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As seniors get older, finding the right place to call home can become difficult, especially if that means leaving a place that’s been comfortable for so long. Whether it’s a nursing home or other type of senior housing, sometimes finding one that is culturally similar can make all the difference in how well a patient adapts to new surroundings. There are many different types of senior living facilities that cater to a variety of different cultures. Many Asian senior care facilities speak Chinese and carry out many cultural traditions.

What is Chinese Speaking Senior Living?

Those of the Asian and Chinese culture have great respect for their elders, so taking care of them is a priority. That belief has been extended to Chinese speaking senior living facilities here in the United States. While many may choose to take care of their elders at home, there are plenty of circumstances when that is neither possible nor practical. The number of Asian senior living facilities is actually growing because there is such a need for them.

For those of the Asian culture, a Chinese speaking senior living facility not only adheres to their values, but also speaks their language. This can become crucial when you are talking about health-related issues.

How is Chinese Speaking Senior Living Different?

One of the major differences between Chinese speaking senior living facilities and regular facilities is the focus on cultural care. While the same health needs are met as in other facilities, these facilities also hold cultural care on the same level. From the way the building is designed to activities and even menus, the Chinese culture is front and center. While you don’t need to be of Asian descent to choose one of these facilities, many are because they believe so deeply in their culture and want to stay connected to it. Caregivers at these facilities speak English and Chinese to make patients feel more at home.

In some facilities, feng-shui architecture is incorporated. This aligns the way things are built and structured in relation to the flow of energy. Only designs that promote a harmonious flow are usually accepted when feng-shui is taken into consideration. These buildings are also typically found in natural settings with plenty of trees and water nearby due to their calming effects.

Some other things that are a part of many Chinese speaking and Asian senior living facilities include gardens for relaxation as well as tai-chi and calligraphy. Special card games as well as folk dancing may also be on the list of activities depending on the facility. Worship and Bible study is also offered at many facilities.

Asian cuisine is taken into consideration when it comes to daily meals and is served as much as possible at these facilities. Some familiar dishes may include soup and noodles, fish, rice, and steamed vegetables.

How Much Does Chinese Speaking Senior Living Cost?

As with any senior living option, the type of facility and necessary care will determine the cost. Some Chinese speaking senior living communities offer different levels of care from assisted living, to memory care to short-term care all on the same campus. Typically, memory care facilities cost more because of the higher level of care that is involved. Also, the types of amenities that are offered may play a key role in the cost. As you search for Chinese speaking senior living options, consider the medical needs of the patient as well as the amenities that are desired. This will help lead you in the right direction of the appropriate facility. Many facilities require contacting them for further information to determine the exact cost for your individual situation.

Where Can I Find Chinese Speaking Senior Living?

The number of Chinese speaking senior living facilities promises to grow as the need expands. Currently, many are found on the West coast. If you are looking for one, check out our directory or call our helpline.

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