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If you are shopping around for a new hearing aid, you might have noticed that there are so many brands and models to choose from. With such an abundance of options, it can be overwhelming to pick a hearing aid. ReSound and Beltone are two of many reputable hearing aid companies that carry quality products. Find out which is the better fit for you by exploring their similarities and differences.

Comparison Table

Our favorite is ReSound
  Resound Logo Beltone Logo
Bluetooth Capability Yes Yes
Tinnitus Support Help Yes Yes
Customer Service Videos, phone, online support Videos, phone, FAQ, online contact form
Accompanying App Yes Yes
Warranty Yes, only products sold by distribution providers 12-month standard warranty from the date of purchase
Free Trial Yes, 90-day return policy Yes, 90-day return policy

ReSound vs Beltone: What’s the Difference?

Both ReSound and Beltone are dedicated to continually researching and developing new hearing aid products with cutting edge technology to provide users with an impeccable hearing experience. Each company has a variety of apps available to make the handling of hearing aids as simple as possible.

ReSound has been in business since 1943, and is now sold in more than 80 countries in the world. It was the first company to deliver 2.4 Ghz technology in hearing aids for direct connectivity. It also manufactured the world’s first Made for Apple hearing aid, which allows consumers to take advantage of direct stereo sound streaming!

Since 1940, Beltone has been offering a wide variety of hearing aids for everyone with different levels of hearing loss. It has won several awards, like an Edison Award and a Big Innovation Award, for carrying stellar products! Beltone’s hearing aids come in many distinct styles, sizes, and colors to suit everyone’s tastes and needs.


ReSound hearing aid users appreciate ReSound’s Organic Hearing  Technology, which delivers a clear and natural sense of sounds in the vicinity. Additionally, ReSound’s Sound technology allows consumers to hear sounds from 360 degrees, eliminating the need to constantly turn heads every time to hear what someone else is saying. ReSound’s hearing aids are protected by the iSolate Nanotech coating, which provides a guard against perspiration, humidity, and moisture.

ReSound has six types of hearing aids, and each offer distinct features to accommodate people with varying hearing aid needs. Regardless of what model you choose, you can stream sound from smart devices like an iPhone, TV, and tablet. If you are sensitive to noise distortion, the OMNIA may be worth looking into further. The full microphone range allows sounds to be processed without distortion. The Customs by ReSound models resemble wireless headphones, and any hearing aid adjustments can be made by a healthcare professional remotely. People with severe to profound hearing loss will benefit most from ReSound’s ENZO Q. It boasts a reported 60 percent better understanding of speech  in noisy situations.

Beltone carries a multitude of hearing aids to assist people with varying levels of hearing loss. Depending on your preference, you can pick a hearing aid that is invisible in-canal, completely in-canal, in-the-canal, in-the-ear, or behind-the-ear. Their smallest device is Invisible in-the-canal hearing aid, about the size of a raspberry. A few popular models in Beltone’s product line include Achieve, Amaze, Imagine, Rely, and Boost Ultra. Beltone Achieve hearing aids deliver phenomenal sound quality, are discreet, and allow for personal wireless control. Users can link it with the app on their smartphone to get the best hearing aid experience. Imagine is one of Beltone’s newest models, which uses the company’s latest microphone and receiver-in-ear (M&RIE) technology to deliver the most natural sound for the user. This hearing aid can be connected to any devices like smartphones, tablets, and televisions. Similar to Achieve, Amaze works well with the app to adjust hearing aid preferences from your smartphone. Boost Ultra was made for those with severe to profound hearing loss.

Costs & Pricing

Interested in finding out the exact cost of a specific hearing aid model from either ReSound or Beltone? The best way would be to contact a local hearing aid provider, as neither brand lists their prices online. In addition to discussing costs, a hearing aid professional will be able to answer any questions about any hearing aids you may be interested in.

What We Think

If you have a pretty good idea of what you need and are simply looking to narrow down between a couple different options, then ReSound may be a great fit. Their products, apps, and accessories are packed with many useful features to help people hear better. To top it off, ReSound offers many ways to reach their customer service department with any questions. Interested in learning more about ReSound’s hearing aid products? Check out our full ReSound review!

If you’re just beginning your shopping, you’ll be pleased to know that Beltone has several hearing aid models in unique styles and sizes, with different features to enhance hearing. Beltone also offers a plethora of apps to support various hearing aid needs.  Most of Beltone’s customer service is through online support, which means you can easily get assistance without leaving your home. For more information about Beltone, read our review!

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