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Phonak and Starkey have been in the hearing aid business for decades with a long list of hearing aid products. Starkey's product line includes in-the-ear, behind-the-ear, in-the-ear-canal, and invisible hearing aids. In comparison, Phonak offers in-the-ear, behind-the-ear, and invisible, extended-wear hearing aids. Each manufacturer has a few signature products that set them apart, which we'll cover in detail below.

Phonak and Starkey: Who are They?


As one of the world's largest providers, Phonak is a trusted hearing aid company with a long track record of providing hearing aids to a variety of seniors. Phonak's tech-forward platform, called Marvel, offers direct streaming for both Apple (iOS) and select Android devices. Their long-proven Roger remote microphone technology is now available to connect to Marvel hearing aids without an additional receiver, making it an excellent option for those who want to control their hearing aids without an extra device. Phonak is known for its extensive product lineup, which provides solutions for all levels of hearing loss and lifestyles.

Phonak Fast Facts
Phonak Logo
  • One of the “Big Six” hearing aid providers
  • Solutions for mild to profound hearing loss
  • Direct streaming for Apple and Android smartphones
  • Industry-leading microphone technology for noisy environments
  • Offers the industry's only completely invisible hearing aid


Starkey not only has hearing aids with technology for better hearing quality, but their  premium products also have features that can monitor your body and brain health through the Thrive Care app. Fall detection is one of these features with Starkey's hearing aid, the Evolve AI, which is particularly useful to seniors and their families. A report will automatically be sent to the user's emergency contacts if they fall, whether it's a family member, caregivers, or first responders. These health and safety features set Starkey apart from Phonak and most other popular hearing aid providers on the market. You can also stream phone calls, music, and messages directly from your iOS or Android smartphone to your hearing aids. These hearing aids offer remote programming, so your health care professional can make minor adjustments without an office visit.

Starkey Fast Facts
Starkey Logo
  • High-tech health and safety features
  • The first hearing aid with fall detection on the market
  • Solutions for mild to profound hearing loss
  • Bluetooth streaming and compatible smartphone apps
Quick Note:

Quick Note: For more detailed information about these providers, head over to our Phonak and Starkey hearing aid reviews.

Comparing Phonak and Starkey Features

Comparison Phonak Starkey
Bluetooth capability Yes (phone, TV) Yes (phone, TV)
Tinnitus support help Yes Yes
Customer service Online FAQ, 1-800 number, Online form Online FAQ, 1-800 number, email
Accompanying App Yes Yes
Warranty 1-year limited international warranty, inquire about local warranty Limited, contact dealer

Hearing Aid Styles and Additional Equipment

Phonak Hearing Aid

One of Phonak’s BTE hearing aid styles

Phonak offers hearing aids that can be worn in the ear and some that are truly invisible. These powerful hearing aids come in a variety of sizes and colors to suit people's needs. One unique model that the company offers is a titanium device, the Virto Paradise Titanium,  with 15 times the strength of existing hearing aid shells. Phonak takes into consideration seniors with single-sided hearing loss and makes hearing aids to help those users specifically. Phonak also has a lineup of microphones designed to help users focus on conversations in noisy environments that can stream sound directly to the hearing aids.

Starkey Hearing Aids Lineup

Starkey Hearing Aids Lineup

Starkey not only has an impressive line of hearing aids that come in a variety of BTE and ITE styles, but also a line of accessories to accompany them. In addition to a companion mobile app, Starkey has accessories such as a TV streamer, a  media streamer, and hearing aid remote, along with a simple external remote for those who don't want to control their devices with a smartphone.

Phonak vs. Starkey Pricing

Phonak and Starkey don't list their prices online. Like most other major hearing aid providers, you'll need to make an appointment with a hearing professional or audiologist to purchase your devices. You'll receive a hearing evaluation and fitting at your appointment so the provider can help you find the right hearing aid for your needs and budget.

If you're searching for more details on pricing before visiting a hearing professional, read through our guidebook for purchasing hearing aids. This guide covers overall pricing, financing options, insurance coverage, and more.

Phonak and Starkey: The Verdict

Phonak has many different types of hearing aids and styles to suit a wide variety of customers. The company also prides itself on offering the world's only 100 percent invisible hearing aid. Through the Phonak app, users can customize their experience. Phonak also stands by its products with an international warranty.

Starkey has a wide variety of hearing aid products and accessories to make usage more customizable and straightforward. The company offers a limited warranty for all of its products.

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