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It’s no surprise that there’s been an increase in the number of seniors relying on technology and internet providers. In fact, one survey found that the majority of adults — including seniors over 65 — said the internet has been essential to them during the pandemic.1 If you’ve been spending more time on the internet or want a faster connection, then Frontier Internet might be worth the switch.

​​Frontier offers DSL and fiber-optic internet, phone, and TV services to both residential and business customers in 25 states, with a focus on rural areas. Frontier is excellent for older adults who want to stay connected with family, send emails, and watch delicious recipe how-to videos on YouTube. In contrast to Spectrum Internet plans, which start at $49.99 per month (with Auto Pay), Frontier’s internet plans start at $37.99 per month for 12 months with no contracts or data caps. While some of the basic internet plans from Frontier have lower speeds, they make up for it with high-speed fiber plans.

In this guide, we’ll discuss unique features, speeds, bundles, prices, and other features that make Frontier a user-friendly choice for older adults.

How Does Frontier Compare?

Frontier internet is a great choice for older adults on a fixed budget, as it has some of the lowest prices around. Unfortunately, Frontier internet may not be available in your area. Currently, Frontier only provides internet coverage in 25 states. So, if you don’t have access to Frontier internet or you simply want to evaluate your options, be sure to check out some of the best alternatives below.

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Pros About Frontier Internet

  • Affordable pricing: Frontier Internet plans start at less than $40 per month with no data caps or overage charges, so you can stay connected without breaking the bank.
  • High-speed internet: Frontier offers plans with a wide selection of speeds, ranging from 9 Mbps to 940 Mbps.
  • Bundles to help you save: If you want to save on multiple products, you can bundle your internet, home phone, and TV service with Frontier.
  • No overages or data caps: Some internet providers will charge extra for going over your monthly data allotment. With Frontier Internet, you can stream content, play games online, download large files, and not worry about data caps or overage fees.
  • Price-lock guarantees: For those who don’t want to deal with constant price hikes and changes, some Frontier Internet plans come with a three-year price lock guarantee.
  • No contracts: Frontier internet plans don’t require a contract, but you’d have to commit to the same monthly pricing for 12 months.

Cons About Frontier Internet

  • Limited availability: Frontier Internet has limited availability in 25 states. For comparison, Spectrum Internet provides coverage in 44 states. However, Frontier Internet still provides high-speed internet access to seniors who live in remote, rural, or other areas with limited connection.
  • No senior-specific discounts: Frontier — like many other internet providers — doesn’t offer senior discounts. However, you may qualify for discounted internet through Frontier’s partnership with the Emergency Broadband Benefit.

Frontier Internet Plans and Speeds at a Glance

Plan Price Download speeds (up to) Data cap
Frontier Basic Internet $37.99 per month for 12 months 9 Mbps None
Frontier Preferred Internet (DSL) $44.99 per month for 12 months 25 Mbps None
Frontier Premium Internet $54.99 per month for 12 months 115 Mbps None
Frontier FiberOptic 50 Mbps $50 per month for 12 months 50 Mbps None
FrontierOptic Gig $74.99 per month for 36 months (promo offer) 940/880 Mbps None

The Breakdown: Frontier Internet Plans for Seniors

Keep in mind that Frontier plan availability, speeds, and pricing will vary by location.

Plans and Pricing

Frontier Basic Internet for Light Internet Users

Frontier Internet offers several internet plans geared toward seniors who are new to the internet or need to use it for basic tasks. Frontier Basic Internet is a great starting point for older adults who want to send emails, video-chat with their grandkids, or check bank statements and the news. This plan starts at $37.99 for 12 months and has speeds up to 9 Mbps. Frontier Basic Internet is a (you guessed it) basic plan that lets you catch up on simple internet tasks. However, it won’t be enough speed to stream movies in HD or play online games. We’d recommend it for older adults who don’t spend as much time online.

Frontier FiberOptic Gig for Heavy-Duty Internet Users

If you’re looking for higher speeds, like up to 940 Mbps, a Frontier FiberOptic Internet plan might be a good upgrade. With those speeds, you can upload large photo files of your grandkids, play games, and stream Netflix on multiple devices. If you have family over, they can stream content on their own devices without slowing down your connection. Frontier FiberOptic plans vary in pricing and speeds, but if you go with FiberOptic Gig, it costs $74.99 per month for 36 months (promo offer) and offers speeds up to 940 Mbps with no data caps or overage fees. This means that you can use the internet as much as you want without worrying about being billed for going over the data limit. The best part? There’s no annual contract with FiberOptic Gig or any other Frontier Internet plan.

Did You Know?

Did You Know? Frontier offers Multi-Device Security, which is software that helps keep your personal information secure online and protects your devices from viruses and malware.


You can either opt for self-installation or have your internet installed by a professional technician from Frontier. If you decide to self-install, you will need all of your equipment handy and to see if your service has been activated on your Service Ready Date. Once all of that is sorted out, you can read Frontier’s internet equipment self-install guide to get started.

