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Senior Housing & Assisted Living in Missouri

Missouri is a great state to consider retirement because it literally has something to offer everyone. It is home to amazing cities, but if you're not into the city life then there are also plenty of rural areas to appreciate. The Show-Me state is also filled with nature, culture, sports, and delicious food! If you're looking to cut down on living costs during your final years, then you'll be happy to learn that Missouri's cost of living is lower than the national average, especially their housing costs.

Want to learn about Missouri's senior living costs, facilities, and benefits? You've come to the right place! We have compiled the essentials here about Missouri's senior living options, from independent living facilities to assisted care choices. Also, discover a wealth of information about the different types of support systems and amenities that each has to offer here. The below list of cities are clickable if you are curious about what senior living options are in a particular area of the state.

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Top Senior Living Communities in Missouri

Deciding on the best living facility for yourself or an aging loved one can be tough. Luckily, there are a plethora of living options to consider in Missouri. Check out our list of the top senior living communities in the state below.

The Gardens at Jackson Creek

type of care

Independent Living

Crestview Senior Living

type of care

Independent Living

Dougherty Ferry Assisted Living and Memory Care

type of care

Assisted Living, Memory Care

The Homestead at Hickory View Retirement Community

type of care

Independent Living

SummitView Terrace

type of care

Assisted Living

Creve Coeur Assisted Living

type of care

Assisted Living, Memory Care

Brookdale St. Peters

type of care

Independent Living

Senior Services Unlimited - St. Louis MO

type of care

Home Care

The Montclair

type of care

Independent Living

Solstice Senior Living at Columbia

type of care

Independent Living

Living Costs for Seniors in Missouri

If you're looking to live in a state that is affordable, yet has a lot to offer, Missouri is the place to be. Boasting a housing index of only 89.60, it's one of the cheaper states to retire in the United States. You can get a one bedroom apartment in Missouri for an average of $600 a month ($825 a month is the US average), or a two bedroom apartment for an average of $774 a month (US average is $1,027 a month).

Curious about the monthly costs of living in Missouri? Let's take a look at some numbers. Firstly, the average home health care costs are approximately $3,897 a month. This fee basically allows seniors to live relatively independently in their own home, with some help from service aides to keep the house clean, run day to day errands, and cook meals for the elderly.

Seniors needing to stay at a supervised facility during the day can consider adult day care in Missouri. For an average cost of $1,733 a month, caregivers can be assured that their loved ones are supervised and socialized while they tend to their other obligations during the day. Adult day care facilities do not provide skilled nursing though, so it's ideal for older people who are mostly independent but could use some therapy or social activities to keep their minds and bodies busy.

Assisted living facilities are available throughout Missouri for elders needing more assistance with their day to day tasks. For an average monthly cost of just $2,700 a month, seniors are able to get access to personal care and health services.

Missouri also has many nursing homes for those who need round the clock supervision and care. The cost for a semi-private room is roughly $4,912 a month, while a private room is about $5,475 a month. This cost not only covers housing, but also residents receive medications, therapies, and rehabilitation as needed along with supervision and skilled nursing care. Compared to the national average, nursing home care in Missouri is very affordable.

Perks of Retiring in Missouri

In addition to affordable housing and senior living costs, there are plenty of other benefits to retiring in Missouri. Below are just a few main ones!

Four Beautiful & Distinct Seasons

Since the four seasons are distinct in Missouri, residents are able to fully enjoy a variety of activities that come with each season. Fall and spring are known to be extremely beautiful in this state! Unlike other states like California where it stays pretty warm year-round relatively speaking, the weather in Missouri actually changes every few months, allowing citizens to enjoy the change of seasons.

Senior Friendly Thing to Do & See

Missouri has an abundance of lakes, rivers, and streams. This means that the opportunities for swimming, boating, fishing, and sightseeing are ample. If you love to frequent state parks and see more greenery, you'll be delighted to know that much of Missouri has not been urbanized — there are still a lot of parks to enjoy like the Lake of the Ozarks State Park in Kaiser or the Bennett Spring State Park in Lebanon. Last but not least, the state is filled with opportunities to expand your knowledge. Missouri's libraries and museums are unparalleled. Specifically, the Kansas City Public Library is worth a stop. It is known for its classic architecture but also has many books, historical readings, and even a roof-top chess game! Missouri is also home to some of the largest wineries including St. James Winery, Stone Hill Winery, and Les Bourgeois Winery if you are ever feeling up for some quality wine tasting!

