The Best Car Insurance Providers for Seniors in 2023

Our team researched the industry’s top car insurance providers and selected their top seven picks for seniors. is compensated when you click on the provider links listed on this page. This compensation does not impact our ratings or reviews.

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In almost every state, some form of auto insurance is mandatory to protect yourself and others on the road. Even if you’ve had the same car insurance for years, it’s always a good idea to reassess your policy, coverage, and ways to save, as your driving needs change with age.

We’ve done our research to help you find the best car insurance provider that offers customizable coverage, accident forgiveness, affordable rates, and the best discounts and savings for seniors. We’ll help you sort through finding the best car insurance provider for your specific driving and coverage needs. Let’s get started!

  • 1. State Farm


    For 100 years, State Farm has been a trusted “neighbor,” offering great rates for auto, life, home, and other types of insurance. State Farm also has customizable coverage options for car insurance, including collision, comprehensive, rental, and rideshare insurance. According to State Farm, you can save up to $1,127 annually when you bundle your auto and home insurance. You can also take advantage of their good driver discounts by using their Drive Safe & Save app to save up to 30 percent.

    State Farm provides some of the best coverage options for seniors that are car enthusiasts. If you have an antique or classic car sitting in the garage, State Farm’s special Collector & Classic Car Insurance covers vehicles that are either 10 to 24 years old with historic interest, or an antique car that’s 25 years or older. Overall, we’re big fans of State Farm’s unique auto insurance options for seniors who need extra protection for their treasured vehicles and collectibles.

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    • Affordable rates
    • Discounts for bundling, anti-theft devices, and vehicle safety
    • 30 percent safe driver discount
    • Quick and easy online quotes
    • Friendly customer service
    • Reliable company with 100 years of experience
    • Customizable insurance plans
    • Special antique and collector car insurance coverage
    • Doesn’t offer gap insurance
    • No senior-specific discount

    Final Thoughts

    State Farm is an excellent choice for seniors because of their reliable coverage and customer service. Be sure to take advantage of defensive driving courses and good driver discounts to save even more on your auto insurance policy. We also recommend bundling your auto and home insurance for extra savings. If you’re looking for lower rates and ample discounts, then we’d recommend State Farm as your trusted neighbor (for insurance matters, this is).

  • 2. USAA


    USAA is a worthy contender if you’re a member of the military or a retired veteran. USAA provides affordable rates with options to bundle auto and property insurance policies. They also have an app-based, safe-driving program to save on your premiums. In addition to low rates, USAA members benefit from discounts up to 40 percent on travel, home, car care, shopping, health, and entertainment.

    According to USAA, customers who switch to USAA save an average of $725 a year on premiums. If you drive your car less than you used to, you may be eligible for a mileage-based discount.

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    • Great discounts for military and veterans
    • Safe driving, annual mileage, and car storage discounts
    • Bundle and family discounts
    • Free USAA mobile app
    • Customized insurance policies
    • Classic car and aviation insurance available
    • USAA auto insurance coverage offered in all 50 states
    • USAA is only available for U.S. military members and veterans, including spouses and children

    FYI: If you’re looking for senior discounts, take a look at our list of great retail, hotel, and transportation deals.

    Final Thoughts

    Overall, USAA is a great provider if you’re a retired veteran looking for affordable insurance rates. There are many ways to decrease your bill, including automatic payment, annual mileage, or storage discounts. Although USAA offers auto insurance in all 50 states, it is only available to members of the military and veterans.

  • 3. Progressive


    If you’re anxious about getting into an accident, we’d recommend considering Progressive. The insurance provider has gracious accident forgiveness policies that won’t increase your insurance rates, pending certain criteria. They offer both small accident and large accident forgiveness for loyal Progressive customers.

    Founded in 1937, Progressive is the third-largest auto insurance provider in the nation. On average, customers who switch to Progressive will save approximately $700 a year on their premiums, according to the company. To continue lowering your bill, Progressive offers loyalty- and driver-based discounts, along with other continuing discounts.

