Spectrum TV® for Seniors

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200+ Channels Available
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Overall Rating:
4.0 of 5
41 States Available
$44.99 Starting Price (Monthly)
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Overall Rating:
4.0 of 5

Formerly known as Time Warner, Spectrum TV isn't a newbie in the cable game. This cable TV provider delivers reliability and affordability, offering more HD channels than most major providers. We were impressed by their well-organized TV App, the Apple 4K voice-activated remote option (a boon for older ears and eyes), and excellent money-saving plans for internet bundlers. But perhaps most importantly, we appreciate that Spectrum TV doesn't require contracts, and there are no termination fees. While not the highest rated in customer service, they're well within the industry average.1 And as long as you are aware that promotional prices increase after 12 months and watch out for extra fees with add ons, this may be the cable option that will stop you from cutting the cord on cable.2

What We Like About Spectrum TV

  • Budget-friendly bundles
  • Free HD and 200+ channels available
  • Free On Demand access
  • Download the Spectrum TV App to watch on all your devices
  • Spectrum TV Guide Narration available for the visually impaired
  • Optional voice-activated Apple 4K remote
  • 30-day money-back guarantee and no contracts or termination fees
  • Contract buyout program

Things to Keep in Mind About Spectrum TV

  • No senior discounts are currently available for Spectrum TV plans
  • Fees apply for installation
  • Promotional prices increase after 12 months

Spectrum TV Plans and Pricing

Before we dive into the plans offered, plug in your address on Spectrum's homepage to check for availability in your area and generate any special offers that might apply. Spectrum TV is available in 41 states (and has 30 million customers). If you prefer to verify your service area with a real person, the number to call is 1-833-219-4361. Spectrum TV customer support hours are Monday through Sunday, 8 AM – midnight EST.

All Standard Plans come with:

  • Free HD channels
  • Thousands of On Demand choices
  • The ability to Stream anywhere with the Spectrum TV® App or by visiting SpectrumTV.com on your PC
Package Select** Silver*** Gold**** Mi Plan Latino MPL Silver MPL Gold
Promotional price* $44.99 per month $74.99 permonth $94.99 per month $34.99 per month $64.99 per month $84.99 per month
Channels 125+ channels 175+ channels; Includes HBO Max™, Showtime®, NFL Network, & access to HBO Max™ App 200+ channels; Includes HBO Max™, Showtime®, Starz®, TMC®, Starz Encore® & NFL Network, & access to HBO Max™ App 140+ channels 200+ channels; Includes HBO Max™, Showtime®, NFL Network, & access to HBO Max™ App 250+ channels; Includes HBO Max™, Showtime®, Starz®, TMC®, Starz Encore®, NFL Network, & Access to HBO Max™ App

*Prices increase after one year of service

Which Spectrum TV Plan is Best for You?

Each standard Spectrum TV plan becomes more robust as the price increases. The Spectrum TV website details complete lists of available channels within each package, but here are a few of our guidelines based on content preferences.

Live for movie night?

Whether you love family movie nights or watching your favorite films with your spouse after date night, Spectrum's Silver and Gold packages are our top picks for movie lovers. Both include popular movie channels like HBO Max, Showtime, and Hallmark. We’d recommend the Gold package if you're the ultimate movie buff, as it includes even more channels like Starz, MoviePlex, and IndiePlex.

Always make time to watch the game?

When game night rolls around, you want to properly plug in, whether in person with your family or virtually with old college buddies. Take a look at Spectrum Select and Silver, as both feature ESPN/ESPN2, NBC Sports, SEC, and MSG, among others. Silver also adds College Extra, NHL, and more. But whichever plan you choose, we think your best bet is to add a Spectrum Sports Pack, available for $5 per month, which adds up to 12 sports channels to your lineup.

Babysitting the grandkids on the regular?

If part of your schedule involves bonding time with your grandchildren, a good selection of kid-friendly channels is useful to have in the mix, particularly while getting a meal on the table. Select, Silver, and Gold packages all give you access to kids and family channels, with options that include PBS Kids, Nickelodeon, and Disney Channel. Look to Silver and Gold levels for a wider selection for older kids and teenagers, from Discovery Family to Universal Kids and TeenNick.

Seeking fresh recipes, redecorating ideas, or bucket list destinations?

If you're keen to hone your culinary skills, breathe new life into your home decor, or you're all about planning your next adventure, you'll find food, home, and travel channels with Select and Silver packages. All plans include HGTV, Food Network, and The Travel Channel, while Silver kicks it up a notch with Cooking Channel and Discovery Life.

Looking for the latest headlines and deeper knowledge?

For all you newshounds and lifelong learners, you can satisfy your interests with both Select and Silver. Choices from Bloomberg to Fox Business and Discovery Channel to National Geographic come standard with these packages. Silver (and Gold) go a bit further with BBC World News, Science Channel, Smithsonian Channel, and more.

