartford

  • Receive 10 percent off your insurance just for being an AARP member!
  • Offers custom coverage options that fit your specific needs and budget.
  • AARP member benefits qualify you for a number of senior discounts. Things like having multiple airbags or driving a hybrid vehicle can help get you lower rates on your car insurance.
  • AARP partners with 16,000+ repair shops that you can use for lifetime car repair insurance.
  • New car replacement is guaranteed if you total your car in an accident.

Things to Keep in Mind About AARP Car Insurance from The Hartford

  • Plans are only sold to paying AARP members. Keep in mind that a membership fee is only $16 a year.
  • We did a bit of research on The Hartford's community forums, and it turns out that they do not insure Teslas at this time. No Tesla, no problem.

AARP Auto Insurance Coverage Options

One of the best things about the AARP auto insurance program is how flexible and customizable it is. If you're in a state that only requires minimum liability, AARP has you covered. If you'd like to add on more protection or are in a state that requires more coverage, AARP has full coverage options or individualized add-ons, like uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage.

Most states require at least liability coverage, but if you're living in a state like Minnesota, you'll need liability coverage, medical payment coverage, and underinsured motorist coverage. Let's break down what goes into what kind of protection you can get from each coverage type.

Liability coverage

Liability coverage is the minimum amount of coverage that most states require. It pays for damages that you are responsible for to another person or their vehicle. This includes two major types of coverage: bodily injuries and property damages. If you happen to get into an accident where you damage someone else's vehicle, injure the driver or passengers, or are facing a lawsuit, liability coverage will pay for those costs.

Full coverage and add-ons

While full coverage isn't required in every state, a lot of drivers will take full coverage or some recommended add-ons for extra protection. If you live in a region with heavy hailstorms or a high chance for animal collisions, for example, you might consider comprehensive coverage as an add-on.

You can integrate any combination of the below coverage types to your AARP plan.

  • Liability coverage: Bodily injury and property, as discussed above.
  • Uninsured motorist coverage: If you get into an accident with someone who doesn't have any insurance or very little insurance, they may not be able to pay for any damages that they are responsible for. Uninsured motorist coverage will help you pay for the costs that they can't cover.
  • Collision coverage: Unlike liability coverage, collision coverage will protect you from any damages that your own car incurs in an accident. So if you get into an accident with someone or hit a pothole or stationary object, collision will help pay for the damages.
  • Comprehensive coverage: Live in an area with a high chance of hail, flooding, or other natural disasters? Comprehensive coverage might be a good option for you. Comprehensive coverage protects you from things like vandalism, damages from weather, and theft.
  • Medical payments/personal injury protection (PIP): With PIP and medical payments protection, you and anyone in your vehicle will receive support for medical bills in the event of an accident. Regardless of who is at fault, PIP will have you covered for your medical needs.1

AARP offers minimum liability plans, full coverage options, and some common insurance add-ons like gap insurance and rental car insurance. One thing that sets The Hartford insurance plans apart is their unique coverage options that most providers won't offer. This includes full glass coverage, which protects any damages to the glass on your vehicle, and RecoverCare Essential coverage.

FYI: Liability coverage is required in every state except for New Hampshire and Virginia.

We really like the RecoverCare Essential program because it provides you with a $2,500 reimbursement for household services that you can't complete if you're injured in an accident. This includes things like cooking, cleaning, snow removal, lawn maintenance, and more. This is a great add-on to provide you and your loved ones with added safety and comfort.

How Much Does AARP Auto Insurance Cost?

The great thing about the AARP program with The Hartford is that it's both flexible and affordable. You can find a wide range of plans with differing price points that make the most sense for you and your needs.

Did You Know: AARP made our list of the best car insurance providers for seniors, thanks to their competitive rates and discounts.

To give you an idea of what it might cost you to get standard coverage through AARP with The Hartford's insurance policy, we requested a quote on a Toyota Camry for a 50-year-old male driver living in North Carolina. The plan comes with minimum liability coverage, uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, PIP coverage, comprehensive coverage, and collision coverage. The total comes out to $97 per month, or $1,155 annually, which is about $400 cheaper than the national average!

