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Sprint Senior Cell Phone Plans

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55+ Senior Plans
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Taylor Shuman
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Sprint Is Now T-Mobile

Sprint is now T-Mobile! The two companies merged back in 2020. Visit our T-Mobile Review to learn about the carrier’s 55+ plans. If you're on the fence about T-Mobile, check out some of the other top-rated alternatives we have reviewed.

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Cell phones are an important communication tool, allowing you to call, text, email, and even video chat with your friends and family. Forty percent of seniors report being lonely.1 That’s why being able to stay in contact isn’t just a way to pass the time; it’s essential for health and well-being as we age. Selecting the right provider and plan that powers the cell phone is of equal importance to having a cell phone. It dictates your coverage range and monthly talk, text, and data limitations. Fortunately, providers like Sprint offer cell phone plans—Unlimited 55+ Plan—specifically geared towards seniors.

Sprint’s Unlimited 55+ Plan is only available to new customers who are 55 years or older. On the surface, this is more restricting than rival plans. But, one huge perk is that customers from any part of the US can sign up for Sprint’s Unlimited 55+ plan—unlike AT&T’s Unlimited 55+ plan that’s limited to residents in certain states, which is a common restriction with many network plans aimed at seniors. Plus, for those who qualify, Sprint’s senior plan has several redeeming features that make it worthwhile. Let’s take a look at these in closer detail below.

The Pros and Cons

Pros About Sprint Unlimited 55+ Plan

  • Unlimited calls, texts, and data on the senior plan
  • Unlimited mobile hotspot
  • Simplistic plan is ideal for seniors who just want the basics
  • Free texts and basic data in 200 worldwide destinations
  • Merge with T-Mobile is set to benefit Sprint customers
  • No restrictions on which state you live in to qualify

Cons About Sprint Unlimited 55+ Plan

  • The brand is soon to be discontinued
  • You can only sign-up in store
  • The plan isn’t as comprehensive as rival brands
  • Maximum of two lines on the senior plan
  • $30 activation cost

The Sprint and T-Mobile Merger: What Does it Mean for Customers?

Sprint is one of the most popular cellular network providers in the US. The company’s origins began in 1899 when it was known as the Brown Telephone Company. In April 2020, Sprint underwent a merger with T-Mobile,2 which is one of the largest cellular network operators in the world.

Due to the T-Mobile merger, Sprint as a brand was discontinued on August 2, 2020. New plans have since been announced for users of both brands. The good news for Sprint customers is that T-Mobile is a global company rather than just US-based— providing much wider coverage. Overall, most critics have been very positive about the two joining forces, especially on the side of Sprint customers.

Why Choose Sprint 55+ Unlimited Plan?

If you are over 55, you qualify for a range of discounts and other perks unavailable to regular Sprint customers. For example, the regular Sprint Unlimited starts at $60 per month, per line. However, the senior version of this plan starts at $50 per month, per line, with a second line reduced to just $20. Even if you just purchase one line, that saves $120 per month, versus what a regular Sprint customer would pay.

What to Expect With Sprint’s Unlimited 55+ Plan

Features Allowance
Calls Unlimited
Text Unlimited
Data Unlimited
International Roaming 2G coverage and texts included. High-speed internet passes available at an additional cost. Voice calls cost $0.25 per minute.
Video Streaming Quality 480p
Mobile Hotspot Unlimited

As mentioned earlier, Sprint’s only senior plan is the Sprint 55+ Unlimited Plan, and compared with other mobile networks, this offers less choice to customers. There are also fewer ways to customize your plan, apart from adding international travel passes to increase your data speed while abroad. However, we do know that Sprint’s senior plan is set to dramatically improve once customers are transitioned to T-Mobile.

Considering Sprint’s current offering, two lines for $70 is pretty standard across most networks. The best feature by far is the unlimited calls, texts, and data. This will allow its senior users to keep in touch with loved ones without restrictions. Furthermore, endless data means they can video chat with relatives or simply enjoy streaming content. Though at 480p, the image quality is not as high as what rival brands would offer. The fact that Sprint customers only get one package option and so can’t upgrade from this is disappointing.

Pro Tip:

Pro Tip: Sprint customers on any plan now qualify for T-Tuesdays. This is a reward scheme created by T-Mobile, allowing you to win prizes every week.

However, for those who want a basic package where communication is the core focus, the Sprint 55+ Unlimited Plan certainly delivers. The added unlimited mobile hotspot allowance will also allow users to stay connected online. It’s also ideal for those who don’t want lots of perks and features, preferring a straightforward mobile plan. After all, not all cellular plans are geared toward seniors, so you could be wasting money on features you’ll never use. Sprint keeps things simple.

Senior-Friendly Cell Phones From Sprint

By 2060, it’s estimated there will be 95 million American citizens aged 60 or above.3 With a growing aging population, comes the need to stay connected. However, what’s also important is to recognize that when it comes to cell phones, seniors are becoming increasingly knowledgeable about technology. Therefore, the types of models they choose will likely become more sophisticated over time, especially compared with seniors of today.