Pro Tip: It's worth a call to Spectrum to customize your plan. For example, if you're a fan of AMC and Turner Classic Movies, but you're not interested in HBO and Showtime, you'll want the Silver package, but you can ask to remove those two Premium channels; the upgrade will cost you $12 instead of $30.

Spectrum Equipment and DVR Rundown

After choosing a plan on the Spectrum TV website, you may be asked whether you want to use an HD-Box or the Apple TV 4K. Here's the lowdown.

HD-Boxes cost $7.99 per month each and allow you to view in HD (even if your television is an older, non-HD TV!) The box enables you to access the channels directly, and, for a fee, professional Spectrum TV installation and support are available. It also includes a universal remote, and you can pay an additional monthly fee for DVR storage.

Good To Know: Keep in mind, your rates may increase after the first year if you don't sign up for a two-year package. There may also be surcharges and taxes, along with extra fees for equipment, installation, and additional services.

If you opt for the Apple TV 4K, it includes a voice-activated remote, an excellent option if you hate tiny buttons. You'll have access to all your channels via the Spectrum TV App. Users can also upgrade to include DVR storage, which allows you to save up to 100 hours of your favorite shows and movies. Note that you'll be on your own for installation, so reach out to a more tech-savvy family member if that's not your strength. You can either purchase the device for $180 upfront or spread out the payment at $7.99 per month for 23 months.

Spectrum TV App: The Gateway to your Favorite Entertainment

With the Spectrum TV App, you have access to your entire channel lineup and up to 50,000 On Demand shows and movies on your mobile and connected devices, including smartphones, tablets, Xbox One, and Samsung Smart TV. The app allows you to create watch lists, watch live TV, stream On Demand choices, set (grand-) parental controls, and even program your DVR whether you're at home or on the go.

To Bundle or Not to Bundle with Spectrum

Depending on what you're looking for, various Double or Triple Play* deals (combining TV, internet, or voice) may be available in your area. We recommend a close look at these, as not only can you save money, but the services themselves are notable.

Spectrum Internet and Spectrum TV bundles start at $89.89 per month with speeds up to 940 Mbps (wireless speeds may vary) and no data cap (so you won't be getting overage charges for any gamer grandkids in your midst). Below is a look at a few of our favorite bundles for seniors.

Just the Spectrum TV Essentials

If you're ok with a streamlined selection of TV channels, one option is the Spectrum TV Essentials bundle, which is only available to internet subscribers. It's the cheapest bundle option by far, adding just $19.99 per month to your internet bill, with no hidden fees. The disadvantage is that it only has 60 live TV channels, but it has a good lifestyle, entertainment, and news lineup, with Discovery, Food Network, AMC, BBC, and Nickelodeon channels for kids. Sports fans, on the other hand, are out of luck with this option, and local channels are not included. Note that you can only view TV Essentials through the Spectrum TV App on your devices.

FYI: It might be worth adding a home landline to your Spectrum bundle, which costs $9.99 per month or about 30 cents a day. It's not a bad deal given the fact that it's a safety measure in case your mobile phone is lost, damaged, or can't be recharged—and if there's an emergency, 911 dispatch knows precisely where you are (a problem in large apartment complexes).

Your (Spectrum TV) Choice

Again, for internet subscribers only, a more streamlined service is the Spectrum TV Choice bundle, which costs $24.99 per month and includes 10 channels of your choice (from 100+) as well as your local stations. This is the ultimate bundle for people who become annoyed or simply confused while scrolling through a ton of channels they never watch.

More Bundles to Explore: How Spectrum Compares to the Competition

Xfinity’s cable TV packages are also worth looking like. Xfinity, a part of Comcast cable, with similar bundled TV, internet, and voice options. Unlike Spectrum, you'll need to sign a contract to get their best deals, and they have data caps. Xfinity excels in speed and value, however. Also worth a look, for similar packages and even better pricing, is CenturyLink, another provider we’ve reviewed. But, unless CenturyLink Fiber is available in your area, you'll be dealing with slower (DSL) speeds and data caps. Similarly, AT&T has highly competitive rates for bundles, and with their addition of DIRECTV, it offers many more TV bundle options than Spectrum. But to beat Spectrum for internet speed, you'll need to be within reach of AT&T's fiber lines.

Quick Tip: Check out our cable TV buyer's guide for tips on how to save on your package, a comparison of top providers, and more.

The Bottom Line on Spectrum TV

Spectrum TV offers flexibility for its packages, bundle perks, and cost options, making it a top choice for seniors. While it's important to remember that equipment or service add-ons can increase your bill, eliminating contracts is a significant improvement in this industry and encourages better customer relations. Overall, the service feels like it hits a sweet spot for seniors looking for fair pricing and a robust channel offering, particularly if they want to throw in an internet plan.

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