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    • Accident forgiveness savings and incentives
    • Bundle options for auto and home insurance
    • Good driving discounts
    • Roadside assistance insurance
    • Free online quotes
    • Over 35,000 available independent agents and brokers
    • Pricier compared to other insurance providers
    • Limited insurance coverage options
    • Poor customer service ratings

    Final Thoughts

    Overall, Progressive is a great auto insurance company for seniors to consider. They offer accident forgiveness, good driver discounts, and loyalty-based discounts for customers who stick with Progressive for the long haul. Accident forgiveness is automatically included in your policy in some states, but we’d recommend contacting Progressive to see if it needs to be added to your policy.

  • 4. Liberty Mutual


    As the sixth-largest property and casualty insurer globally with strong financial standing, Liberty Mutual has a wide selection of add-on coverage. If you’re looking for extra coverage that isn’t included in most standard policies, we’d recommend Liberty Mutual. Add-ons include 24-hour roadside assistance, gap coverage, coverage in Mexico, teachers’ auto insurance, original parts’ replacement, and rental car reimbursement — to name a few. With over 100 years of experience in the insurance business, Liberty Mutual has a slew of discounts that seniors may be eligible for, such as early shopper, military, violation-free discounts, and more.

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    • Sixth-largest global property and casualty insurer
    • Variety of insurance coverage add-ons
    • Bundle options
    • Alternative energy discounts
    • Military discounts
    • Accident forgiveness
    • Gap coverage
    • Affordable insurance rates
    • Customer service satisfaction is lower than other providers

    Final Thoughts

    Overall, Liberty Mutual is a solid choice for seniors looking to add more coverage to their existing policy. This may include optional add-ons such as gap coverage or a lifetime repair guarantee, which offers car repairs at 2,000 guaranteed repair network facilities nationwide. Additionally, Liberty Mutual is great for seniors who are looking to lower their deductibles by enrolling in the Liberty Mutual Deductible Fund, which you can add to your existing auto insurance policy. Enrolling can help you reduce the chance of paying out of pocket.

  • 5. AARP Auto Insurance


    AARP offers car insurance through The Hartford, making it the best option for AARP members. If you sign up for AARP car insurance, you can get up to a 10 percent discount for being an AARP member, along with up to five percent savings on auto and home insurance bundles.

    If you’re an older adult with a great driving record, we’d recommend AARP. One of the perks of AARP Auto Insurance is that they provide an optional “disappearing deductible,” where your collision deductible will decrease over time as long as you maintain a clean driving record. The provider has a fast and seamless claims filing process, with a 24/7 car insurance hotline that lets you file a claim 24/7.

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    • Ranked number one in customer satisfaction by J.D. Power
    • Exclusive car insurance for AARP members
    • Offers RecoverCare coverage, assistance after an accident
    • Lifetime car repair assurance
    • Fast and efficient claims process
    • Accident forgiveness
    • 24/7 roadside assistance
    • Only for AARP members

    Final Thoughts

    AARP Auto Insurance from The Hartford has excellent customer service and benefits, including RecoverCare, which provides assistance after an accident and compensation for transportation if you’re injured. Keep in mind that AARP Auto Insurance is exclusive for AARP members. If you want well-rounded protection, it includes many benefits in their policies, such as a full range of coverage limits, new vehicle discounts, 24/7 claim reporting, and 24-hour roadside assistance. Many other providers don’t include 24-hour roadside assistance in the policy, as it’s typically an add-on.

    Did You Know: AARP has nearly 38 million members. If you’re interested in becoming an AARP member, read our article on some of the benefits of AARP membership and ways to save.

  • 6. Allstate


    Allstate has a solid Claim Satisfaction Guarantee policy that provides an easy way to file and review auto insurance claims. As an Allstate customer, if you’re not satisfied with the claims process, you can get your money back for free, no questions asked. When you take advantage of this guarantee, you’ll also earn a six-month credit on your car insurance premium. This policy is offered in most states for standard Allstate policies, but you’ll want to check that it’s available where you live before purchasing.

