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  • ReSound offers excellent rechargeable hearing aid options and telehealth support for those with mild to profound hearing loss.
  • Oticon is known for its high-tech hearing aids that integrate with other smart devices around your home.
  • While ReSound and Oticon both made our list of best hearing aids, there are some providers that rank even higher. Read our best hearing aids in 2023 guide to find out which companies we recommend the most

When you need a hearing aid, it’s best to shop around so that you’re getting the best product to suit your needs. Not all hearing aids are made the same nor do they all contain the same features. Technology and features vary from company to company. Let’s take a look at how ReSound and Oticon hearing aid products compare.

Comparison Table

Our favorite is ReSound
  Resound Logo Oticon Logo
Bluetooth capability Yes Yes
Tinnitus support help Yes Yes
Customer service Online support, 1-800 number Online support, 1-800 number, videos
Accompanying App Yes Yes

ReSound vs Oticon: What’s the Difference?

Oticon offers a similar number of hearing aid products compared to ReSound, and both companies have quality products that have been trusted for decades.

When you choose a ReSound hearing aid you can decide which style is the best; invisible-in-canal, in-the-ear, in-the-canal, or having the receiver behind the ear or in the ear.

Oticon offers those same options with its various models. It also has the world's first hearing aid that connects to the internet via the “If This Then That Network”. You can stream your TV sound directly to your hearing aids and even control home functions like lighting through the Oticon ON app.

ReSound uses Organic Sound technology, which is their approach to achieving natural, unfiltered sound for the wearer of their products. There is also Spatial Sense Technology which helps to give a clear and natural sense of the sounds around you.


ReSound has a wide selection of accessories available like microphones and streamers to help make the hearing aids easier to use and easier to connect to other devices. Through various apps, ReSound customers can also control the volume of their hearing aid from their phone and can track battery status so that they’re never left surprised should a battery go out.

Oticon’s hearing aids are technologically advanced, offering solutions for people with all types of hearing problems. It offers hearing aids for those with profound hearing loss as well as hearing aids that work to drown out much of the background noise that can be problematic for those with hearing aids.

Oticon also offers wireless connectivity with its hearing aids so you can enjoy the sound from your smartphone or TV delivered right to your hearing aid. Oticon also offers a HearingFitness option which allows you to track hearing aid usage as well as the sound around you so that you get the most out of your hearing aid usage. Both companies offer hearing aids that are rechargeable.

Costs & Pricing

If you want to find out the price of a hearing aid from either company, you’ll have to contact a local hearing aid professional. Neither company advertises its prices online. A hearing aid professional will not only give you a price but can help you determine which style is right for you.

What We Think

Oticon uses advanced technology to make its hearing aids stand out. It also offers a wide variety of hearing aid models and accessories to try to make its products as user-friendly as possible.

ReSound has many different accessories as well to customize user experience. The company offers many different avenues when it comes to customer service, making it very accessible should a question or problem arise. For more information on ReSound hearing aid products, check out our ReSound review.

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