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McDonald’s Senior Discounts

Many McDonald’s franchises offer a senior discount, but details vary depending on the location.

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McDonald’s typically offers a discount on beverages for seniors. More than 90 percent of McDonald’s businesses are owned by franchisees who set their own policies and prices, however, so it’s up to each business owner if they want to participate in a senior discount program.1 That means the particulars of senior discounts vary across locations, with some franchises offering discounts on certain beverages and other locations not offering any kind of senior discount.

The good news is that many McDonald’s franchises offer senior discounts, as well as discounts for members of the military, veterans, and teachers. You just need to call or visit McDonald’s restaurants near you to find out what’s available in your area. Keep reading to learn more about how seniors can get the best deals at McDonald’s.


Many McDonald's locations offer senior discounts on drinks

What to Expect From Senior Discounts at McDonald’s

Each franchise owner can set their own policies and rules about discounts for seniors.

  • What: Senior discounts vary by location, since there’s no official corporate policy, but the discounts are pretty similar across the U.S. (and in other countries, such as Australia). When McDonald’s franchises offer a senior discount, it’s typically for a small coffee for around 80 cents.
  • Where: Some franchises may offer a discount for dine-in orders only, but others may honor a discount for drive-thru orders or orders placed via the McDonald’s app.
  • When: The typical starting age for a McDonald’s senior discount is 55, but franchise owners can set the minimum age at 60 (or, really, whatever they want).

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Examples of McDonald’s Senior Discounts Across the U.S.

These are individual McDonald’s franchise locations, and discounts can vary even within a particular city. You may also have to call a few times to get an answer. (We didn’t have much luck calling locations in Indianapolis, Boston, and Seattle, for example.) It may be quicker and easier to visit in person and ask about senior discounts.

Here’s what we were told about senior discounts when we spoke to McDonald’s employees at locations across the U.S.

  • Saint Petersburg, Florida: 16-ounce soda and coffee for 90 cents and 80 cents, respectively
  • Los Angeles: Small coffee for $1.29
  • Portland, Oregon: No senior discount at the Burnside location
  • Houston, Texas: Small soda or coffee for $1
  • Macon, Georgia: Small soda or coffee for 81 cents
  • Cleveland, Ohio: Small coffee for 85 cents
  • Concord, New Hampshire: Small coffee for $1.07

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How to Get a Senior Discount at McDonald’s

Anecdotally, people online say they often get senior discounts at McDonald’s without asking, and it appears to be rare that anyone is asked for proof of age. Some TikTok users have posted pictures of their receipts showing they were given senior discounts when they hadn’t asked for them and, many times, weren’t even old enough to have qualified for one. You can also simply ask when ordering what senior discounts are available at that particular franchise.

If you’d rather remove the element of surprise, you can call your local McDonald’s locations to ask about senior discounts.

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Because the discount isn’t big, McDonald’s employees don’t put seniors through much of a verification process before handing over a small discounted beverage. You should, however, be prepared to show your photo ID or AARP card to prove your age.

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It may be worth considering whether other menu items would be a better deal than the senior discount. Perhaps, for example, your McDonald’s location offers an iced coffee for 99 cents that gets you a larger coffee than the small senior cup for more than $1. If you’re really on a mission to save money, check the menu to see which items will give you the most value. The senior discount at many McDonald’s locations may save you less than 25 cents per order.

McDonald’s App Freebies

Senior discounts are always a nice perk, but there are additional deals available at McDonald’s that seniors shouldn’t sleep on! You can often score discounts in the mobile app. You could, for example, get a free Big Mac with your first purchase via the McDonald’s app as long as you spend at least $1. On Fridays, a $1 purchase via the app gets you a free medium order of fries.

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In addition to downloading the app, you need to opt in to the MyMcDonald’s Rewards program to be eligible for the deals. (That means you agree to let McDonald’s send you marketing emails and texts.) With MyMcDonald’s Rewards, you’ll earn 100 points for each dollar you spend. Make sure you select the Earn Points tab in your app.

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You’ll automatically earn points when you order via the app, but you can also earn points when purchasing in person or at the drive-thru by entering a four-digit code. Ask the McDonald’s cashier at participating McDonald’s for the code.

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Frequently Asked Questions About McDonald’s Senior Discounts

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