If you would rather rely on the expertise of a professional technician, you also have the option of scheduling an installation. Currently, Frontier offers a “Safety-First Installation” appointment where they follow safety protocols and maintain social distancing to protect against COVID-19. During the installation, you will need to wear a face mask, and you might be asked to plug in or activate equipment as an additional precaution.

No Contracts

There are no contracts with Frontier Internet, but all internet plans require a 12-month agreement to lock in the best monthly price. If you go with a fiber plan, there’s no agreement or data caps, so you can stream as much content as you like without worrying about extra or hidden fees.

Does Frontier Offer a Senior Internet Discount?

While Frontier doesn’t explicitly offer a senior internet discount, they still have great ongoing promotions and assistance for low-income families.

If you live in California and you or someone in your home participates in CalFresh, SSI, or Medi-Cal, you might qualify to receive affordable internet through the Frontier Fundamental Internet plan, priced at $19.99 per month. Additionally, you may qualify for discounted internet through the Emergency Broadband Benefit.


FYI: Want to compare Frontier to other popular providers? Visit our list of the best internet providers for seniors.

For older adults who can’t afford phone service, Frontier can help pay for either phone or internet access through a low-income Lifeline program that’s available in states where Frontier provides services. You can contact customer service and speak with a Frontier representative to learn more about the Lifeline program and other available discounts.

Usually, Frontier provides ongoing promotions and discounts for new customers. You can visit their website or contact customer service to learn more about internet bundles and other deals for first-time customers.

Is Frontier Available in My Area?

Currently, Frontier provides coverage to approximately 3.57 million customers2 in 25 states. While this coverage may seem limited, it still reaches communities in rural areas where other internet and satellite providers might not reach. You can see if Frontier is available in your area by visiting their website and typing in your address and ZIP code. Frontier is also largely accessible to suburban customers in heavily populated states like California, Washington, Florida, and Connecticut.

Did You Know?

Did You Know? Frontier provides coverage to 25 states. For comparison, AT&T, another popular internet provider, offers coverage in 21 states.

Frontier Bundles to Get the Best Deal

Currently, Frontier offers bundles for phone, TV, and internet. When you bundle, you save more in the long run and receive services for all your communication and entertainment needs from the same provider. We’ll get into some of our favorite Frontier bundles for older adults below.

Frontier Internet + Unlimited Digital Voice Bundle

If you’re an older adult who loves streaming your favorite shows on the internet while simultaneously chatting with your friends or family on the phone, then you might enjoy Frontier Internet + Unlimited Digital Voice. This bundle costs $49.99 per month (with autopay) for 12 months, which is a pretty solid deal if you ask us. With unlimited nationwide calling, you can chat with your loved ones for hours without running out of minutes.

Frontier Internet + Unlimited Digital Voice + DISH America’s Top 120+ Bundle

If you want the full communication and entertainment experience, we’d recommend an internet, home phone, and TV bundle from Frontier. The Frontier Internet + Unlimited Digital Voice + DISH America’s Top 120+ bundle features over 190 channels and comes with a Wi-Fi router for your internet.

Although you’d pay less than $50 per month if you decided to purchase Frontier Internet separately, you’ll get more bang for your buck with a full internet, home phone, and TV bundle. This bundle costs $124.98 per month for 12 months with autopay.

If you love having company over, you can keep everyone entertained by adding a TV package. Plus, you can watch all of your shows through your TV package instead of streaming shows over the internet on Netflix or Hulu, which could slow down your connection.

How Does Frontier Compare to Other Internet Providers?

Frontier offers high-speed internet, along with TV and phone bundles in both rural and suburban areas. Although some of the starter plans from Frontier are noticeably slower than other providers, the company still offers alternative high-speed internet options, like FiberOptic Internet with speeds up to 940 Mbps — similar to CenturyLink plans, which also offer speeds up to 940 Mbps. Frontier’s rates are slightly higher than the competition, but they do offer a price-lock guarantee for select plans. Many other providers increase prices after the first year, so you might end up saving money in the long run with Frontier.

Senior savings tip:

Senior savings tip: Looking for affordable internet for seniors? Read our guide to internet providers for seniors.

Additionally, Frontier doesn’t have data caps, so you won’t get hit by overage charges and your internet access won’t be halted if you use a lot of data. In contrast, while competitor Hughesnet doesn’t have data caps, your Hughesnet internet might still slow down after you reach the data limit.

Overall, Frontier is a good choice for seniors looking for basic internet features, no contracts, and a reliable internet connection.

The Bottom Line on Frontier

Although Frontier is less widely available and slightly more expensive than other companies, this provider is a solid choice if you live in a rural area and need a reliable connection. We appreciate that Frontier is transparent, with no contracts, hidden fees, or data caps. The company offers several internet plans to choose from, with speeds ranging from 9 Mbps up to 940 Mbps, making it easy for seniors to connect with loved ones. With plans starting at $37.99 per month, Frontier is an excellent option for older adults who might not be heavy internet users but still need the internet to stay connected with loved ones.

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