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Goodwill Senior Discount

Seniors can save at Goodwill with weekly discounts at most locations across the US.

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Goodwill thrift stores are a haven for budget-minded older adults, with discounts and specials many days of the week. Most (but not all) Goodwill stores offer a senior discount on a particular day of the week. But the amount of the discount and day vary depending on the location. That’s because regional Goodwill organizations are nonprofits that run their stores (currently 3,300 of them in North America) and donation centers independently. Here’s all you need to know about Goodwill’s senior discount.


Goodwill Senior Discount

Goodwill Industries International doesn’t have an official policy on senior discounts for all stores. But you’re likely to find one at your local Goodwill (or one a little farther away). Check senior discount details at the Goodwill location near you in person, via its website, or by calling the store before you go.

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When we did some digging, we found Goodwill locations around the U.S. offering senior discounts of between 10 percent and 30 percent off, depending on location. Senior discounts at Goodwill stores are typically for shoppers 55 or older, but some stores offer their senior discounts to people 60 or older. Most stores require age verification, at least officially, but they don’t always check. Be prepared to show age identification just in case.

Individual stores might have additional requirements in place to use their senior discount, such as discounts only applying to donated items, discounts not being accepted at Goodwill outlet stores, or mandatory rewards program membership. This is in addition to meeting the age requirement. A Goodwill employee can fill you in.

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What to Expect With Goodwill’s Senior Discount

Here are some examples we found of senior discounts at Goodwill stores throughout the U.S.:

  • Goodwill Southwestern Pennsylvania: 25 percent off for shoppers 55 and older on Mondays. First responders, members of the military, teachers, and college students also get a discount on Tuesdays with proper ID.1
  • Goodwill Southwest Florida: 20 percent off for shoppers 55 and older on Wednesdays2
  • Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Wisconsin and Metropolitan Chicago: 15 percent off on Wednesdays for people 60 and older who are Perks Plus members (the store’s loyalty rewards program) and 15 percent off on Wednesdays3
  • Goodwill Industries of El Paso: 15 percent off purchases on Wednesdays for seniors 55 and older4

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  • Goodwill Industries Serving Eastern Nebraska and Southwest Iowa: People 55 and older get a 10 percent discount every second Wednesday of the month.5
  • Goodwill Industries of Akron: Golden Buckeye cardholders and shoppers 60 and older can get 10 percent off of purchases on Tuesdays, with proper identification. (The Golden Buckeye card is an Ohio program for the disabled and residents 60 and over.) Members of the military and students with ID are also eligible for 10 percent off on Tuesdays.6
  • Goodwill Easter Seals Minnesota: On Wednesdays, this location offers a 25 percent discount to seniors 55 and older, members of the military, first responders, and health care workers.7
  • Goodwill Southern New England: Seniors (55 and older) receive 20 percent off their purchases on Wednesdays.8
  • Goodwill Southern California: Senior shoppers (55 and older) with ID get 15 percent off on Tuesdays.9
  • Goodwill Industries of Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana: Seniors get 20 percent off their purchases on Wednesdays.10
  • Goodwill Arizona: Seniors with ID get 25 percent off purchases on Tuesdays at select Metro Phoenix, Prescott, and Yuma locations.11
  • Goodwill Industries of the Chesapeake: At this Goodwill store in Baltimore, seniors 55 and older get a generous 30 percent off their purchases on Wednesdays.12

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