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Spirituality is a big factor for many seniors as they look for care facilities. There are many religions and faiths that offer senior care on a number of levels. For those who practice the Buddhism, there are senior assisted living centers and retirement communities that incorporate Buddhist teachings into their care.

What is Buddhist Senior Care?

Buddhist senior care applies the principles of Buddhism into how seniors are cared for at various facilities. Many times this means helping seniors meditate, do yoga, and be more mindful. This type of care is also referred to as contemplative care. With contemplative care, caregivers teach their aging patients to turn toward their sickness and aging, not away from it. This type of care falls hand in hand with the cycle of rebirth that is taught in many Buddhist communities.

How is Buddhist Senior Care Different than Traditional Care?

Buddhist senior care is different in the approach it takes to help seniors cope with their illness. Many Buddhist senior care facilities are incorporating mindfulness programs to help patients cope with aging. This is partly because these types of practices (yoga, meditation, reflection) have been shown to lower stress and ease chronic pain.

In some facilities, mindfulness teaching are offered to senior caregivers and family members. Being more mindful can help ease caregiver burnout and stress, especially for those who care for someone with dementia or Alzheimer’s.

For those seniors who do not need much medical care, there are even Zen Buddhist retirement communities popping up across the country. These Buddhist retirement communities are for seniors who want to live in a community with others who practice Buddhism. These Buddhist retirement communities cater to the teachings of Buddha and provide amenities for meditation, yoga and the studying of Buddhist texts.

Who Operates Buddhist Senior Care Facilities?

In many cases, the principles of Buddhism are incorporated as a program in facilities. As this type of care becomes more popular, there are some groups that are opening Buddhist homes in parts of the country. Buddhist homes provide seniors with an alternative to other facilities by offering personalized care that focuses on the mind and body. These types of facilities are often run by charities or non-profit groups.

How Much Does Buddhist Senior Care Cost?

Because the rise of Buddhist senior care facilities is rather new, there isn’t much research that’s been done in this area. As with other retirement communities that are not as medically-focused as others, much of the cost is out-of-pocket. Medicare, Medicaid, and most private insurances do not typically pay for these communities.

If you’re looking for a facility that incorporates Buddhist practices, it’s best to ask if they’re part of the regular program that is offered. If it is a nursing home or assisted living, some insurance may pick up part of the cost.

Where Can I Find Buddhist Senior Care Facilities?

If you’re looking for a Buddhist senior care facility, give us a call. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have and assist you in finding one. We are currently building our database of these facilities, so if you know of one that should be included in our directory, use the notify admin button to let us know. We want to provide the most extensive list of Buddhist senior care facilities available. Knowing all your care options will help you make a well-informed decision about what’s right for you.

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