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For older adults, a cellular phone can be an essential tool. Keeping connected with others is important for everyone and for seniors it can be even more so. Often seniors live alone with friends and family only coming to visit intermittently if at all.

A cell phone can make it easier for these people – even if they have medical needs – to reach help and assistance if they need it. It can be the difference between feeling trapped at home and being able to live an independent and active life. Sprint’s Unlimited 55+ brings this freedom to customers over 55 years of age.

Features for Seniors

One of the most central features of any service for seniors is reliability. Sprint has a long history of providing dependable service nationwide. They are easily recognized by many as a leader in the cellular industry.

Other features that are important to seniors include ease of use and affordability. Ease of use depends on the abilities of each individual and the device that they choose. For example, while some customers may find the required enrollment in Sprint’s ebill service daunting, others may find electronic billing to be easier to manage than traditional paper bills.

As far as affordability goes, older adults are often retired and living on a fixed income. For cellular service to be feasible, it must fit within that budget and not cause undue stress on the delicate finances of seniors.


The costs associated with the Sprint Unlimited 55+ plan vary depending upon the customer. The plan requires a credit check that will determine many of these costs. For instance, each line is subject to an activation fee of up to $30.

The basic costs of the Sprint Unlimited 55+ plan include a phone and the monthly service plan. Furthermore, the monthly service plan price does not include taxes, surcharges, and roaming fees so these costs are also incurred.

Phone Cost

Sprint offers its Unlimited 55+ plan for new customers and invites them to buy, lease, or bring a smartphone. They offer a number of quality smartphones that can be purchased outright or – with applicable credit check – for an additional monthly lease charge. In addition, if a customer already has a smartphone, they are able to use that and save the cost of a phone altogether.

Monthly Service Plans

The Sprint Unlimited 55+ plan offers everything that their Unlimited Basic plan does for a special lowered price. This includes features such as:

  • Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data
  • Global roaming in more than 200 locations worldwide
  • DVD quality video streaming of up to 480p
  • Unlimited mobile hotspot at 3G speeds to connect all devices
  • Music streaming of up to 500 kbps
  • Gaming streams of up to 2 Mbps

New Sprint customers who are over 55 years of age can sign up for this plan. It is offered at $50 per month for one line and $20 per month for a second with the $5 per line per month Auto Pay discount – or $70 per month total.

While signing up for Auto Pay is not required to have this plan, it is required to get the savings. Without the Auto Pay discount, the Sprint Unlimited 55+ plan will cost customers an additional $5 to $10 per month. In that case, the plan will cost $55 per month for one line and $80 per month for two lines.

Senior Discounts

Sprint does not offer any other discounts for seniors other than their Unlimited 55+ plan. The plan itself offers a savings of $20 per month for one line and $50 per month for two lines.

Moreover, when a customer utilizes the Unlimited 55+ plan they are no longer eligible to receive any other discounts offered through the company. These discounts include membership benefits from AAA, Credit Union Cash Rewards, and AAdvantage Airline mileage program.


Sprint is a company that has been around for more than a hundred years. In fact, the company itself was started in 1899 and incorporated in 1938. Today, they are one of the leading cellular companies. This long history of quality service lends itself to a sense of dependability. While Sprint Corporation is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), it still has a B rating with the consumer watchdog.

Their senior discount plan is quite similar to that provided by other major cellular companies. This is true in both features and cost. In fact, it is nearly identical to that which is offered by their major competitor, Verizon.

Overall, this is a solid cellular plan that offers good savings over the standard cost. While there is nothing about this that is specifically designed to fit the needs of seniors, it is an acceptable solution to the need for cellular service.