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Though the exact figures vary from one source to another, it is estimated that there are several million members of the Methodist faith living in the United States. The United Methodist Church (UMC) estimates that there are over 6 million lay members alone1. While there are Methodists of all ages, a substantial number are 55 years of age or older. As a result, there’s a great need for resources and help for Methodists approaching retirement.

If you are a Methodist nearing retirement or already well into your retirement years, you may be seeking out housing, elder care, or other useful resources specifically catered to Methodists. In this guide, we will discuss Methodist retirement communities, help connect you with same-faith senior care organizations, and cover some of the most important costs and considerations when looking for Methodist-friendly housing and care.

What Is Methodist Senior Living?

There are a variety of senior care options that are affiliated with the Methodist church. Those looking to incorporate their Methodist beliefs into their daily lives may choose this type of faith-based care over others. This is because, as an organization affiliated with the UMC, it can provide specific faith-based services that other senior living facilities cannot. Some Methodist senior care centers may have a chaplain on-site to help residents who want to continue in the Methodist faith and its teachings.

Pro Tip: There are many things beyond faith-based services to consider when choosing a senior living community; be sure to check out our guide to planning for housing in retirement for more information.

It’s important to note that you do not need to be a Methodist to get care from a Methodist senior care facility. Service is always nondenominational and provides care for people of all faiths. Methodist senior care can be found at all levels of facilities, from nursing home care to assisted living and retirement communities.

How Is Methodist Senior Living Different Than Traditional Senior Living?

Many Methodist senior living facilities look to take care of residents’ spiritual needs, as well as medical and non-medical needs. Since people of all faiths are welcomed at Methodist senior care facilities, the staff works to provide different types of services to accommodate all residents.

For Methodists, this may mean having a chaplain on hand to discuss the Wesleyan theology that many in the Methodist Church believe or offering Bible study groups. Whatever the case may be, Methodist senior care communities take residents’ religion into account and try to provide spiritual activities to meet their needs. In many cases, taking care of a patient’s spiritual needs is just as important as their medical needs.

Pro Tip: If faith is an important part of your life, you should always confirm that an assisted living or senior center includes faith-based practices and activities as part of its basic offerings.

However, many facilities do not take faith into consideration. In fact, a large percentage of senior care facilities offer virtually no faith-based services. As a result, Methodist retirement and senior care communities stand out by simply offering the ability to practice faith through both Methodist and nondenominational practices.

Who Operates Methodist Assisted Living and Other Senior Care Centers?

The majority of Methodist senior care facilities are run by non-profit groups. This means they prioritize their mission and beliefs over profits. Those beliefs originate from the Wesleyan teachings of respect, compassion, diversity, generosity, partnership, and service. Many are governed by a community board rather than a group of investors. Any earnings that exceed expectations go back into the care center. Home care services may also be assisted by some Methodist churches that offer outreach programs, such as meal deliveries to those with mobility issues.

How Much Does Methodist Senior Living Cost?

The cost of Methodist senior care varies widely and is determined by the type of facility and location. For example, the median cost of an assisted living facility in New Jersey is $6,495 a month2, while the median cost for a semiprivate room in a nursing home in Florida is $8,654 per month. Since many facilities are non-profit and are partially funded by donations, some offer financial aid.

Did You Know: The cost of senior care you need can vary widely based on the type of facility or community. Typically, the more hands-on help you require on a day-to-day basis, the higher the monthly costs will be.

Many older adults pay for their care through long-term care insurance policies. Another option to explore (if it applies) is to see what veteran benefits may be used for senior care. Research doesn’t show a difference in care costs based on faith alone, so Methodist facilities are no more expensive than facilities of different denominations or faiths, like Catholic or Jewish facilities.

Tips for Finding Methodist Senior Living Communities

There are Methodist senior living and care facilities across the country, but there tend to be more facilities in regions with the greatest number of Methodist residents. This means that there are many communities within the Bible Belt, but you can still find Methodist senior living in other areas.

Here are a few tips to help you find the best Methodist senior living community for you or a loved one:

  • Ask your local Methodist church for information on Methodist senior centers and communities in your area.
  • Research “Methodist senior living” and the name of your city or county online; you may find that there is a great senior living center right at your doorstep!
  • Call senior communities directly to see if they offer Methodist or nondenominational religious services.

Where Can I Find Methodist Senior Living?

Using the tips above, we researched Methodist senior living communities across the U.S. Below you will find a few Methodist senior living facilities located in various parts of the country. While you may not see a community in your area, this list is meant to give you an idea of what services you can expect from a Methodist community.

  • Methodist Homes: This organization offers various Methodist senior living communities throughout northwest Florida and Alabama.
  • Methodist Retirement Communities: MRC offers a wide range of Methodist-centered facilities, from nursing homes to memory care, in the state of Texas.
  • UMH: UMH is specifically for Methodist seniors living in or near Connecticut.
  • United Methodist Homes: Not to be confused with UMH, United Methodist Homes offers faith-centered senior centers in New York and Pennsylvania.
  • Methodist Senior Services: This organization offers retirement care options for seniors living in Mississippi.
  • Walker Methodist: This is a specific group of Methodist senior living centers located in Minnesota.
  • California-Nevada Methodist Homes: As the name implies, CNMH has retirement living communities throughout California and Nevada.
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