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Xfinity Senior Cell Phone Plans

$45/mo. Unlimited Plan
4G LTE Reliable Network
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1 Year Agreement
18 Million Hotspots


Xfinity is a trade name used by Comcast Cable Communications LLC – a subsidiary of Comcast Corporation – to provide the public with television, Internet, and voice services. Xfinity Mobile is their cell phone service program.

The services, equipment, and plans offered by Xfinity Mobile are neither geared towards nor adjusted for the needs of older adults. Rather, they are general offerings available to all consumers equally.

Features for Seniors

According to a study by Pew Research, 80 percent of people 65 years of age or older own a cell phone. Whether it is to see pictures of their grandchildren on social media, play the newest addictive game, or simply for staying connected or reaching help in an emergency, a cell phone is a helpful tool that all older adults can benefit from owning.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of cellular service companies do not design their plans around older adults. Moreover, the companies that build the phones themselves do not consider the needs of their senior customers. Few phones have the larger brighter screens, louder clearer speakers, and bigger simpler buttons that many senior citizens need to make phones viable for their needs.

Since older adults often do not need the vast data services of a plan designed for technology-driven younger consumers, Xfinity Mobile offers their “By the Gig” plan. This plan allows participants to only pay for the amount of data that they use. For those seniors who need more, there is also an Unlimited plan.


In addition to the standard costs of cellular service – the phone, monthly plan, taxes, fees, etc. – Xfinity Mobile is only available for Xfinity Internet customers. Therefore, anyone wanting to utilize their cell phone plans must also pay for the Internet service.

This cost depends on the area in which a customer lives and seems to start around $19.99 per month in most areas. Xfinity Internet service also requires a minimum one-year service agreement although Xfinity Mobile does not require any specific term agreement.

If at any time an Xfinity Mobile customer cancels or loses their Xfinity Internet service – and they do not have another Xfinity postpaid service like Voice or TV – there is an additional monthly charge. This amount is $10 per line per month.

Phone Cost

Phones can be purchased through Xfinity who offers all the leading cellular manufacturers such as Apple, Motorola, Samsung, LG, etc. Like with many of the other major players in the cellular service industry, Xfinity Mobile offers these phones for outright purchase or on a monthly lease to own plan. Customers are also able to bring their current phones to save even more on the total cost of their cell phone service plan.

For an additional $12 per month per device, Xfinity Mobile customers can sign up for their Protection Plan. This plan offers protection for their member's devices.

Monthly Service Plans

There are two available Xfinity Mobile plans from which to choose; the Unlimited plan and the By the Gig plan. Both plans offer the same excellent features. These features include things such as:

  • Up to five lines without line access fees
  • Unlimited nationwide talk and text
  • Access to Xfinity's 18 million nationwide hot spots that provide huge savings on data charges

In addition, customers can switch between plans once each billing cycle to tailor their service to their unique needs. Moreover, each line in a group plan can choose its own service based on that user's data usage needs.

The major difference between the two plans is how the data is allotted and how much is charged for it. The Unlimited plan provides 20 GB of data at 4G LTE speeds for $45 per line per month. Additional data usage after that 20 GB is allowed at reduced speeds.

The By the Gig plan provides 100 MB of free shared data per month with additional data available for $12 per GB. This plan allows light data users to have cellular service without paying for unnecessary data and also allows users to keep their data speed from being reduced. Usage is rounded up to the next whole GB for billing purposes. For example, if a customer uses 2.6 GB they will be billed $36 for 3 GB of usage.

Senior Discounts

Xfinity offers a plethora of limited time deals that are available to all its customers regardless of age. They do not, however, offer any special pricing or discounts for senior citizens. Moreover, unlike many other companies within the cellular service industry, Xfinity does not offer a version of their service designed for older adults.


For current Xfinity internet customers with little to no data usage needs, the Xfinity Mobile By the Gig is nearly ideal. Even if a customer used a gig of service under this plan, their cellular cost would only be $12 in addition to the monthly cost of Internet service – which is already being paid.

However, for those who do not have – nor want – Xfinity internet services, these plans are far from efficient or cost effective. In fact, there are many options on the market that are better geared to serve the needs of older adults.