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Cox Communications, an Atlanta-based company, providers internet, cable TV, and telephone services to over six million Americans. With those in their golden years in mind, we took an in-depth look at the best Cox cable TV packages. We were impressed that their most basic cable TV package starts at just $50 per month, an excellent price for older adults living on a fixed income, but their bundling options offer the best opportunity for savings and convenience. Keep in mind that Cox requires a two-year contract to get the best deal, which may be a problem for seniors who foresee only needing the service for a short time. If you're curious, keep scrolling to see what we thought of Cox's cable TV offerings!

Quick Facts: Cox

  • Fifth largest cable provider in the U.S., servicing 18 states
  • Also provides internet, home security, and phone service
  • Over 20,000 employees
  • Privately-held, family-owned corporation
  • Customizable, bundle-able cable TV packages starting at $50 per month

Accessing Cox Cable TV

Before you spend time researching Cox, you'll want to make sure you live in their service area.

Cox currently provides service in the following 18 U.S. states:

  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • California
  • Connecticut
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Idaho
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Louisiana
  • Massachusetts
  • Nebraska
  • Nevada
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • Rhode Island
  • Virginia

Choosing the Best Cox Cable TV Package

Cox does a great job outlining the details of their two cable TV packages. We didn't have to dig too deep to get the information we needed, which we appreciate. Cox offers two cable TV packages starting at $50 per month, but this can exceed $200 per month depending on how you customize your package. Keep in mind that prices will also vary by your location. If you're an absolute TV-lover or prefer just to watch the news for a few minutes a day, selecting a Cox package that fits your TV viewing habits is pretty straightforward.

The Basic Cable TV Package: Cox TV Starter

Starting at $50 per month, Cox TV Starter is the provider's least expensive package. It's about half the cost of starter packages from other major cable TV providers like Mediacom or Xfinity. Keep in mind this bare-bones option only offers 75 channels, 50 of which are music channels, so it's good for budget-conscious older adults who just want a few basic networks. If you're looking to get the latest news, listen to some commercial-free tunes, and access broadcast television, the Cox TV Starter package will be right up your alley. On the other hand, Cox Contour TV is the better option if you're looking for more channels and bells and whistles.

The Entertainment Upgrade: Cox Contour TV

Starting at $69.99 per month with 75+ channels, Cox Contour TV is a bit pricey. For comparison, Xfinity offers a similar package for about $20 less per month than Cox, but keep in mind that Xfinity may not service your area. Plus, this package comes with some great perks. With Cox's Contour TV, you can stream your favorite shows and movies straight from your tablet or smartphone. Since 62 percent of Americans over the age of 70 use a smartphone, being able to watch TV on a handheld device is nice for on-the-go seniors.1

In addition to a robust channel lineup, we also like that this package is customizable. Cox offers “paks” that cater to customers with specific needs and viewing preferences. For super-fan seniors, a sports package is a perfect add on, while the movie buffs can break out the popcorn and add exclusive channels like Showtime and HBO. Lights, camera, action! These add-on channels and paks can cost you anywhere from $10-$16 extra per month, depending on what you select.

Money-Saving Tip: For the movie buffs out there, instead of adding individual movie channels to your package for $12 per channel, opt for Cox's Movie Pak. It's only $10 per month and gives you 12 movie channels.

Cox TV Starter Cox Contour TV
Cost per month $50 per month* $69.99 per month*
Channels 75+ channels 75+ channels
Popular channels included NBC, CW, Fox, ABC, CBS, PBS and C-Span ESPN, Discovery, History, A&E, TNT, HGTV
Best For Seniors who want an inexpensive option and mainly watch the news Seniors who don’t mind paying more for entertainment channels

*Prices vary by location

Cox DVR Options

When you purchase your cable TV package, you'll have the option to add a DVR (digital video recorder). Cox offers three DVR service options: Ultimate, Preferred, and Essential. The main difference between the three DVR services is the hours they can store and the number of shows you can record simultaneously.

For most seniors, the Essentials option is more than enough to meet your needs. You can record two shows at once and store up to 250 hours of content. If you have a doctor's appointment or a playdate with the grandkids during your favorite show, it's simple to hit the record button before you walk out the door. You can cozy up on the couch later and watch it on your own time. The Essentials DVR service will run you an extra $13.50 per month; we think the convenience is worth it for seniors who don't want to miss their favorite shows or the big game.

Pro Tip: Cox offers big button remotes, which come in handy for older adults whose eyesight isn't as sharp as it used to be. Ask your customer service representative about receiving one of these special remotes with your cable TV package.

