Widex vs. ReSound

Widex offers the best hearing aids for tinnitus management, while ReSound has some of the best rechargeable models and telehealth support.

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Both Widex and ReSound are reputable names in the hearing aid industry, but the features and functions they offer vary. If you are in the market for a new hearing aid, you may want to see how Widex and ReSound hearing aids compare. Keep reading to see how these two providers stack up!

Widex vs. ReSound Hearing Aids

Both Widex and ReSound offer a full range of hearing aids in several styles, including discreet invisible-in-canal (IIC) models, and powerful behind-the-ear (BTE) options, meaning they are suitable for mild to profound hearing loss. In my clinical practice, my patients have found both very successful. Patients typically lean one way or another depending on their lifestyle.

Quick Tip:

Quick Tip: Not sure what level of hearing loss you’re experiencing? It might be time to get your hearing tested. Our guide to hearing aids for seniors covers everything you need to know about getting a hearing evaluation, understanding the results, and the different types of hearing loss.

An Introduction to Widex

  • Our pick for mild to moderate hearing loss
  • Full lineup of wireless accessories
  • Control devices through high-tech smartphone apps

An Introduction to Resound

  • Our choice for severe to profound hearing loss
  • High-tech devices, accessories, and smartphone apps
  • VA-researched Tinnitus Relief App


Widex’s hearing aid line provides both automatic and manual control over volume and microphone behavior. They excel at providing access to very soft sounds and their Zen tinnitus management program. For gadget geeks, their DEX line of wireless accessories is one of the largest in the industry.

Widex Moment (BTE)

Widex Moment (BTE)


ReSound created the first “made for iPhone” hearing aid. Their mastery of the 2.4 GHz wireless platform provides rock-solid connectivity to TV streamers with a range of 23 feet away,  and remote microphones up to 80 feet away. This platform is an excellent option for students and seniors who need to hear well in meetings or crowded environments. Their tinnitus app, based on a VA-researched approach, is one of the most comprehensive around.

Testing out ReSound hearing aids

Testing out ReSound hearing aids

Comparing the Brands

Our favorite is ReSound
  Widex Logo Resound Logo
Bluetooth Capability Yes Yes
Tinnitus Support Help Yes Yes
Customer Service Videos, local repairs, help in-app Videos, phone, online support
Accompanying App Yes Yes
Warranty Yes, only products sold by authorized distributors Yes, only products sold by distribution providers
Free Trial Yes, sign up to receive free trial Yes, 90-day return policy

Purchasing Widex and ReSound Hearing Aids

Contacting a local hearing aid provider is the best way to find prices for Widex and ReSound hearing aids. Both companies do not share prices online. A professional in the hearing aid business will not only be able to give you exact costs, he or she will also help you determine which brand and model is best for you.

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Closing Thoughts

Both Widex and ReSound offer hearing aid products made with cutting-edge technology. In my nearly 30 years of clinical practice, I tend to steer seniors with mild to moderate hearing loss, those with bothersome tinnitus, or users who are not tech-savvy folks toward Widex. On the other hand, I recommend ReSound for those who like to control their environments, or who have significant difficulty in noisy environments and need a reliable remote microphone at a reasonable price. Other than that, they are both great product families with excellent customer service and long-standing histories of success. To learn more, visit our latest ReSound review and Widex review.

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