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Phonak vs. Unitron

Phonak is one of our top choices for severe to profound hearing loss, while Unitron is known for its more affordable models.

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Phonak vs. Unitron: Key Takeaways

  • Phonak and Unitron are two popular hearing aid brands owned by parent company Sonova.
  • Unitron is best known for its hearing solutions for children and more affordable price points than its sister company, Phonak.
  • Phonak is an industry leader that we rank as the best provider for severe to profound hearing loss. Want to learn more about what makes Phonak one of our top picks? Visit our best hearing aids guide.

These days, there are all sorts of hearing aids on the market, with unique features, functions, styles, and technologies. It’s important to take time and shop around to find the best hearing aid for your needs. With so many brands and models to choose from, it can be daunting to narrow down your options. Phonak and Unitron are two iconic hearing aid brands owned by the same parent company, Sonova. Let’s take a look at how their products compare.

Phonak and Unitron Comparison Table

Our favorite is Phonak
  Phonak Logo Unitron logo
Bluetooth capability Yes Yes
Tinnitus support help Yes Yes
Customer service Online FAQ, online form, phone Phone, product videos on website, online FAQ
Accompanying app Yes Yes
Warranty Yes, 1 year limited international warranty valid from date of purchase Yes, 3 year manufacturer's warranty beginning on the date of original invoice
Free trial Yes, 30-day free trial Yes, 30-day free trial

Phonak Fast Facts

  • Premium hearing aids with price tags to match
  • Unique extended-wear IIC model
  • Industry-leading microphone technology for noisy environments

Unitron Fast Facts

  • Less expensive options
  • The “little brother” to Phonak
  • Best solutions for children

Phonak’s Marvel line is the flagship of the brand. These devices use a sophisticated automatic scheme analyzer to set volume and microphone behavior automatically as you move throughout your day. They also provide a direct connection to iPhones and Android devices as well as built-in connectivity to their premium remote Roger microphones. For my patients with severe difficulty hearing well in environments with background noise, this combination of features is among the best in the business. For a closer look at Phonak’s hearing aids, check out this year’s Phonak review.

Testing out Phonak hearing aids

Testing out Phonak hearing aids

Unitron shares some basic tech with Phonak, but because it’s the “little brother” of Phonak, the prices tend to be a little lower. Their accessories are identical, and Unitron offers an excellent set of solutions for most of my patients. Unitron has had a solid footing in the pediatric market for many years, so if you’ve had hearing loss for most of your life, you may have worn Unitron devices in school. You can still benefit from the same technology and great customer service as an older adult since the company offers solutions for seniors as well.

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Phonak and Unitron Hearing Aid Lineups

Unitron Hearing Aid Lineup

Unitron Hearing Aid Lineup

Both companies offer a wide range of styles, with in-the-ear (ITE), in-the-canal (ITC), and behind-the-ear (BTE) options. You’ll find that the two have many similar hearing aids since they are under the same parent companies.

Phonak Hearing Aid

One of Phonak’s BTE hearing aid styles

Phonak has one unique device called Lyric, which is an extended-wear invisible-in-the-canal (IIC) hearing aid. This model is great for people with mild to moderate hearing loss and minimal difficulty in background noise. They are sold on a subscription plan and worn 24/7. The device’s sealed battery lasts about three to four months, at which time your hearing specialist replaces it. Lyric is also an excellent solution for seniors who struggle to remember to charge their devices regularly.


FYI: Want to take a closer look at the different hearing aids styles and how they fit? Our consumer hearing aid guide covers everything you need to know.

The Cost of Phonak and Unitron Hearing Aids

Like most hearing aid manufacturers, Phonak and Unitron do not list any product prices on their websites. You can find out exact hearing aid costs by contacting or visiting a hearing aid professional near you. A specialist will also give you a hearing evaluation and fitting to find the solution that’s best for your level of hearing loss, budget, and preferences.

Wrapping it Up

Phonak and Unitron are siblings in the larger Sonova company, which allows them to share technology and resources for a very comprehensive line of products. Unitron is often slightly less expensive than comparable Phonak devices, but stacks up very well in hearing correction and build quality. Over the years, I’ve fit my patients with Phonak and Unitron products, and they rarely disappoint.

If you’re still trying to make a decision check out our video below. Audiologist Dr. Brad Ingrao discusses how to choose a hearing aid and top hearing aid brands to help you make a decision.

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