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Due to its proximity to Phoenix, Mesa often gets lumped with the state capital for statistical purposes. Mesa, however, has a thriving culture of its own and a population of over 512,000 people — including more than 84,000 residents aged 65 and older.1 Older adults in Mesa don’t have to travel far to find a community. There are dozens of assisted living communities throughout Mesa and nearby cities like Tempe and Gilbert.

In this guide, we’ve compiled a list of the best assisted living communities in Mesa, Arizona. Continue reading to see which community may be the right choice for you.

Our Methodology: How We Chose the Best Assisted Living in Mesa

Mesa is a popular retirement city. Sadly, it’s often overshadowed by nearby Phoenix. It is home to dozens of retirement homes and assisted living communities. To narrow down our list and find the best assisted living communities in Mesa, we spent over 50 hours researching and comparing the best facilities. We compared many different features and criteria.

  • Cost: The cost of assisted living in Mesa tends to be lower than in many other large cities, including Phoenix. While we do include a few luxury communities on this list, we focused on the communities that offered the best balance between low cost and high value.
  • Available care: Some of Mesa’s assisted living communites offer several types of care and housing, including independent living, memory care, and short-term stays. We highlighted communities offering at least two different lifestyle options for seniors.
  • Reviews: Online reviews help us shortlist some of the communities with the best feedback and exclude those that have a history of negative responses from residents, their family members, and staff.
  • Amenities: Amenities are a great way to see what each community prioritizes. A community that offers very few amenities may be overly focused on cutting costs, while a community with a wide range of amenities may be more focused on the happiness and well-being of residents.
  • Location: While Mesa is not very spread out compared to larger cities in Arizona, it has distinct neighborhoods that can offer unique experiences to residents. We found assisted living communities in various parts of the city, including communities closer to the city center and those in the outer suburbs.
  • Staff size: We highlighted assisted living communities that offer high staff-to-resident ratios, often with a maximum of eight residents per caregiver.

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