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The importance of removing the language barrier when it comes to finding senior living is critical to those in the Spanish speaking community. A recent poll revealed that nearly 50% of Hispanics in the United States have faced some type of language or cultural barrier when dealing with health care providers. In order to break down these walls, many are seeking senior living options where Spanish is spoken among the staff. Many Hispanics may prefer to try to take care of their loved ones at home, as their culture often supports. But, there may come a time when a loved one needs more care than can be offered at home. It’s during these times that Spanish speaking senior living becomes crucial.

Benefits of Spanish Speaking Senior Living

Spanish speaking seniors can feel confident that there is no confusion about their medical needs when they can express them in their native tongue and communicate in the same language. This is the most beneficial aspect of finding Spanish speaking senior living.

While the number of Spanish-only speaking senior living options may be hard to come by, the medical community is realizing the growing number of elderly Hispanics in the United States needs to be able to communicate comfortably. That’s why many have bilingual staff on duty 24/7. This allows for Spanish speaking residents to be able to express their needs without a language barrier.

For those patients with memory issues, there could be a situation where the patient has learned to speak English, but has forgotten the language due to Alzheimer’s and dementia. In these cases, a Spanish speaking senior living facility or one where Spanish speaking staff is available around the clock is even more crucial.

Besides breaking down the language barrier, many Spanish speaking senior living facilities will offer activities in Spanish. Since Catholicism is predominant in the Spanish speaking community, masses are offered in Spanish for residents. Prayer groups and Bible studies are also offered in Spanish.

There is also an effort to bring activities that Spanish speaking residents will associate with their culture, such as dominos. The staff at Spanish speaking senior living facilities also makes an effort to prepare cultural meals for residents.

Every attempt is made to make seniors feel at home and comfortable in their new environment.

How Much Does Spanish Senior Living Cost?

Spanish speaking senior living does not cost more than other facilities that offer the same level of care. Memory care facilities may cost more due to the fact that a greater level of care is needed. Also, assisted living may also cost more than a skilled nursing facility. The cost varies from place to place. It’s best to first find one that suits your needs and then inquire about the cost.

As far as payment, Medicare may be an option for some skilled nursing facilities but will likely not cover pricey assisted living communities or long term care facilities, nor will Medicaid. Since Medicaid is decided on a state by state basis, it’s best to check where you live to see what benefits may be available for skilled nursing facilities.

Veterans’ benefits may also be an option depending on the type of care that is needed. You will need to check to see what your specific benefit plan will cover. Many times seniors will look to cash in life insurance plans to cover these expenses.

Where Can I Find Spanish Speaking Senior Living?

Let us help you find a Spanish speaking senior living facility. You can use our online directory search or call us from 4am – 8pm PST. Our job is to help you find a place you can call home no matter what language you speak.


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