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Senior Housing & Assisted Living in Nevada

Retirees who love the sunshine and want to live in a tax-friendly state will likely enjoy living in Nevada. Compared to other states in the country, Nevada has far more sunny days and lower humidity to enjoy. With plenty of tax revenue flowing into the state from casinos and tourism, seniors are able to take advantage of the state's low tax burden as well.

There's plenty to learn about Nevada's senior living costs, facilities, and benefits if you are thinking about retiring here. To help you with your information search, we have gathered useful details about Nevada's senior living options — from independent living facilities to assisted care choices — and the various support systems and amenities that each has to offer here. If you have an idea of where you want to live, then feel free to browse the list of cities below to find the closest senior living options available to you in this state.

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Best Senior Living Communities in Nevada

With so many senior living options to consider in Nevada, it can be difficult to find the perfect living facility for yourself or an aging loved one. Save some time and check out our list of the best senior living communities in the state below.

Lakeside Manor

type of care

Independent Living

Atria Summit Ridge

type of care

Assisted Living, Independent Living

Acacia Springs

type of care

Assisted Living, Independent Living

Poet's Walk Henderson

type of care

Memory Care

Carson Plaza

type of care

Independent Living

Brookdale Sparks

type of care

Independent Living


type of care

Assisted Living, Independent Living, Memory Care

Revel Nevada

type of care

Independent Living

Essential Care Nevada LLC

type of care

Home Care

Stone Valley Alzheimer's Special Care Center

type of care

Memory Care

Senior Living Costs in Nevada

The housing index of Nevada is 104.10, making it more expensive to retire than majority of the other states in the country. At the same time though, the cost of living isn't over-the-top. For example, it's still significantly cheaper than California and is within driving distance to that state. In Nevada, you can get a one bedroom apartment for an average of $752 a month. Two bedroom apartments go for an average of $946 a month.

Wondering what the numbers look like as far as monthly costs of living for seniors go in Nevada? Firstly, the average home health care costs are roughly $4,195 a month. This fee allows seniors to live in their own homes while receiving assistance with housekeeping and errands.

Secondly, seniors needing adult day care can expect to pay an average of $1,625 per month to stay at a supervised facility in Nevada during the day. There, they would partake in social activities and therapy as needed, while caregivers are busy tending to their other obligations. Note that adult day care does not include extensive care, so it's best for seniors who are mostly independent and healthy.

Are you an elderly person needing more assistance with your everyday tasks? If so, then staying at an assisted living facility in Nevada would be a plausible choice for you. For an average cost of $3,400 a month, seniors receive personal care and health services to live comfortably here.

Lastly, nursing homes are available throughout the state for those requiring all day and night supervision and care. The cost for a semi-private room is roughly $7,300 a month, while a private room is about $8,289 a month. Since nursing homes provide residents with personal care, medication, housing, supervision, skilled nursing care 24/7, and therapies and rehabilitation, relatives can be rest assured that their aging loved ones are well taken care of!

Advantages of Retiring in Nevada

Retiring in the Silver State comes with a plethora of advantages, from casino fun to breathtaking landscapes and warm climates. Here are more perks of living in Nevada as a senior:

Bearable Climates

In Nevada, you may experience hot but bearable (low humidity) temperatures in the summer, especially in July. The average temperature is 92 degrees Fahrenheit then, and in the winter it can get down as low as 46 degrees Fahrenheit. Freezing weather in Las Vegas only happens an average of eight nights a year, so compared to other states in the country the weather is pretty bearable in this state.

Recreational Activities Seniors Love

There are tons of restaurants and buffets to try out in the major cities of Nevada, thanks to the abundance of casinos. Seniors who like slot machines or card games will have plenty to try their luck with, again thanks to the all the casinos in the state. On top of all this, are a couple large lakes for boating and scenic desert areas to explore.

Affordable Housing & Taxes

Housing in Nevada is among the lowest west of the Mississippi. Nevada is also extremely tax friendly to retirees. Public and private pensions, social security income, and withdrawals from retirement are all not taxed. To top it off, the marginal state tax rate is 0%!

Senior Living Options in Nevada

Nevada retirees can choose between independent living, assisted living, memory care, or nursing home care depending on individual needs. Find out more about each option below, then determine which one best suits your lifestyle.

Independent Living

Nevada is home to 85 independent living facilities. Seniors who are healthy and active, and don't require round the clock nursing care can opt for independent living. The average costs of independent living facilities range from $770 to $3,080 a month.

If you are an elderly person who prefers apartment style living, the state also offers plenty of apartment choices for seniors 55+ or 65+ depending on the community. Active senior retirement communities usually offer amenities like fitness centers, walking trails, clubhouse, meeting rooms, and more for residents to enjoy.

Assisted Living

There are more than 160 assisted living facilities sprinkled across Nevada. Seniors requiring attentive caregivers, healthcare, and access to local activities and social opportunities may find it beneficial to stay at one of them. Assisted living facility residents get help with housekeeping duties, laundry, transportation, meal services, and 24-hour staffing to ensure safety.

It costs anywhere from $1,400 to $5,600 a month to stay at an assisted living facility in Nevada. If you want cheaper housing, the Las Vegas – Henderson – Paradise area would be ideal. The highest assisted living costs in the state are in the Carson City area.

Memory Care

Dementia has been a growing concern in the nation for a while now, and Nevada is no exception. There are 73 memory care facilities in Nevada, costing $56,550 a year on average. Carson City has the highest average cost, ranging from $4,868 a month to $9,717 a month, and averaging $75,240 a year. Las Vegas surprisingly has much lower averages, with a cost range between $2,475 and $7,640 a month, and an annual average of $59,400. Compared to the national average of $60,900 a year, Nevada comes out to be essentially the same.

Nursing Homes

Nevada has a somewhat unique challenge in meeting the needs of its growing senior population. It has two urban areas on opposite corners of the state, and dozens of smaller towns in between, that seniors are not moving to, but long time citizens are ‘aging in place', having never left their hometowns. Retirees thinking to move here, would do best moving to Reno or Las Vegas, however even their resources will be strained due to all the small towns in between with an aging population.

There are 11 adult daycare centers in Nevada, with the bulk of them being in the Las Vegas area and costing an average of $17,550 a year. Reno's offerings average $17,940 a year, a negligible difference between the two major cities of Nevada. Seniors can expect all three meals provided daily, assistance with personal grooming and other tasks, group activities, and more.

Any seniors who are terminally ill will be glad to know there are 35 hospices in Nevada. Most of the hospices are located in the Las Vegas area, however there are some in Reno as well for those wanting to be further north. Hospices will tend to a terminally ill patient's needs with a level of care that can't be obtained elsewhere. Hospices will support their patients physically, mentally, and spiritually if needed through on-site physicians, therapies, and chaplain visits.

There are 68 respite care facilities spread out in the state rather than just in the Reno and Las Vegas areas, to assist seniors who had lived their younger years in the smaller towns of Nevada. Typically seniors in these smaller towns will have family to help take care of them, but when the family is unable to, then they can use the services of a respite care facility to take care of the senior for a temporary amount of time. Respite care facilities cost an average of $83,403 a year.

Resources for Seniors in Nevada

Nevada's Department of Health & Human Services Division – Learn more about the different programs available for seniors in the state, provided by the aging and Disability Services Division.

Nevada 2-1-1 – This is a program of the Financial Guidance Center, committed to helping Nevada's older citizens to connect with the services they need.

Nevada's Public Employees' Retirement System – This website is designed to inform retirees of the functions and benefits of the retirement system in the state.

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