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Blue Cross Blue Shield is a large insurance provider. Many individuals purchase this insurance as a standalone policy. It may also be available from employers or through pension providers. Blue Cross Blue Shield offers some policies that can help seniors to get the care they need, but that is not always the case. Here are a few examples of when this type of coverage may be available.

It is important to know that your coverage may be different. The company offers numerous plans and types of individual insurance policies. Each one offers different coverage. It is up to you to contact your insurer to inquire about coverage for any specific goal you may have.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance to Pay for Nursing Homes & Skilled Nursing

Individuals who have a Blue Cross Blue Shield policy in place may be able to use this coverage to pay for nursing homes or skilled nursing locations. The policy is typically used in this case when – and only when – there is a medical need for this type of care. Most of the time, this will indicate that the senior needs to have assistance for medical needs usually those administered through a registered nurse or other medical professional.

These locations must be licensed under the state’s laws as a skilled nursing care center. They also should be designed to provide for physical health and wellbeing. Most of the time, these health insurance policies do not cover mental residential care or adult care homes. Again, policies differ in what they provide.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance to Pay for Assisted Living

Most of the time, Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance policies do not cover assisted living or other types of long-term care locations. In assisted living senior homes, the goal is to provide the individual with the support he or she needs for ongoing care. This does not often include much medical need – and often assisted living communities do not have constant medical care available. As a result, most health insurance plans do not cover this type of care.

There may be exceptions if there is medical care involved. Each individual plan will define the amount and level of care provided in these cases. Though it is not common on all forms of insurance, it may be available on specialized plans.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance to Pay for Hospice Care

Blue Cross Blue Shield may provide some coverage to individuals who are entering hospice care. This is done through a policy for nursing home care that provides hospice support. Hospice is necessary when an individual is terminally ill, which means medical care cannot improve his or her condition any longer. Hospice provides round the clock medical care to allow for the administration of pain medications to keep the patient pain-free. This can be costly, though. Having a specialized hospice policy can help to defray some of the costs associated with this type of coverage.

It is important to know that most policies need to be in place long before the patient enters into hospice care or needs skilled nursing care. For example, when a senior, or anyone over the age of 60, selects a health insurance policy, he or she should make a conscious decision to plan for this type of care. The sooner it is done, the more accessible skilled nursing care and hospice care can be in such a policy.

Blue Cross Blue Shield to Pay for In-Home Care

In-home care is a type of care in which a provider comes to a senior’s home to provide one-on-one care. Individuals who have Medicare Part A may have some coverage for this type of care. As a result, those who have a Blue Cross Medicare plan may also gain access to this type of care. The service is provided to those who are homebound only. These individuals must need part-time or periodic skilled nursing care as a result of a physical medical need.  Generally, this type of policy will require that care to be less than seven days a week or less than eight hours a day for a period of 21 days or more.

In-home care covered by Blue Cross Blue Shield policies may include care for a registered nursing or a licensed practical nurse who has supervision by a registered nurse. It can also be accessible to those who need in-home physical therapy, language and speech therapy, or occupational therapy. Medical supplies provided by a doctor, as well as medical services for emotional or social needs may be covered as well, depending on the policy.

Where to Get Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance

Individuals who considering their health insurance now should always consider long-term care access including skilled nursing, in-home care, and hospice care. Even if you are not sick or older, this can be beneficial. For those who are eligible for Medicare, a Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare plan is accessible through a variety of insurance agencies. It is also possible to obtain a plan online. The key here is to work with an insurance agent who can help you to make the right decisions about your care both now and in the long term.

It is possible to purchase a Blue Cross Blue Shield plan as a retired senior. This may be done with or without support from Medicare eligibility. Those who are eligible for Medicare may wish to purchase supplemental plans to extend their coverage here.

What Other Options Exist to Pay for Senior Care?

Senior care is funded, typically, with private patients. In some cases, Medicare and Medicaid can help those who need skilled nursing care. However, there are limits. To access senior care, some individuals may be able to use an existing life insurance policy that has this type of coverage. In other cases, seniors may want to tap into retirement funds, investments, or even sell their home to help pay for this type of care.

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