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If you or a loved one is a senior who doesn't want to live at home alone anymore, you have options. When you don't qualify for a nursing home because you don't need medical care, but you don't feel safe at home, a senior group home is an excellent choice. Living at home alone can be very isolating, and seniors often thrive when living among peers in a nurturing environment. For those that need a little support and are tired of having few visitors, senior group homes provide the socialization desired.

When a Nursing Home Isn't Necessary

It's a big step to go from living at home independently to needing nursing home care long term. Many seniors are nervous about admitting any deficiencies because of the fear of going into a nursing home when they just aren't ready. A nursing home is designed to provide nursing services such as bathing, medication administration, feeding if necessary and dressing. For individuals who are able to manage their own care, a senior group home is an alternative to living at home alone.

What is a Group Home?

A senior group home is a comfortable living environment that does not provide the high level of care of nursing homes, but gives seniors an option to live among peers. Personal care is not done at a senior group home, as residents are expected to manage their own personal care. Medication reminders are given, but residents are responsible for taking the medication on their own. While a nursing home manages every aspect of an individual's care, a senior group home is more independent. Residents are expected to take care of their own needs, and decide whether they want to attend activities or not. It is a level of care that provides a safe environment for seniors.

Services Offered to Seniors in a Group Home

In general, a group home provides companionship and a safe environment without providing hands-on care. Meals are served, laundry is done by staff, and residents live in a nurturing, home-like environment. A group home provides activities, both within the home and offsite for residents to enjoy. In addition, hair care services may be available, as well as medical treatment from visiting providers. It is up to the resident who lives in the group home to schedule beauty appointments or sign up for activities that are going off site. A group home promotes independence for every resident that lives within the home.

The Cost of Senior Group Homes

The cost of a senior group home will vary, depending on the area, size of the home and the amenities offered. In general, residents can expect to pay around $3,000 a month to live in a senior group home. The level of care is comparable to an assisted living facility. The difference between an assisted living facility and a senior group home is usually the size of the facility. A senior group home might have 5-10 residents living there, while an assisted living facility might have 100 or more. The cost includes meal preparation, rent, utilities and more.

How to Pay for a Senior Group Home

Paying for a senior group home often involves pooling together resources and liquidating assets. Health insurance does not pay for senior group home living, as it does not provide medically needed care. For individuals who purchased long term care insurance, this will pay for residency in a senior group home. Take the time to write out a current budget and compare to what it would cost to live in a senior group home. Most people discover that once they add up all their bills, including food and home maintenance, it tends to be close the cost of a senior group home. Look over your budget and decide if you can afford a senior group home, or if an alternative living arrangement is necessary.

Veterans who qualify for Aid & Attendance can get help paying for a senior group home. Some people liquidate assets once they decide to move to a senior group home, such as selling a home. Once you add up your assets, you may be surprised at your ability to pay for living at a senior group home.

Are There Senior Group Homes Near Me?

There are senior group homes throughout the United States. We offer a search feature on our site that allows you to browse our database and find group homes near you. No matter where you live in the US, it's generally possible to find a reputable senior group home in your area. Check out our reviews to learn more about each home and never be afraid to call the group home directly to ask questions. If you are concerned that a senior group home you are considering has a bad reputation, take the time to research the home thoroughly before making a decision.

Senior group homes provide a level of care that is below nursing home level care. It is not a medical facility, and does not provide medical care to residents. For those needing a higher level of care, a nursing home is likely a better option. For seniors who want to live among peers and are tired of being isolated, a senior group home is likely the answer.

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