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Phonak vs. Widex

Phonak is our top pick for severe hearing loss, while Widex offers excellent solutions for musicians and tinnitus.

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Phonak and Widex are two highly reputable names in the hearing aid business, offering different features to their users. Both prescription hearing aid brands have solutions for all levels of hearing loss that come in a variety of styles and models. Phonak has some of our favorite solutions for severe, profound hearing, and single-sided hearing loss. Widex offers rich, clear sound that is great for musicians, along with a great app for tinnitus management. We’ll compare these providers and their offerings below.

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Phonak Fast Facts

  • Models for single-sided hearing loss
  • Solutions for mild to profound hearing loss
  • World’s first completely invisible hearing aid

Widex Fast Facts

  • High-tech hearing aids
  • Zen smartphone app for tinnitus management
  • Solutions for mild to profound hearing loss

Phonak vs. Widex: Breakdown

Our favorite is Phonak
  Phonak Logo Widex Logo
Bluetooth capability Yes Yes
Tinnitus support help Yes Yes
Customer service Online FAQ, 1-800 number, Online form Online videos, help in app, local repairs
Accompanying App Yes Yes
Warranty  1-year limited international warranty, inquire about local warranty Yes, only products sold by authorized distribution sales

Breaking Down the Differences Between Phonak and Widex

At first glance, you can see that Widex and Phonak both offer numerous styles and models of hearing aids. While both have apps and accessories to go along with those hearing aids, Widex has more of a variety of accessories and apps for its products.

Widex offers several devices, including a lineup of automatic hearing aids on their Evoke platform and models that are a great option for musicians. Phonak’s Marvel platform gives users a clear, rich sound, as well as the ability to connect to smartphones and other devices. It also enables hearing aids to be rechargeable and gives access to the Phonak app.

Widex Evoke App

Widex Evoke App

Hearing Aid Pricing

Like most major hearing aid providers, Customers must purchase Phonak and Widex hearing aids in-store from a hearing specialist or audiologist. These companies don’t list their prices online, so it’s best to speak with your local hearing specialist for pricing information and to find the hearing aid that’s right for you. It’s also important to note that prices vary from provider to provider.

For more information about where you can purchase your hearing aids, take a look at our hearing aid shopper's guide. This guide covers everything you need to know when shopping for hearing aids.

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Phonak and Widex Product Lineups

One look at Widex’s product line, and you can tell that it is technology-focused. It relies on many different apps to control hearing aid functions through the user’s smartphone. Besides cutting edge hearing aids, Widex also offers accessories that allow you to stream the sound from different devices to your hearing aid. You can also get sound from television, radio, and other sources streamed directly to your devices. For those with tinnitus or ringing in the ears, Widex’s “Zen” tinnitus management smartphone app allows you and your dispenser to customize a tinnitus management program to suit your needs and lifestyle.

Phonak Hearing Aid

One of Phonak's BTE hearing aid styles

Phonak also utilizes apps to allow users to control hearing aid functions. The provider offers solutions for single-sided hearing loss for those who don’t need two hearing aids. Phonak has hearing aids that can be worn in the ear, receiver behind the ear, and some that are truly invisible. Phonak’s most unique offering is Lyric, a first-of-its-kind hearing aid that sits entirely in the ear and is worn 24/7. Users have their hearing aids replaced by a hearing specialist every three to four months. It’s an excellent option for those who want the most discreet design possible or those who have a hard time remembering to charge their hearing aids.


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Concluding Thoughts on Phonak and Widex

Widex has several cutting-edge hearing aid models that utilize the latest technology. The company also provides a long list of accessories for those who want to enhance and personalize their hearing experience even further. Widex may be a wise choice for users who enjoy using their smartphone and can handle all the functions. For those with tinnitus, Widex edges out Phonak a bit with their Zen smartphone app.

Widex Zen App

Widex Zen App

Phonak also has an extensive product line with various hearing aid models and styles to suit all users. It provides the world’s only completely invisible hearing aid, which is important for those who want to conceal their hearing aid. The company also offers an app to allow users to customize their experience. Their Roger system of remote microphones makes Phonak the leader for those who need to hear their best in noisy or reverberant settings.

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