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Nevada Senior Living Communities

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If you’re considering retiring to one of Nevada’s 200 plus senior living options, check out Senior Living’s extensive web directory. We offer an unbiased (we’re not directly affiliated with any service provider) listing of nursing homes, Hospice Care, independent living, CRCC and other facilities. And you can read reviews about the different communities from other seniors. We’ve compiled some Nevada facts you may find useful for your search.

The Cost Of Senior Living In Nevada

At 6.6%, Nevada has one of the lowest state and local tax burdens in the country according to the Tax Foundation. Property tax is assessed at 35% of market value and is revalued every year. Retirement income is not taxed and there is no inheritance tax. The median household income is $53, 341. Because the Nevada economy is so heavily based in tourism and gambling, the state has been particularly hard hit by the recession. Unemployment is at 14.2% as of October 2010 and is the highest in the country. There is good news for seniors looking to retire in Nevada: home prices in Las Vegas are at levels ($100/sq. ft.) they were from 10 years ago according to the Las Vegas Review Journal.

Nevada Senior LivingThe crime rate in Nevada is 12% higher than the national average according to the National Institute of Corrections. Property crimes account for 83% with the remaining going to property crimes. The overall Las Vegas crime rate is 44% higher than the national rate according to Nearby Henderson’s rate is less than half the national average. And Reno’s rate is 19% higher.

As Nevada is primarily a desert, the summers are very hot and the winters usually short and mild with some exceptions. The mountainous areas to the north can receive up to 300 inches of snowfall in a year and their summers are cooler. In southern Nevada, summer temperatures routinely hover at 100 degrees and above.

With hundreds of casinos and over $12 billion in gaming revenue, Nevada is a gambler’s utopia. It’s also a natural paradise with 68 wilderness areas, 23 state parks and miles upon miles of historic trails and wildlife preserves.

Click on a Nevada city or type your address or zip code in the box above. You’ll receive all of your areas available assisted living options. You can also fill out an information form and someone from Senior Living will get back to you. Start your search now for the Nevada senior living communities that are right for you.

If you’re searching for information about senior living communities in Nevada, you’re in the right place! Nevada’s 190 assisted living options for seniors include a whole range of independent living situations, as well as nursing homes, in-home residential and assisted living situations, retirement communities, adult day care, Alzheimer’s and hospice care. Here at Senior Living website, we provide you with the most comprehensive information about these options, including (both positive and negative) reviews from seniors who have first-hand experience of them. Since we’re not affiliated with any specific care providers, we can provide you with the most unbiased and trustworthy information about the various senior living communities that Nevada has to offer.

There are three easy ways for you to use the Senior Living website to find information about Nevada’s senior living communities: (1) Click on a Nevada city to see the list of its options; or (2) Enter a Nevada street address to find senior living nearest to a desired location; or (3) Fill out a form provided on this site, and someone will contact you. Using the Senior Living website in these three ways will help you to find a situation that fits your needs perfectly, and allows you (or your loved one) to live close to family and friends, and to enjoy their senior years fully, in one of Nevada’s senior living communities.

Nevada Senior Living Information

Nevada’s semiarid climate, its natural beauty along with its many cultural attractions, make it an increasingly popular choice for retirement. Nevada’s largest cities -- where typically one finds the greatest number of living options, and supportive resources, for senior citizens -- are Las Vegas, Reno and Paradise (don’t we all want to live in Paradise?!). Nevada’s overall cost of living index is 109, with a housing index of 124. One unique thing about Nevada is that it has no personal or corporate income tax. It’s sales tax rate is 6.85%. Nevada’s overall crime rate is 12% higher, and its violent crime rate 37% higher, than the national average. Nevada’s desert climate sees dramatic extremes of temperature: summertime highs up to 125F, and winter temperatures as low as -50F.

Senior Living Amenities In Nevada

Nurturing our “spark of life” all through our senior years means staying involved in activities for which we feel passion and enjoyment. For this reason, knowing about Nevada’s available amenities is important when considering retirement options there. Nevada’s recreational and cultural options include: 133 golf courses (with the largest number found in Las Vegas, Henderson and Reno); charitable, pari-mutuel, commercial and Indian gambling (centered, of course, in Las Vegas); a gorgeous array of National Park Service wilderness areas; and the Nevada Museum of Art.

Whether searching by city and state, or by street address; or by filling out a simple online form, we’re confident that the Senior Living website will continue to be an invaluable resource for you, for locating the Nevada senior living community that perfectly suits your needs.

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