    Pro Tip: Want to learn more about car insurance before choosing a provider? Visit our guide to car insurance for seniors.

    Allstate makes it easy for customers to track and file their auto insurance claims by creating an account online, or downloading the Allstate mobile app for seniors who prefer using their smartphone. As a perk, if you download the Allstate mobile app, you’ll have access to its QuickFoto claim, which lets you easily take photos and submit damages to your car through the app.

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    • Numerous auto insurance discounts
    • Helpful and easy claims process with satisfaction guarantee
    • Trusted for more than 75 years
    • Bundles for auto, life, and renters insurance
    • Deductible rewards
    • Accident forgiveness
    • Safe Driving Bonus program
    • Add-on insurance coverage such as roadside assistance
    • High insurance rates compared to other providers

    Final Thoughts

    Let’s face it: Accidents happen. When they do, Allstate makes it easy for seniors to file and review auto insurance claims. If you’re not satisfied with the auto insurance claim, you’ll get your money back and receive a six-month credit on your premium. To find out about restrictions, exclusions, and whether the Claim Satisfaction Guarantee is available in your state, contact Allstate.

    Did You Know: We’ve put together a comprehensive insurance guide to help you navigate finding the right insurance provider for your auto, dental, home, travel, and long-term care insurance needs.

    In addition to offering several types of coverage, Allstate offers ample discounts for older adults with a safe driving record. All you have to do is download the Drivewise app and receive personalized insights on your driving to potentially earn Allstate Rewards points. Other discounts include anti-lock brake, new car, and responsible payer discounts.

  • 7. Geico


    As the second-largest auto insurer in the U.S., Geico offers affordable auto insurance rates and discounts for seniors over the age of 50, with an average savings of more than $500, according to the company. Geico knows that many car insurance companies increase premiums or won’t renew policies when customers reach a certain age. To combat this, Geico provides guaranteed renewal for drivers aged 50 and older who meet certain criteria.

    In addition to guaranteed renewal, Geico offers a variety of discounts for seniors, including defensive driver, five-year good driving, retired government and military, and multi-car discounts. We appreciate that Geico understands the changing needs of older adults and provides affordable solutions for their insurance needs.

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    • Local agents near you
    • Affordable insurance rates
    • Calculator to estimate auto insurance coverage options
    • Variety of vehicle, property, business, and additional insurance coverages
    • User-friendly insurance app to file claims and pay bills
    • Roadside assistance
    • Discounts and guaranteed renewal for drivers 50 and over
    • Bilingual features; can manage auto policy in Spanish
    • Low customer service ratings
    • Limited information about policies online; need to fill out information for quotes

    Final Thoughts

    Geico is one of the most affordable insurance providers for seniors. With great customer support and multi-policy discounts, Geico has a variety of coverage types with high amounts for added peace of mind. Plus, they offer special discounts for drivers 50 and up. To receive a quote and compare rates, you can use Geico’s helpful online coverage calculator.

How We Chose the Best Auto Insurance for Seniors

We searched for auto insurance providers that offered great discounts, stellar claims support, robust coverage, military discounts, and affordable rates. Then, we compared the options and narrowed down our choices for the top auto insurance providers for seniors. All of the providers on our list meet the following criteria.

  • Affordable insurance rates: Each provider offers affordable rates when compared to industry averages.
  • Discounts: We selected auto insurance providers that offered numerous discounts, such as good driver, anti-theft, senior, multiple policy, or new car discounts.
  • Ease of use: We chose insurance providers that had an active presence online as well as an easy-to-use mobile interphase to file claims, chat with customer support, or communicate in-person with local agents.
  • Optional coverages: Our list features auto insurance providers that offer optional or supplemental auto insurance coverage, such as roadside assistance, gap coverage, rental car reimbursement, deductible savings, and rideshare insurance coverage for seniors who want extra peace of mind.
  • Customer service: We selected providers that offered multiple ways to get in contact with customer service, via email, phone, mail, or online chat. We also valued providers with a large network of local certified insurance agents.
  • Bundling options: The providers on our list offer bundles for home, auto, or other types of insurance.

