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South Carolina Senior Living Communities

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If you’re searching for reliable information about South Carolina's senior living communities, you’ve come to the right place! Among South Carolina's 466 senior living facilities you’ll find: retirement communities, nursing homes, in-home residential and assisted living situations, adult day care programs, a range of independent living situations, as well as facilities specializing in Alzheimer’s and hospice care. As the most comprehensive directory on the web, the Senior Living website offers detailed information about these options, including unbiased (positive and negative) reviews submitted by senior citizens. Because we’re not affiliated with any particular care provider, the guidance that we provide is guaranteed to be trustworthy.

South Carolina Senior LivingUsing the Senior Living website to find information about senior living communities in South Carolina is easy! Simply (1) Click on a South Carolina city to see the list of its options; or (2) Enter a South Carolina street address to find senior living nearest to a desired location; or (3) Fill out a form provided on this site, and someone will contact you. Use the Senior Living website in these ways to find a situation that fits your needs perfectly, and allows you (or your loved one) to live close to family and friends, and to enjoy fully, in their senior years, all that South Carolina has to offer.

South Carolina Senior Living Information

South Carolina is a beautiful state, featuring coastline, mountains and plenty of lush vegetation. It’s summers tend to be hot and humid, with temperatures ranging from the mid-80‘s into the mid-90‘s. Winters along the coast are mild, with colder temperatures (down into the 30‘s) inland. South Carolina's largest cities -- where options for senior living will likely be greatest -- include Columbia, Charleston, North Charleston, Greenville and Rock Hill. South Carolina's state and local income taxes comprise 9.70% of residents’ total income, making it a relatively income-tax-friendly place to live. Its sales tax, however, is the second highest in the nation. The crime rate is 26% higher than the national average, with the violent crime rate 38% higher than other states.

Senior Living Amenities In South Carolina

Enjoyment of our senior years depends in large part upon access to activities that put a smile on our face, that ignite our spark for life, our natural passion and curiosity. For this reason, knowing about the amenities that South Carolina has to offer is a key factor in choosing a senior-living community. Are you a golfer? South Caroline has 462 golf courses, with the greatest number in Myrtle Beach, Hilton Head Island, and Bluffton. Do you like to dance with chance? While South Carolina’s gambling laws are a tad conservative, you’ll still be able to enjoy playing lotteries as well as charitable games; and can - in Aiken and Camden - enjoy watching horse steeplechase races. Though South Carolina’s cultural offerings aren’t as rich as some other states, most cities offer a variety of art galleries and musical venues.

As you go forward with your exploration of South Carolina’s senior living communities, we’re confident that the Senior Living website will continue to be an invaluable resource for you, for locating the situation that perfectly suits your needs.

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