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Founded in Denmark in 1956, Widex is a family owned audiology company. Today, it is among the largest hearing aid manufacturers. Sold via an extensive system of distributors, Widex hearing aids are present in more than 100 countries around the globe.

Over the decades since their founding, Widex forged a reputation as one of the most innovative manufacturers in the hearing aid industry. They emphasise an uncompromising approach to innovative advancement that has resulted in many new revolutionary technologies.

Widex ensured its place in the timeline for hearing devices with several firsts in the industry with the 1990s being their heyday. For instance, in 1990 Widex developed their ground-breaking patented technology – Computer Aided Manufacturing of Individual Shells for Hearing Aids (CAMISHA) – that redefined how earpieces, earmolds, and shells are made. This is now the chosen method of all major players within the industry.

Then, in 1996, Widex released the Senso. This is the first fully digital in the ear (ITE) hearing aid to be offered for public sales. The Senso was based on the original creation made by Oticon the year before – 1995 – but which was reserved for distribution to audiological research centers worldwide to be used as a platform for developing innovative solutions for hearing loss.

Today, Widex offers a number of devices – in the ear (ITE), behind the ear (BTE), and more – to help those with hearing impairments to enjoy the gift of sound. These devices utilize an assortment of innovative features to ensure that they provide the best hearing experience possible.


Which features you need in your hearing aid depends upon your unique hearing loss situation and the needs it creates. A trained audiologist can help you to determine which of these features will suit your needs and thus, recommend a specific model with those features. To be aware of the possibilities, read on to learn more about many of the features available with Widex hearing aid devices.

Widex True Input Technology

Music is a visceral experience. It comes with powerful emotions and helps to build excitement and energy. Input handling is the way that sound is dealt with when it enters a hearing aid and is often the problem wearers have when listening to music.

Often with hearing aids, musical notes are clipped or compressed when they reach certain levels of volume. Widex True Input Technology dramatically widens that input range to provide a larger truer to life soundscape.

With True Input Technology, wearers are able to hear the entire sound picture with a sound input range of as many as 113 dB of sound pressure level (SPL). Shown to increase speech perception amid loud noise by as much as 21 percent over hearing aids without this tech.

Fuel Cell Technology

Widex is the first in the industry to create a hearing aid based on fuel cell technology so that it requires no power outlets or conventional hearing aid batteries. They call this the Widex Energy Cell. Effortlessly re-energize these fuel cells anywhere with the portable refill unit. It takes only 20 seconds for the fuel cell to be refilled. Get 24 hours of run time so that wearers do not miss out on anything.

Widex Sound Sense Technology

Widex Sound Sense Technology helps your smart hearing aids to learn. In fact, every time you wear your hearing aids with this tech they evolve.

It learns through experiencing different situations and collecting anonymous data to create an outstanding listening experience. Thus, the hearing aid bought today evolves to become even better for tomorrow.

If you want to be in full control, there are a number of interactive options to help you shape your listening experience intuitively. If, however, you would rather not have to control the hearing aids yourself, this feature can automatically make the adjustment to suit the wearer's individual needs and current environment.

Moreover, Sound Sense Tech is like the proverbial elephant – it never forgets. The Sound Sense Adapt technology that is built into hearing aids with this feature stores all the changes you make and then applies them intelligently to similar situations.

This feature makes smart hearing aids just a little bit smarter every day.

Fluid Sound Analyzer & Controller

By reacting to the environment around a wearer, the Fluid Sound Analyzer feature adjusts. It knows the difference between a meeting and a party, classical music and heavy metal, indoor and outdoor environments. By mapping out the wearers’ environment the hearing aid can react and adjust accordingly.

In addition, the Fluid Sound Controller that is built in sets the optimal sound for various environments. This means that when it is noisy the hearing aid will filter out sounds that distract from hearing speech and while quiet tunes in to enable the wearer to hear every subtle detail.

Widex ZEN Tinnitus Technology

Tinnitus – ringing in the ears – can negatively impact one’s quality of life. Widex has developed tinnitus technology they have dubbed ZEN. Widex ZEN tinnitus technology is a comprehensive way to manage tinnitus and since its inception in 2012, it has been widely recognized as an effective way to relieve tinnitus.

For those who suffer from hearing loss in addition to tinnitus, amplification is useful for stimulating the brain and ears to reduce the contrast between the tinnitus and surrounding sounds. In addition, fractal tones can be used as sound therapy also and are designed to provide relaxation. Music is also believed to help reduce the stress that is a part of tinnitus.

By utilizing all of these aspects, Widex’s ZEN technology has shown positive results in reducing tinnitus and improving quality of life.

Streaming Functionality

This feature allows Widex wearers to listen to a movie, music, or other media through directly through their hearing aids. This allows them to be seamlessly connected anytime and anywhere with full control over their listening environment.

Currently, direct streaming is not supported for all Android devices but is completely compatible with Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPad, etc. Furthermore, direct streaming from the television requires the additional purchase of the Widex TV-DEX assistive device.


Widex’s SMARTWIND Manager is often considered the best algorithm for canceling wind noise in the entire industry. It reduces wind noise interference significantly while improving speech clarity. By optimizing sound based on the soundscape, there is no longer any need to search out an ideal listening condition. SMARTWIND Manager will create those conditions for you.

Widex Cost & Pricing

As with the vast majority of hearing aid manufacturers, Widex sells its innovative technology through a network of trained audiologists and audiology centers rather than directly through their website. Therefore, the prices may vary greatly depending upon which one of these partners you are buying Widex hearing devices through as well as the model of hearing aid, features included, and any applicable discounts. Consult with employers, insurance agents, HMOs, Veterans Affairs, and charitable organizations to determine if you are eligible for any discounted pricing or other assistance.


Widex lists themselves as the sixth largest hearing aid manufacturer in the world. While there is no other evidence that this is true, there is likewise none indicating that it is not either. Based on the online reviews of their hearing aid products, Widex appears to deliver a quality product with above average customer service.