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50+ Years in Business
100+ Markets Worldwide Rating:
4.4 of 5
Our Pick is Phonak
A+ BBB Rating
$1,200 Starting Price
Questions? Speak with a Phonak Specialist:
  • Phonak and ReSound both offer a variety of hearing aids with solutions for mild to profound hearing loss.
  • Phonak is our top pick for severe to profound hearing loss. Want to learn why? Visit our guide to the best hearing aids for a closer look.
  • If you're searching for rechargeable hearing aids or telehealth support, ReSound is an excellent choice.

When you're in the market for a hearing aid, you want to choose a company you can trust and one that's been in the business for years. Phonak and ReSound check both of those boxes. Whichever hearing aid company you choose, you can be sure you are getting a high-quality hearing aid and a company that stands behind its product.

Phonak Fast Facts
Phonak Logo
  • Industry-leading external microphone for complex listening environments
  • Unique Invisible-in-canal (IIC) Lyric device for 24/7 use
  • Best solutions for severe hearing loss
ReSound Fast Facts
Resound Logo
  • More user-friendly mobile apps
  • Unique In-the-canal (ITC) hearing aids for the best sound in environments with background noise
  • Private label options for more affordable hearing aids

Phonak vs. ReSound: The Breakdown

Phonak and ReSound offer a complete range of hearing aids from invisible-in-canal (IIC) to high power behind-the-ear (BTE) styles that allows them to fit almost any person with hearing loss. While they are very similar, a few specific differences move the needle a bit for some users.

ReSound Products

ReSound Products

Phonak and ReSound Equipment

ReSound offers a unique design called Microphone-in-Helix that allows users of small in-the-canal (ITC) hearing aids to hear better in environments with background noise. I've also used this style for people with atypically shaped ears.
Phonak has a unique product called Lyric, an extended wear IIC that is sold by subscription and allows 24/7 use. The device itself is replaced every three to four months, and, in my experience, it is appropriate for a limited number of folks with average size and shape ear canals with mild to moderate hearing loss.
While both providers offer “frequency lowering,” Phonak provides the dispenser a lot more flexibility in adjusting the feature; this will make a difference for those with more severe high-frequency hearing loss.

Phonak Hearing Aid

One of Phonak’s BTE hearing aid styles


ReSound and Phonak are both leaders in wireless connectivity. ReSound was the first company to use the 2.4 GHz wireless platform and was first out of the gate with “Made for iPhone” direct streaming. The company also offers a flexible and cost-effective remote microphone called the Multi Mic, which connects to your hearing aid for better hearing in very noisy environments.

Phonak was the first to stream directly to Android devices and their wireless microphone system, the Roger, is the recognized leader for functionality in adverse listening settings. However, it's much more expensive than the Multi Mic.

Both providers offer solutions for those with cochlear implants. ReSound has wireless accessories that are compatible with Cochlear brand cochlear implants or BAHA bone-anchored devices. “Bimodal” users with one hearing aid and one cochlear implant can synch their ReSound hearing and Nucleus seven implant processor to the same iPhone. Phonak has a similar partnership with Advanced Bionics cochlear implants, so the choice comes down to your brand of cochlear implants.

Smartphone Apps

Phonak and ReSound offer well-designed smartphone apps, but I give ReSound the edge here. My patients and I have found their app to be a bit easier to use. The ReSound Tinnitus Relief App is also very effective and has helped many of my patients get a handle on their tinnitus.

ReSound Smart 3D App

ReSound Smart 3D App

Comparing ReSound and Phonak

Comparison Phonak ReSound
Bluetooth capability Yes Yes
Tinnitus support help Yes Yes
Customer service Online FAQ, 1-800 number, Online number, videos Online support, 1-800 number, videos
Accompanying App Yes Yes
Warranty 1-year limited international warranty, inquire about local warranty Yes, only products sold by authorized distributors

How Much do ReSound and Phonak Hearing Aids Cost?

If you want to find out the price of a hearing aid from either company, you'll have to contact a local hearing aid professional. Neither company advertises prices online. A hearing aid professional will give you a price and help you determine which style is right for you.

It's important to note that ReSound has “private label” arrangements with both Beltone and Jabra Enhance; both of these companies offer the same ReSound technology at potentially lower prices, so they may be suitable for those on a tight budget. When evaluating both options, Jabra Enhance has the best prices, but only offers a small subset of the ReSound catalog. One caveat for these deals: Beltone and Jabra Enhance hearing aids can only be adjusted by the company you buy them from, as opposed to a ReSound-branded product, which can be adjusted by any dispenser with a ReSound account.

Jabra Enhance Select App

Jabra Enhance Select App


FYI: You'll find more information on the purchasing process for these companies in our ReSound and Phonak pricing pages.

Our Thoughts on ReSound vs. Phonak

These popular hearing aid companies are neck and neck for the average user. ReSound and Phonak will both provide excellent hearing loss correction in quiet and moderately noisy settings. If you have more severe hearing loss or need remote microphones regularly, Phonak has a slight edge by the numbers; however, ReSound provides very comparable performance for a significantly lower price (Phonak Roger vs. ReSound MultiMic).

If you're still not sure which provider is the right choice for you, we'd recommend heading over to our ReSound hearing aid review and Phonak review for a deep-dive into each provider's offerings.

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