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Senior Housing & Assisted Living in Kansas

Have you always dreamt of spending your golden years in wide open spaces and living on the prairie affordably? If so, then you'll find that in Kansas, there's no place like home. Not only does the state boast low cost of living, it is also known for its solid economy, laidback lifestyle, and ample sporting options.

Hoping to expand your knowledge on the senior living costs, facilities, and benefits in Kansas? We are here to help you find essential information about Kansas's senior living options, from independent living facilities to assisted care choices. Learn more about the various support systems and amenities that each has to offer. The list of cities below are designed to help you find senior living options in a particular city if you already have an area in mind you want to retire in.

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Top Living Communities for Seniors in Kansas

Deciding on a living facility to spend your golden years in can be difficult. Luckily, there is no shortage of living options to consider in Kansas. Browse through our list of the top senior living communities in the state below.

Town Village of Leawood

type of care

Independent Living

Shawnee Hills Senior Living

type of care

Independent Living

Silvercrest at Deercreek

type of care

Assisted Living, Independent Living

Emporia Place

type of care

Assisted Living

Meadowlark Estates

type of care

Independent Living

Arbor Court Retirement Community at Alvamar

type of care

Independent Living

The Windsor of Lawrence

type of care

Assisted Living, Memory Care

Premier Custom Care, LLC - Prairie Village

type of care

Home Care

Reflection Ridge Retirement Resort

type of care

Independent Living


type of care

Assisted Living, Independent Living, Memory Care

Senior Living Costs in Kansas

With a low housing index of 85.80, Kansas is one of the more affordable states to retire in. You can get a one bedroom apartment in Kansas for an average of $602 a month ($825 a month is the US average). A two bedroom apartment averages out to roughly $777 a month (average of $1,027 a month in the US).

Kansas is also praised for having lower than average costs of living for seniors. For an average of $3,813 a month for home health care, seniors are able to live in their own homes while getting help with housekeeping and running daily errands.

Adult day care in Kansas averages out to $1,625 a month. Seniors who go to adult day care facilities are supervised and socialized during the day while their regular caregivers are busy tending to their own errands. This kind of facility is best for the elderly who are mostly independent and don't require 24/7 care.

If you or an aging loved one requires more help with everyday activities, then an assisted living facility in Kansas may be a choice worth looking into. Seniors receive personal care and health services for an average monthly cost of $4,250 a month at an assisted living facility here.

Lastly, nursing homes are available for the elderly who need 24/7 supervision and care. The cost for a semi-private room is roughly $5,551 a month. Seniors who would rather pay a little more for the extra privacy can get a private room for about $6,167 a month. At nursing homes, residents receive skilled nursing care, medication, housing, supervision, and therapies and rehabilitation. Compared to the national average, nursing home care in Kansas is affordable.

Pros to Retiring in Kansas

Kansas is more than a flyover state, with lots to offer to retirees. Photographers love stopping here to capture the dynamic skies with large billowing clouds painted by the sunset, and farmers love seeing the incredible logistics and farming prowess of the state. On top of all this, Kansas is one of the cheaper states to live in.

Farming at its Grandest

Kansas is one of the leading agricultural states, and one of the biggest cattle drivers. Retirees can see expansive farms under beautiful weather conditions, as well as some of the largest cattle drives with thousands of cattle herded from one point to another. Anyone who appreciates the efforts of producing food for the nation will love taking in the sights of Kansas.

Low Cost of Living

Retirees can stretch their savings even further by living in Kansas. In general, Kansas is 8% below the national average in overall cost of living expenses, including housing, groceries, healthcare, and transportation. Kansas is in a handful of states more than 5% under the national average for cost of living.

Central to Everything

Kansas is nicknamed the central state, because it is literally the central part of the nation. There is a stone marking the exact point that is the midway point of the United States. This is good for retirees who have children and grandchildren spread across the country, making flights to the west or east coast the same amount of time.

Living Options in Kansas for Seniors

Retirees in Kansas have several options when it comes to living. There's independent living, assisted living, memory care, and nursing home care depending on individual needs. Learn more about each option below and determine which one is best for you or your aging loved one.

Independent Living

Kansas is home to more than 700 independent living facilities. Seniors who are healthy, active, and don't require extensive nursing care will enjoy independent living or staying at a senior apartment community designed for people 55+ or 65+. Here, the elderly will get to live amongst others of similar ages and enjoy various amenities such as workout rooms, walking trails, pools and jacuzzis, etc. The average costs of staying at an independent living facility in the state range from $935 to $3,836 a month, averaging out to $24,618 a year.

Assisted Living

Seniors who need attentive caregivers, healthcare, access to local activities, and other social opportunities to thrive in life will benefit from staying at an assisted living facility. Here, residents receive help with housekeeping duties, laundry, transportation, meal services, and all-day surveillance.

The average cost of staying at an assisted living facility in the state ranges from $1,700 to $6,975. If you're looking for cheaper assisted living, you'll want to look around the Manhattan area. The Lawrence metropolitan area has the pricier assisted living facilities. Overall though, there are definitely affordable assisted living options in Kansas.

Memory Care

Anyone who has been around someone with dementia knows how terrifying and frustrating it can be. Memory care facilities are the best at caring for seniors with memory loss ailments, with mindfully designed rooms and hallways to help minimize the fear and stress of completely forgetting where you are or what you are doing. Staff are on hand at all times at the 306 memory care facilities to assist with any seniors getting lost or needing help with daily personal grooming needs, as well as administering medications.

Nursing Homes

Kansas has always been known as one of the flyover states, but retirees have come to find senior living here meets all their needs at a lower price point. Also with 743 senior living providers in the state, retirees with even rare, care intensive ailments can find a satisfying life here.

For an average cost of $18,200 per year, seniors can be taken care of at one of the 124 adult daycare centers in Kansas. Art therapy, aromatherapy, nature walks, and three full meals a day can be had at one of these adult daycare centers. Seniors can also be assured their health is properly monitored, and medical attention will be immediate in case any issues arise.

Seniors who are terminally ill can seek specialized care at one of the 103 hospices in Kansas. Hospices can bring peace of mind and ease of physical pain to terminally ill residents better than any other facility. Group and individual counseling is available to release any emotional anguish, and chaplains can come to provide any spiritual support. Not only are hospices helpful for the terminally ill, but also for the family of the patient, who can receive counseling as well to get through this trying time of life.

Respite care facilities are abundant in Kansas, with over 306 facilities to be found throughout the state. Respite care takes in seniors for short term and long term care, to provide relief to the unpaid caregiver, such as a family member or close friend. Seniors will have all their health needs met, while being in a friendly and social environment, under professional supervision in case any health issues occur. Average cost of respite care in Kansas is $58,400 per year, much lower than the national average.

Resources for Seniors in Kansas

Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services – Learn about the different Medicare programs available to seniors, along with other relevant information like the Senior Care Act, respite for caregivers, etc.

Kansas Department of Revenue: Division of Taxation – This website provides valuable information about property tax relief for low income seniors in the state.

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development – Find some housing resources for seniors in Kansas here, including but not limited to counseling on buying, renting, defaults, foreclosures, credit issues, and reverse mortgages, local home repair programs, legal assistance, and more.

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