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2023 ZipHearing Review and Pricing

Shop and Compare the Industry’s Best Hearing Aids in One Place is compensated when you click on the provider links listed on this page. This compensation does not impact our ratings or reviews. Rating:
4.3 of 5
Questions? Speak with a ZipHearing Specialist:
7 Years in Business
45-Day Free Trial
$999 Starting Price
30% Cost Savings is compensated when you click on the provider links listed on this page. This compensation does not impact our ratings or reviews. Rating:
4.3 of 5
Questions? Speak with a ZipHearing Specialist:

Buying hearing aids can be a pretty daunting task. Aside from the price and overwhelming selection, there's the challenge of finding a local provider you can trust. Then if you do, they have to offer the hearing aid you want. Most independent providers only offer a few brands to choose from, but ZipHearing is different.

Pros About ZipHearing

  • Easily compare hearing aids from the industry’s leading providers in one place
  • Save up to 50 percent when compared to retail prices
  • Large nationwide network of providers
  • Options for all levels of hearing loss

Cons About ZipHearing

How ZipHearing Works

ZipHearing has a network of several hundred local providers and audiologists, so users have the most diverse selection of hearing aid brands and models. All you have to do is visit ZipHearing’s website and enter your ZIP code. You’ll be given a list of providers near you and the brands that they sell. This makes it easy to compare your options all in one place.

According to ZipHearing, the company’s average hearing aid costs 37 percent less than typical retail prices, and customers can save up to 50 percent compared to retail.

ZipHearing website

ZipHearing website

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ZipHearing is not a standard hearing aid manufacturer. Rather than simply getting access to one brand of hearing aids, ZipHearing brings together a large network of hearing aid providers so that you can choose from some of the best hearing aid brands on the market. But if you’d prefer to purchase directly from a provider, or you simply want to know what else is out there, take a look at some other top-rated brands we have reviewed. Rating:
4.8 of 5 Rating:
4.7 of 5
Call for best price: Call to Order: (800) 422-9380 Rating:
4.5 of 5
Call for best price: Call to Order: 855-922-3431

My Thoughts on ZipHearing

ZipHearing helps customers save on hearing aids, as they sell name brand products at a discount of roughly 30 percent off the retail price. You’ll find popular brands like Phonak, Starkey, and ReSound. Another perk: ZipHearing gives you the freedom and flexibility to have your hearing aids adjusted and programmed by any local dispenser. This means you aren’t tied to one specific office or audiologist.

Another thing I like is that the ZipHearing model works well for both first-time users and experienced folks. Other online hearing aid providers I've seen require a lot of knowledge on the part of the patient. Because ZipHearing employs local providers who take you from start to finish in person, anyone can receive excellent care while saving a significant amount of money.


FYI: Are you new to hearing aids? Visit our hearing aid buyers guide to learn everything you need to know, from hearing tests and audiologist visits to price and important features to consider.

One final thing that impressed me about ZipHearing is that their intro video is open captioned. Despite the fact that this may not seem like a big deal, ZipHearing is making a statement about their understanding of hearing loss and their desire to make their message accessible to anyone who needs it. It's a seemingly insignificant detail, but to those with hearing loss, it means a great deal.

ZipHearing intro video

ZipHearing intro video

If you’re in the market for a new hearing aid, ZipHearing is worth considering! To compare all of your options for hearing aid brands in one place, check out our list of the best hearing aids in 2023.

Did You Know:

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Written By

Brad Ingrao


As a practicing audiologist since the 1990’s, Brad Ingrao, AuD has fitted thousands of hearing aids to seniors and people of all ages. Brad is the Official Audiologist for the International Committee on Sports for the Deaf and a well-known… Learn More About Brad Ingrao