Keep in mind that rates vary and will depend on several factors, including:

  • Your gender. Men typically pay more for car insurance than women. This is because men, on average, get into more accidents, receive more DUIs, are involved in more fatal accidents, and are on the receiving end of more traffic citations than women.2
  • Your credit score. Better credit scores lead to cheaper insurance.
  • Your driving record. A driving record littered with accidents and citations can increase your rates.
  • How much you drive your car. The more you drive your car, the more likely you'll be in an accident or require a repair, which increases your insurance rates.
  • Your location. Areas with a high number of car thefts, accidents, or natural disasters can increase your insurance rates.

FYI: Only three states – California, Hawaii, and Massachusetts – have banned the use of credit history in determining car insurance rates.

How Does AARP Compare to Other Auto Insurance Providers?

Below is a comparison of AARP's coverage and costs with other major providers.

Comparing Minimum Coverage

The plan below provides the absolute minimum coverage (no comprehensive, collision, PIP, etc.) on the same Toyota Camry.

Insurance provider Coverage type Annual cost
Geico Minimum Liability $464
Allstate Minimum Liability $475
AARP The Hartford Minimum Liability $482
State Farm Minimum Liability $528
Progressive Minimum Liability $792

While AARP's plan is not the cheapest, it's below the national average and offers competitive rates against the biggest insurance providers. Keep in mind that these are the costs before your discounts kick in, of which there are many as an AARP member.

Comparing Full Coverage

Now let's look at what full coverage looks like with more liability ($100,000 bodily injury/$300,000 max coverage/$100,000 property damage).

Insurance provider Coverage type Annual cost
Geico Full Coverage $1,225
State Farm Full Coverage $1,244
AARP The Hartford Full Coverage $1,470
Allstate Full Coverage $1,644
Progressive Full Coverage $1,836

Both Geico and Progressive are still the cheapest and most expensive options respectively for full coverage, and AARP's plan maintains its spot in the middle of the pack. It's important to note that these prices will differ from state to state and individual to individual. If you can bundle more vehicles, a home, or benefit from other discounts, your price will naturally decrease. The best way to get an accurate price for your specific needs and situation is to try a quote for yourself.

AARP Car Insurance Discounts for Seniors

While AARP insurance rates are competitive, the numbers above don't include any of the AARP member discounts that will drop your rates by a significant amount. You can lower your rates with the help of discounts in the following ways.

  • AARP membership: 10 percent discount
  • Anti-locking brake system: Five percent discount
  • Anti-theft device: 10 percent discount
  • Multiple vehicles package: up to 20 percent discount
  • TrueLane Safe Driving Program: up to 12 percent discount

Good to Know: AARP doesn't currently offer a discount for hybrid or electric cars, which is common with some other car insurance providers.

Keep in mind that benefits will differ based on your state and specific needs. Still, there are a lot of unique benefits to take advantage of as an AARP member!

AARP Home and Auto Insurance Bundles

AARP has bundling packages that can help you save on not only your auto insurance rates, but also your home, condo, or renter's insurance. Bundling your auto insurance and home insurance can help you save five percent on your car insurance and up to 20 percent on your home, condo, or renter's insurance.

Pro Tip: Ask an agent at The Hartford about their umbrella plans. With an umbrella plan, you'll gain extra coverage, bundle insurance, and create a unique insurance package that fits your needs.

Our Final Thoughts on AARP Auto Insurance

The AARP auto insurance program with The Hartford offers excellent value to older Americans. If you're over 50 and looking for a new provider, AARP has many benefits that could bring down your rates and provide the best protection for you.

Additional benefits like their RecoverCare Essentials program, 24/7 roadside assistance, accident forgiveness, and a 24/7 car insurance claims hotline all show why AARP is dedicated to serving and catering to the needs of aging Americans. On top of that, you can manage your AARP insurance plan, benefits, and discounts through their mobile app, a useful feature for tech-savvy seniors.

If you don't want to be an AARP member or if you drive a Tesla, this program may not be for you. For the majority of drivers over the age of 50, however, we think the AARP is a solid option for affordable, flexible, and reliable auto insurance coverage. Rating:
4 of 5
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