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Jehovah’s Witness Retirement Homes and Senior Care

While many Americans associate Jehovah's Witnesses with door-to-door evangelism, there are millions of practicing members of the faith living in the United States. According to studies conducted by the Pew Research Center, there could be upward of 2.5 million Jehovah's Witnesses in the U.S. today.1 Though statistics on age demographics within the religion are somewhat lacking, it stands to reason that a significant portion of Witnesses would be over the age of 55 and starting to think about a retirement home or senior care for themselves or a loved one.

Fortunately, there are both retirement communities and more comprehensive senior care centers that cater to members of the Jehovah's Witnesses faith. In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at the best options available to seniors looking for a faith-based retirement community or senior care center. Moreover, we will dive into the services that Witnesses followers can expect at these retirement facilities, the cost of care, and additional resources to learn more.

What Is Jehovah's Witnesses Senior Care?

Residents at a Jehovah's Witnesses senior care facility will receive the same medical care they would get at any other quality community. Residents will also have their religious beliefs supported. These care centers are often staffed by Witnesses who share the same beliefs and follow similar lifestyles. In the past, many Jehovah’s Witnesses have been unable to find senior care that offers services and support for their beliefs. Now, Jehovah's Witnesses senior care facilities are beginning to open in various parts of the country to fill that gap.

What Services Do Jehovah's Witnesses Senior Living Facilities Offer?

The majority of Jehovah's Witnesses senior care facilities were created by Witnesses, for Witnesses. Thus, most only accept those who share their religion. Jehovah's Witnesses have a specific set of rules and regulations that make up their beliefs. These communities are rather new, so if you are interested in receiving care at one, it would be best to contact that specific center to learn about their rules and regulations.

Did You Know: Jehovah's Witnesses have special beliefs about the use of blood transfusions, which makes it particularly important for members of the faith to find a medical facility that adheres to their desired practices.

Jehovah's Witnesses senior care facilities also have spiritual activities specific to their faith. Although these can differ from one location to another, they can include:

  • Daily Bible readings
  • Weekly worship nights
  • Transportation to assemblies
  • Regular field service (depending on a patient's medical condition)

Witnesses assisted living communities aim to provide residents with the same activities fellow members take part in while offering them the care they need to live out their retirement in comfort.

Who Operates Jehovah's Witnesses Assisted Living and Other Senior Care Centers?

As previously mentioned, branches of the Jehovah's Witnesses organization or individuals of the faith generally run these facilities for older adults who share their beliefs. Although these communities are rather new, more are beginning to crop up around the country. Many of these communities have an association with the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses.

How Much Does Jehovah's Witnesses Senior Living Cost?

As with any type of senior care, the cost is often determined by the level of care and the type of facility. Senior care at Jehovah's Witnesses facilities typically follows industry averages, with most facilities falling somewhere between $3,000 and $5,000 a month. The current median for assisted living care lands around $4,500 per month. The price is contingent on the type of room, location, and extent of care. For example, rooms for patients needing memory care (dementia and Alzheimer's patients) in certain parts of the country can exceed $5,000 per month. It's important to note that faith does not affect price; a Jehovah's Witnesses senior living center will not be any more or less expensive than a traditional facility.

Did You Know: Contrary to popular belief, your faith does not affect the price of retirement care expenses. Most faith-based facilities charge similar rates for their respective services.

There are various ways to help pay for the costs of senior care, regardless of your religious convictions. If you are on Medicaid, review state regulations on long-term care assistance, as these rules vary from one state to another. Many facilities will accept long-term care insurance, as well as veteran's benefits if you qualify. Additionally, some facilities offer financial aid to those who do not have the income or savings to afford care.

Where Can I Find Jehovah's Witnesses Senior Living?

Since Jehovah's Witnesses are not as large as many other faith-based groups in the United States, you may find it challenging to locate a Witnesses senior living facility in your area. For example, you can find Catholic and Jewish senior care facilities all over the country. Alternatively, Jehovah's Witnesses facilities are much less common. That said, we have compiled a few useful links and resources below to help you with your search.

  • Legacy Place Cottages: Legacy Place Cottages is a Jehovah's Witnesses senior care and retirement community in Allentown, Pennsylvania. It offers various types of care for both retirees and patients in need of more hands-on assistance.
  • Jah-Jireh Charity Homes: It's important to note that Jah-Jireh is exclusively located in the United Kingdom. However, it also happens to be one of the largest and most prestigious providers of senior care for Jehovah's Witnesses members. Even if you are located in the United States, Jah-Jireh may be able to help you find a similar senior care center in your area.
  • Jehovah's Witnesses: If you are struggling to find a senior living community that suits your needs, do not hesitate to contact the primary website for Witnesses. The site serves as a resource for this religious organization and is dedicated to providing assistance to all of its members, regardless of age, health, or financial circumstances.

Did You Know: Jehovah's Witnesses retirement and senior care facilities are still a relatively new concept, which means that the availability of more communities will likely increase in the future.

Finally, one of the best ways to find a Jehovah's Witnesses senior living community near you is to discuss the subject with your local Jehovah's Witnesses Kingdom Hall. The leadership at your worship center will likely have resources to help you find the best facility for you. You may also consider reaching out to a nondenominational facility that caters to members of a wide range of religions and faiths.

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