Features and Perks of Cox

In addition to their customizable packages and state-of-the-art equipment, there are a few perks that make Cox cable TV stand out from the crowd.

  • Cox Complete Care: Though this add-on service will cost you an extra $10 per month, we highly recommend it for older adults who want added support. You'll get advanced 24/7 technical support; it's like having your very own tech team at your beck and call. From connecting printers to virus removal, the Cox Complete Care team supports any technical issue you encounter.
  • Easy Moving: If you move, Cox makes setting up service in your new home as painless as possible; they don't charge any activation or installation fees. For seniors who see a downsize in their future, this is a great perk of being a Cox customer.
  • Friend Referrals: For every person you refer that becomes a Cox customer, you'll receive $25 on a prepaid MasterCard. Cha-ching!
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee: If you want to give Cox a try, but you don't want to get locked into a contract straight away, you're in luck. Cox offers a 30-day free trial period, so you can decide if they're the right provider for you without losing any money.

Cox Bundles: The Most Bang for Your Buck

Cox really shines when it comes to bundles. They offer some of the industry's most comprehensive bundles, providing Cox internet, phone, home security, and cable TV services. If you're on the hunt for the best deal and love simplicity like us, Cox is an excellent choice with over a dozen bundling options. But to narrow it down, we'll go over two bundles that we think fit seniors' needs the best.

Did You Know: Two-thirds of Cox customers have bundled services. The deals are just that good!

TV Starter + Internet Essential 30 + Voice Premier

For budget-conscious older adults who want to keep it simple, this bundle provides the three essentials without breaking the bank. You'll get the TV Starter package, internet, and phone service for $74.99 per month. Separately, these services would cost you about the same, but you won't be charged separate installation fees. Plus, the simplicity of one bill instead of three is convenient. This bundle's 30 Mbps internet speeds are ideal for browsing the web, checking social media, and sending emails to family and friends.

Bronze Duo Internet Premier 150 Mbps + Contour TV

If you've kicked your landline to the curb like many Americans,2 the Bronze Duo bundle may be just what you're looking for. This bundle is excellent for seniors who spend a fair amount of time online and want a diverse TV package, as it offers 75+ channels and fast speeds up to 150 Mbps. It will cost you $109.99 per month, but if you host family gatherings, the internet speed can support tech-obsessed grandkids, and Contour TV lets you tune into the big game or have a movie night with friends and family.

The Fine Print and Additional Fees

If you're considering switching to Cox, keep the following in mind.

  1. They require a two-year contract. Unlike other popular providers like Spectrum, Cox requires customers to enter a two-year contract. If you cancel early, you could face a hefty $240 cancellation fee. However, if you cancel within your first 30 days, you won't be charged a fee.
  2. Your monthly price will increase after one year. Cox offers new customers a pretty great discount, which is nice until you're no longer a new customer. After one year, your monthly cost will increase by up to 30 percent. It's a bummer, but these price hikes are pretty typical with cable TV providers.
  3. They charge installation fees. When purchasing your TV package, don't be surprised if you're charged up to $100 for professional installation. Some packages waive the installation fee, or you can choose self-installation, so be on the lookout for those options.

The Bottom Line

If you're a senior living in one of the 18 states serviced by Cox, they are worth considering for cable TV or a bundled deal. We aren't big fans of the price increase after one year or the long-term contracts, but unfortunately, that's pretty typical among all cable TV providers. On the other hand, we love Cox's 30-day money-back guarantee, excellent DVR equipment, and their customizable TV packages and bundles.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cox

  • What is Contour TV?

    In addition to providing over 75 cable TV channels, Contour TV allows users to stream shows on any device and use apps such as YouTube and Netflix. When customers add a DVR, they can record, rewind, and fast forward their favorite shows and watch them on any device.

  • How much does Cox cable TV cost?

    The cost of Cox cable TV depends on the package you select. Cox’s Starter TV package begins at $50 per month. Their Contour TV package starts at $69.99 per month and can be boosted with additional channels and features, which will add to the monthly cost.

  • What channels are included in Cox’s Starter TV package?

    The Starter TV package includes 75 channels. Fifty are commercial-free music channels, and others include NBC, CW, Fox, ABC, CBS, PBS, and C-Span.

  • What channels are included in Cox’s Contour TV package?

    Cox’s Contour TV package includes over 75 channels. Notable channels include ESPN, Disney, Discovery, History, A&E, TNT, and HGTV. Customers can add more channels to customize their package if they desire.

  • Is Cox cable TV available in my area?

    Cox services 18 U.S. states, including Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, and Nevada.

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