Tips for Choosing the Best Car Insurance for Seniors

There are many things to consider if you’re shopping for new car insurance. We recommend reassessing your policy regularly to ensure you have the right coverage for your needs and can take advantage of any discounts and other ways to save.

We’ve compiled a few tips on how to choose the best car insurance below.

  • Get a free online quote or speak to a representative over the phone for each provider that you consider. Compare each quote you receive.
  • Check for multi-car or family discounts for insuring more than one vehicle on your policy.
  • See if the provider offers incentives or discounts for taking a defensive driving course or downloading an app-based good driver program.
  • Ask a representative about senior, veteran, or other discounts that may be available.
  • Consider pay-per-mile car insurance if you drive infrequently.
  • Research your state’s minimum insurance coverage requirements and drop unnecessary coverage that you don’t want or need.
  • Consider adding supplemental insurance, such as collision, comprehensive, or uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage.
  • Research each provider’s claims process. What is it like, and what are customers saying about it? Does the provider respond in a prompt manner and approve claims quickly?

How Much Does Car Insurance Cost?

Car insurance can be expensive, especially if you’re a high-risk driver or have had several accidents with increased premiums.

According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, the average premium of each insured vehicle was $1,204 in 2019, an 18.71 percent increase from 2015. There are several factors that determine car insurance costs such as gender, the place you live, your driving history, accident rates, motor vehicle theft, and more.1 Many providers increase the cost of car insurance as you age, usually around the age of 65, so this is something for seniors to be aware of.

On average, here’s how much people spend on car insurance across the country, ranked from highest to lowest, based on the 2018/2019 Auto Insurance Database Report from the NAIC:2

States Average annual auto insurance costs (2019 estimates from NAIC)
Louisiana $1,557.22
Michigan $1,495.94
New York $1,445.30
Delaware $1,440.58
Florida $1,414.17
New Jersey $1,395.53
Rhode Island $1,382.64
Nevada $1,292.52
D.C. $1,289.93
Georgia $1,259.49
Maryland $1,236.61
Massachusetts $1,182.69
Colorado $1,174.87
Texas $1,143.85
South Carolina $1,114.90
Washington $1,066.84
Arizona $1,063.93
California $1,051.79
Pennsylvania $992.33
Alaska $991.09
Oregon $990.00
Mississippi $975.58
Utah $954.14
West Virginia $946.03
Illinois $939.64
Kentucky $935.61
New Mexico $932.67
Alabama $932.14
Missouri $929.91
Oklahoma $908.95
Arkansas $897.92
Minnesota $892.17
New Hampshire $864.35
Tennessee $863.39
Virginia $861.18
Hawaii $839.87
Montana $834.86
Kansas $818.99
Nebraska $807.30
Ohio $802.72
Vermont $785.37
Indiana $777.05
Wyoming $776.22
Wisconsin $767.42
South Dakota $745.33
North Carolina $741.70
Idaho $738.10
Iowa $714.86
North Dakota $703.73
Maine $696.37

Pay-Per-Mile Car Insurance for Seniors

Seniors who don’t drive frequently or prefer taking public transit might benefit from insurance coverage that’s based on the number of miles driven.

Some auto insurance providers offer “pay-per mile,” “pay-as-you-drive”, or equivalent insurance programs. You might consider a pay-per-mile car insurance if you’re a low-mileage driver and don’t drive much on a monthly basis. Usually, you will need to install a device on your car to track the miles driven.

When you do, you can save on your monthly payments. We’d recommend checking with your auto insurance provider to see if your vehicle is eligible for the program. Nationwide, Metromile Insurance, Travelers, State Farm, and Mercury Insurance are a few providers that offer pay-as-you-drive insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions About Auto Insurance for Seniors

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  2. National Association of Insurance Commissioners. (2022). 2018/2019 Auto Insurance Database Report.