Delicious and Fresh Foods

Since Missouri is a farm-rich state, residents are able to truly enjoy the freshest produce grown by local farmers. If you are a fan of barbecue, you'll have to check out Kansas City as they are known to have the best! Love beer? The state's very own Budweiser has been around since 1876 and since then has become one of the highest selling beers in the country. If you fancy some craft beer, there's a wide variety of craft beer sellers and a growing number of small brewers sprinkled around the state.

Senior Living Options in Missouri

Missouri retirees have several living options to choose from depending on individual needs: independent living, assisted living, memory care, or nursing home care. See which one best suits your lifestyle by exploring each option below.

Independent Living

Missouri is home to more than 300 independent living facilities, and the average costs of living in one can range anywhere from $602 to $3,729 a month. Independent living is best for older people who are healthy and active, and don't require 24/7 nursing care. Some seniors may prefer the apartment style living, in which case they can choose to live in a senior apartment community for individuals 55+ or 65+. The amenities for each apartment will differ but some popular ones include workout rooms, walking trails, dog parks, and more.

Assisted Living

Seniors who need attentive caregivers, healthcare, and access to local activities and social opportunities will benefit from staying at an assisted living facility in Missouri. Costs range anywhere from $1,095 to $6,780 a month and residents can expect to receive help with housekeeping duties, laundry, transportation, meal services, and 24-hour staffing to ensure safety. If you're looking for a more budget-friendly facility, then the Springfield area has the lowest assisted living costs. The highest prices are located in the St. Louis metropolitan area.

Memory Care

There are 361 memory care facilities in Missouri that provide specialized care for seniors suffering from dementia. Staff are trained and experienced in helping seniors get through the frustrations of not remembering how to do simple tasks or not even remembering where they are. The average cost of memory care facilities in Missouri is $43,500 per year, with the highest cost facilities in the St. Louis region ranging from $3,018 per month up to $14,025 per month. Springfield has lower cost memory care facilities ranging from $2,475 up to $7,821 per month.

Nursing Homes

As with other states, Missouri's elderly population has been growing disproportionately. In 2000, residents 65 years of age or older made up 13% of the state's population. By 2030, that percentage is expected to grow up to 21%, or 1 in every 5 Missourians will be a senior. With a growing senior population, Missouri has been working to increase it's senior living provider options.

Missouri has 208 adult daycare facilities operation within the state, with an average cost of $19,500 per year. Retirees will find that the St. Joseph area has the lowest costs in terms of adult daycare prices, coming in at an average of $15,600 per year. The Columbia metropolitan area has the highest priced adult daycare centers, with an average price of $22,490 per year. Overall, the average cost of adult daycare in Missouri is $19,500 per year, which is a bit lower than the national average.

Hospices have been growing into an increasingly popular facility for terminally ill seniors. They offer grief counseling to patients and and their families, therapies through the arts and various exercises, and pain management with professionally administered medications. There are currently 140 hospices in Missouri, that can be covered by Medicaid, Medicare, and private insurances.

Respite care has been a lifesaver for the sanity and financial health of unpaid caregivers. There are 436 respite care facilities in Missouri, with a cost range of $5,0003 to $10,832 a month. Respite care is most useful after a surgery or other serious medical procedure, where the senior would need a higher level of care for a prolonged amount of time.

Resources for Seniors in Missouri

Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services – Get more information about senior living in the state and get help for things like caregiving, independent living, stopping elder abuse, and more.

Senior Age Agency on Aging – Find senior centers local to you and in-home services and programs available to the elderly in Missouri here.

Missouri Department of Revenue – Senior citizens in Missouri may be eligible to get property tax credit. Learn about the eligibility requirements here, and get other relevant tax information and access to tax-related electronic services.

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