Dementia Helpline

The Dementia helpline phone number is 855-241-1699.

Dementia is an age-related group of disorders that are most commonly diagnosed in senior citizens over 60. Furthermore, the National Institute of Health reports that up to 50 percent of seniors over 85 have a type of dementia. However, it is not a normal symptom of aging, but rather the result of nerve cells in the brain that no longer function. To be diagnosed with dementia, a person suffers a loss of at least two major mental functions, such as speech or memory.

Types of dementia seniors are most likely to suffer from are Alzheimer's disease, frontotemporal disorders, and Lewy body dementia. Signs that a senior is suffering from dementia include memory loss, changes in personality, delusions/hallucinations, or uncontrollable emotions. Seniors who are diagnosed with dementia require a specialized level of care in senior living facilities. If you are searching for information about dementia care, our helpline is an optimal place to start.

What is a Dementia Helpline?

A dementia helpline is a free call service provided for individuals who are caring for or suffering from dementia. Our dementia helpline is focused on assisting individuals who are in need of senior living or senior care services. When you call the dementia helpline we are able to provide you with non-biased, well-researched information about care centers. From there you have the resources you need to make the best decision for dementia care for your situation. Since the helpline is free to use, you can call as many time as you need to in order to find out more about dementia senior care.

What Services Does the Dementia Helpline Provide?

We provide dementia assistance for callers of our helpline. These callers may include caregivers, medical professionals, neighbors, family members, or seniors with dementia. Anyone who is helping a senior with dementia to find care services are encouraged to call the helpline.

Once you make the call to the dementia helpline we listen to your questions and help to identify areas where we can be of assistance. Some callers have specific questions, while other callers are just beginning to care for someone with dementia. We help individuals at every stage of the process. Our senior care advisors provide resources that help callers make informed decisions regarding aspects of senior living with dementia, such as how much does dementia care cost and how do you find dementia care locally.

What Types of Questions Can the Dementia Helpline Answer?

Speaking of questions that we commonly hear among callers to our dementia helpline, here are a few examples:

  • Is dementia care available near me?
  • How much does dementia care cost on average? Per week? Per month?
  • How long do most seniors require dementia care?
  • Does Medicare cover dementia care?
  • Will my Medicaid insurance pay for dementia care?
  • Is there a certain type of health care coverage I should get to pay for dementia care?
  • How do I pay for dementia care?
  • What does dementia care include at senior living centers?
  • What is the best kind of senior living center for someone who has dementia?
  • Is a continuing care retirement center (CCRC) an option for someone who has dementia?
  • What are common services for people in need of dementia care? What services should I look for or ask about when choosing a senior care facility?
  • Can I receive dementia care in my home?
  • Do I need to go to a nursing home to access dementia care?
  • What level of care is available for dementia or memory care facilities?
  • Why should I choose dementia care?
  • Why do dementia patients require specialized care?
  • If I am a caregiver for someone with dementia, can I get temporary relief, such as with adult day care?
  • Do luxury senior living apartments provide memory care services?
  • What are the differences between dementia care, Alzheimer's care, and memory care?
  • Do I have to be diagnosed with dementia in order to receive senior care services for dementia patients?

What are the Hours of Operation for the Dementia Helpline?

We operate the dementia helpline seven days a week from 4 am to 8 pm PDT.

Is My Call to the Dementia Helpline Free?

Anytime you call the dementia helpline, your call is free of charge. We will never ask you for payment information for any services we provide. We are solely an informational helpline here to answer your questions and direct you to the right places in your area to assist you with dementia care.

What Happens When I Call the Dementia Helpline?

Our advisors are trained to assist individuals calling for information about dementia care services and facilities. Whether you are a caregiver, senior, medical provider, or friend of someone suffering from dementia, we will help by answering your questions.

What If I Need Information About Dementia that is Not Related to Dementia Care?

We focus solely on providing information about dementia care for seniors. As a result, we do not have the resources needed to provide help for issues like health care emergencies, elder law, etc. Here are some helplines to assist you in other areas:

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