Sprint offers a range of cell phones that are catered for all ages. This is in addition to particular models allowing you to get the most out of the Sprint 55+ Unlimited Plan. After all, some seniors are tech-savvy, whereas others have age-related impairments, so they may need a phone that’ll suit their specific medical needs — like Lively. What’s great is that Sprint also allows customers to choose a phone from their selection or bring an unlocked phone onto the network instead. So, as an example, if your phone is tailored for visual or hearing impairments, you can still switch and save on their senior plan.

Did You Know:

Did You Know: Sprint allows customers from any part of the US to join their over 55+ program. The allowances can also be used in Mexico and Canada.

A helpful feature on the Sprint website is the ‘Help me choose’ section. It allows you to customize your exact needs, including your level of technical ability. This is an excellent feature, especially for seniors. There are also plenty of options for more tech-savvy seniors, too.

Sonim XP5s

If modern smartphones seem intimidating or just too difficult to use, it’s time to take things back to basics. The Sonim XP5s is weatherproof and can withstand dropping from a height. It has large buttons and clear call and hang-up functions. While this isn’t a phone for watching videos online, it is perfect for seniors who have a sense of adventure and want to stay connected. Or, even those with reduced dexterity who cannot operate fiddly smartphones, as there’s no touchscreen on this model.

Sonim XP5

Sonim XP5

LG Stylo 6

To get the most out of your unlimited data, a smartphone is the way to go. Sprint sells a wide range of smartphones, from iPhones to Samsung and beyond. However, what’s great about the LG Stylo 6 is the built-in stylus. It allows you to easily control your phone and even doodle on shopping lists, too. The large 6.8” screen is perfect for using unlimited data to watch movies or have video calls with loved ones. It’s available for just $5 per month, making it a budget-friendly option.

LG Stylo 6

LG Stylo 6

How to Get the Most Out of the Unlimited 55+ Plan

With Sprint’s Unlimited 55+ Plan, you’ll receive the most value if you add two lines versus having a single-line plan, as it will average out at just $70 per month for both versus $50 for just one line. You’ll be eligible for a $5 monthly discount per line when enrolled in autopay.

If you require a new phone too, Sprint has several models with no monthly fee option. Their cheapest phone is the LG Tribute Royal with a purchase price of $192.

A Heads Up:

A Heads Up: Sprint allows you to use an existing unlocked phone. They also offer several contract options, including an upfront or monthly fee.

How Does Sprint Compare With Other Phone Plans for Seniors?



Various networks offer senior plans, but how do they compare with Sprint? Let’s take a look.

  • AT&T vs. Sprint: AT&T has one senior plan called the AT&T Unlimited 55+ plan. Unfortunately, it’s only available to those living in Florida, unlike the Sprint plan, which is available to all U.S. citizens, so long as they are over 55. The price is more expensive too, with one line costing $60 or two lines for $80. The unlimited data, calls, and texts also extend to Canada and Mexico.
  • Lively vs. Sprint: Lively is a mobile network provider that caters exclusively to the senior market. Lively’s plan prices start at $14.99, making them a much cheaper cell phone provider than their competitors. That said, their product caters to basic communication, plus elderly assistance. That makes Lively an excellent choice for seniors with mobility issues or impairments, but could feel patronizing to those with excellent technical, not to mention physical ability.
  • T-Mobile vs. Sprint: As we know already, Sprint has merged with T-Mobile. But, don’t fret as existing T-Mobile customers do get a wider range of senior deals. In total, T-Mobile has three senior plans, starting at just $55 for two lines. The three packages cover a range of different perks, including free Netflix. T-Mobile also has widespread 5G, which Sprint customers currently don’t benefit from. It will be interesting to see if Sprint customers benefit from the wider range of perks available for existing T-Mobile customers following the merger.
  • Verizon vs. Sprint: Like the AT&T Unlimited 55+ plan, The Verizon 55+ Plan is only available for those living in Florida. The plan has a monthly cost of $60 per line, or $80 for two lines. Included are unlimited 4G LTE data, calls, texts, and mobile hotspots. The allowances include Mexico and Canada, similar to what AT&T offers. Customers are also eligible for Verizon Up Rewards. Compared with Sprint, Verizon offers a slightly better package, but at a higher cost overall. It’s still worth considering though if you require two lines and travel frequently.

Our Final Thoughts

Sprint has the longest company history compared to other cellular networks in America. However, they also underwent a momentous change by merging with T-Mobile. One huge plus for anyone opting for a Sprint senior plan is that you’ll benefit from T-Mobile’s broader coverage.

Another advantage of Sprint is that they don’t exclude customers living outside Florida. While it can be argued Florida has a large senior population, millions of people aged over 55 live across the country. Sprint is one of the few mobile networks that seek to include, rather than exclude their customers, which is encouraging.

For anyone considering opting for Sprint, their senior package is fair and compares with AT&T and Verizon. In the majority of cases, Sprint actually works out cheaper. Overall, Sprint’s Unlimited 55+ Plan is a solid phone plan option for seniors looking to switch over!

Frequently Asked Questions About Sprint’s Unlimited 55+ Plan

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