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QMedic's technology, developed by MIT scientists, sets it apart from other popular medical alert systems. QMedic offers high-tech monitoring and an insightful caregiver dashboard, which is ideal for those who want to keep a watchful eye on their aging loved one.

Qmedic Home Medical Alert

Qmedic Home Medical Alert

QMedic's pricing structure can be seen as either a drawback or a perk; the company requires customers to pay upfront for a year of service, starting at $300 for the in-home cellular system. But this breaks down to just $25 a month, which is $5 less than Bay Alarm Medical's monthly price for a similar system. With free shipping and no activation fees, QMedic offers a pretty good deal, even though the annual fee induces some sticker shock. Below, we'll go over the value of QMedic's two systems and explain how they stack up to competitors. By the end, you'll be able to make an informed decision (and maybe even save some money) on a QMedic medical alert system. Let's dive in!

QMedic at a Glance

  • In-home and mobile system available
  • 24/7 U.S.-based monitoring center
  • No fall detection option
  • Option to call monitoring center or care contacts
  • Online caregiver dashboard
  • No landline required
  • Wellness calls when needed
  • Low-battery notifications
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • No cancellation fees
  • No activation fees

The Fast Facts: QMedic’s Equipment and Pricing

Product Annual subscription price Battery life Button-to-base range Features
Cellular Medical Alert System $300 2 years 1,000 feet
  • 2-way speaker
  • Simple in-home installation
  • Waterproof
  • Custom caregiver reports and alerts
Mobile GPS Medical Alert System $400 14 days N/A
  • GPS location tracking
  • Water-resistant device
  • Charging cradle
  • Custom caregiver reports and alerts

A Closer Look at QMedic’s Systems and Value

Cellular Medical Alert System

The Cellular Medical Alert System, QMedic's most affordable package, is designed for in-home use and doesn't require a landline. In the event of an emergency, simply press the help button on your lanyard or wrist to speak with an operator through the base station's two-way speaker. QMedic gives you the option to customize how calls and alerts are routed when the help button is pressed. You can choose for calls to go to QMedic's professional monitoring center or your chosen emergency contacts. The system's 1,000-foot button-to-base range is ideal for one- or two-bedroom homes and can even provide protection when you're out in the yard.

Money-saving tip: QMedic won't refund you for the remaining months of unused service if you cancel after the 30-day free trial, so it's important to make sure the system works for you. Thoroughly test your QMedic system within that 30-day window to ensure it's a good fit.

QMedic On-the-Go System

QMedic On-the-Go System

This system costs $300 per year, which breaks down to $25 per month. However, QMedic doesn't offer monthly or quarterly payment options like most other providers do, but it's pretty affordable when broken down by month. For example, Medical Guardian's annual price for a similar system is around $84 higher.

QMedic offers robust caregiver insights and proactive care features. For example, if the system detects abnormal activity, it will initiate a wellness call to check in and make sure you're all right. It's this kind of high-tech, proactive monitoring that makes QMedic worth it. Though $300 is a big chunk of change to hand over upfront, it is less per month than other providers charge, and QMedic has valuable features you won't get from competitors.

Mobile GPS Medical Alert System

For protection on the go, QMedic offers a mobile GPS system powered by AT&T or Verizon cellular service. This all-in-one system can be worn around your neck at home or while you run errands, travel, or exercise, so it's a great wearable companion for older adults who are busy bees. With a $400 annual cost, this mobile system breaks down to about $33 per month. That is $100 more per year than the in-home Cellular Medical Alert System. Considering the mobile protection it offers, we think it is worth the bump in price for active users.

The mobile system's 14-day battery life is impressive. Many other mobile systems we've reviewed, like the On the Go from Lifeline, only have a one-day battery life. Plus, the On the Go mobile device is $17 more per month than QMedic's Mobile GPS Medical Alert System. If you don't mind that QMedic's system is a little bulkier than On the Go, you'll get a much better battery life and save over $200 a year.

FYI: QMedic doesn't offer fall detection. If you have a history of falling or fall detection is important to you, check out our list of the best medical alert systems with fall detection.

Another perk of QMedic is that you don't have to pay any additional equipment fees; you'll only pay the annual service fee. Other providers we've reviewed, like Lively, charge equipment fees, along with extra costs for add-on medical alert services. With QMedic, all of the medical alert features are included in the $400 annual price. We appreciate that QMedic doesn't make users fuss with add-on costs or equipment fees. However, if you're looking for accessories like jewelry pendants or wall buttons, you'll want to consider other providers.

How to Get the Best Deal With QMedic

QMedic is pretty affordable, but there is always a way to get a better deal, right? We recommend calling QMedic's customer service line to inquire about seasonal deals. The company is currently offering $100 off for new customers who purchase the Mobile GPS annual subscription. That adds up to a 25 percent discount! When we tested QMedic's products, their customer service representatives were friendly and helped us choose the best system for our budget. The nice thing is that QMedic doesn't charge shipping, activation, installation, or equipment fees, so you don't have to worry about dodging pesky add-on costs. QMedic's transparent pricing earns a thumbs-up from us!

FYI: With QMedic, you'll lease your equipment rather than purchase it outright. If you decide to cancel your service, you'll mail the equipment back to the company.

Medicare won't pay for medical alert systems, but you may be eligible for coverage or reimbursement for your QMedic costs if you're on Medicaid or a Medicare Advantage plan. Ask a QMedic representative if your health plan covers a QMedic system, or call your insurance provider to see if they cover medical alert devices.

Is QMedic Right for Me?

QMedic is designed for older adults and caregivers who want in-depth activity tracking and 24/7 protection. Since the system can track sleeping patterns, activity, and whether or not the user is wearing the device, we recommend it for older adults who:

  • Have memory loss. Cognitive decline is on the rise, which can be an early sign of Alzheimer's disease or QMedic's simple reminder to put on the help button and change or charge the batteries is beneficial for older adults with memory loss. Plus, the detailed activity tracking makes it easy for caregivers and loved ones to check in.
  • Are prone to wandering. Another symptom of dementia is wandering or getting lost. QMedic's Mobile GPS Medical Alert System provides GPS tracking and caregiver alerts, which could be lifesaving features for those who wander.
  • Live alone. If you are among the 14.7 million older adults who live alone in the a medical alert system can provide peace of mind that help is right at your fingertips in an emergency. Plus, QMedic's caregiver dashboard provides valuable insights and trends for family members who may live far away.
  • Need two help buttons. We've reviewed competitors, like Alert1, that offer discounts for monitoring a partner or a roommate. Similarly, QMedic lets you add a second help button to your in-home cellular system at no added cost. Just keep in mind that only one button can monitor activity; however, if you're just looking for medical alert protection on the second button, this shouldn't be an issue.

Final Thoughts on Pricing and Value for QMedic

QMedic is one of the more affordable medical alert providers. At $300 or $400 for an annual subscription, the company provides comprehensive monitoring for seniors and helpful insights for caregivers with no hidden fees. We wish QMedic offered monthly or quarterly payments like most of their competitors do, but QMedic's annual fees are lower than most competitors', so they provide great value at a low cost. As long as you plan to keep your system for a while and don't mind paying for 12 months of service in advance, QMedic is worth the upfront investment.

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