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Senior Housing & Assisted Living in Wyoming

Over the years, Wyoming has become one of the best states for older people to spend their golden years. Retirees enjoy low taxes, financial and community, and great weather here. The Cowboy State also boasts plenty of gorgeous national parks, gorgeous mountains, and plenty of rivers for all sorts of fun outdoor activities.

There is quite a bit to learn about Wyoming's senior living costs, benefits, and facilities. Before you retire in this state, expand your knowledge about The Cowboy State's senior living options and the various support systems & amenities that each has to offer here. If you are curious about what senior living options are available within any specific city in Wyoming, you can navigate through the clickable list of cities below.

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Best Senior Living Communities in Wyoming

It can be overwhelming to find the best living facility for yourself or an aging loved one, especially when the living options are plentiful. Narrow down your choices today by reviewing our list of the best senior living communities in the state below.

Warm Valley Lodge

type of care

Assisted Living

Synergy Home Care Cheyenne

type of care

Home Care

Elmcroft of Sugarland Ridge

type of care

Assisted Living, Independent Living

Whispering Chase

type of care

Independent Living

Brookdale Absaroka

type of care

Assisted Living

Agape Manor

type of care

Assisted Living, Independent Living

Living Costs for Wyoming's Seniors

Compared to the national average, it is slightly cheaper to live in Wyoming than it is in some other states. Wyoming's housing index is 99.80, just below the average of 100. One bedroom apartments here average out to $630 a month in rent, while two bedroom apartments go for around $810 a month.

Thinking about retiring in Wyoming? Let's take a closer look at the monthly senior living costs in the state. Firstly, home health care costs an average of $4,957 a month. This fee allows older people to live comfortably in their own residences while getting some help with completing errands, meal prep, and housekeeping.

Adult day care facilities are available in Wyoming for seniors to stay at during the day under supervision, and take part in social activities while their caregivers are busy tending to their obligations. It costs around $1,842 a month to have adult day care privileges in the state. Since adult day care does not include extensive health care, it's best for those who are pretty independent, but could use some basic health and therapy services.

Wyoming also offers assisted living facilities statewide for the elderly requiring more help with their everyday tasks. On average, it costs around $3,415 a month to get access to health services and personal care at an assisted living facility in this state.

Last but not least, The Cowboy State has a good number of nursing homes which provide seniors with round the clock supervision and care. Depending on whether you opt for a semi-private room or a fully private room, it can cost anywhere from $7,078 to $8,060 a month to stay at a nursing home in Wyoming. Residents can expect to receive medication, therapy, rehabilitation, skilled nursing care, and personal care on a need basis when staying at a nursing home.

Benefits of Senior Living in Wyoming

Before deciding on a place to retire, it's important to weigh out the pros and cons. Here are just some perks of living in Wyoming that seniors love:

Low Key Living

Most of the towns in Wyoming are self sufficient and tightly knit. Neighbors may be spread out, but they'll help each other out in a heartbeat when needed, and will check up on each other, especially senior neighbors whom they know may need extra assistance from time to time. While more national chain stores have been sweeping through the state, there are still lots of small locally owned businesses that are doing well and give a personal feel to the town.

Landscapes From Another Planet

Wyoming is home to incredible natural formations found throughout the entire state. Everyone knows of Yellowstone and Old Faithful, but there is also the monstrous Devils Tower and Grand Teton National Park. Several reservoirs have been made into parks as well, such as the Flaming Gorge Reservoir, and there are some springs that are mesmerizing to see like the Grand Prismatic Spring. Seniors will have problem finding a memorable location to visit and explore within state lines.

Incredible Senior Tax Benefits

One of the best perks of living in Wyoming is the fact it has no income tax. This means there are no taxes on social security income, no taxes on public or private pensions, and withdrawals from retirement accounts are not taxed. Seniors living in Wyoming will only have to worry about paying federal taxes.

Wyoming's Living Options for Seniors

There are plenty of living options for retirees in Wyoming. Among these options are independent living, assisted living, memory care, and nursing home care, depending on individual needs. Learn more about each option below and see which one is most suitable for you.

Independent Living

Independent living is ideal for older people who are active, healthy, and don't require extensive nursing care. There are more than 10 independent living facilities in Wyoming, and it costs anywhere from $990 to $2,457 a month to stay in one. The state is also home to a variety of apartment choices for seniors 55+ or 65+ depending on the community. Apartment communities typically offer attractive amenities that the elderly enjoy, such as workout rooms, pools and jacuzzis, walking trails, a clubhouse, etc.

Assisted Living

Wyoming is home to more than 30 assisted living facilities statewide. For anywhere from $1,800 to $4,468 a month, seniors are able to get access to healthcare, experienced caregivers, and social opportunities to help them thrive. Additionally, residents can expect to get assistance with transportation, laundry, meal services, housekeeping duties, and 24-hour safety surveillance. If you are looking for an affordable assisted living option, then you'll want to look in the Cheyenne area where costs are lower. The highest assisted living costs in Wyoming are in the Casper metropolitan area.

Memory Care

With 25 memory care facilities in Wyoming, seniors with memory loss issues will be sure to find the specialized care they need. Memory care costs an average of $53,766 a year, with the monthly costs ranging from $2,610 up to $6,478. Seniors with dementia related issues will find solace at a memory care facility, as the staff are trained to help seniors cope with their memory loss through medications and counseling. All meals are provided so that seniors are sure to get all their daily nutrition.

Nursing Homes

Wyoming has nearly 100 senior living providers available that cover all types of care a senior may need. Seniors will want to check the town they're considering to move to, to be sure the senior living providers they need are nearby, rather than 100s of miles away.

There are currently only a few adult daycare centers in Wyoming, all closer to the eastern border in towns like Casper and Gillette. The average cost is $21,840 per year, with a monthly cost range from $1,440 to $3,600 a month. Adult daycare is an incredibly useful resource for busy families that could use help with caring for an elderly loved one. Adult daycare will take complete care of a senior during the day, so their families can get their other responsibilities taken care of.

Hospices are generally the best option for terminally ill seniors. There are around 25 hospices in Wyoming, providing in-home care or at a fully equipped facility. Hospices cover all the bases, as far as providing medications for physical pain, counseling for emotional pain, and chaplain services for spiritual support.  The costs associated with hospice care can be covered by most insurances, including Medicare and Medicaid.

Respite care has an average cost of $78,840 a year, with monthly costs ranging from as little as $8,004 a month up to $14,355 a month. Respite care is another invaluable service to busy families, as it provides professional care to a senior for any length of time. If a familial caregiver needs to leave town for a bit, or has other responsibilities to take care of on a weekly basis, then respite care can fill in those gaps of care to the senior. Respite care can be done in-home of the senior, or the senior can take an available room at a respite care facility. Respite care is most useful when it is nearby, so seniors will want to make sure the town they're planning to move to has a respite care facility nearby.

Resources for Seniors in Wyoming

Wyoming Department of Health: Aging Division – Find out what kind of services are available to aging adults in Wyoming, as well as other useful healthcare consumer information and more here.

Wyoming Medicaid – See if you meet the financial and age requirements to qualify for Medicaid in Wyoming here. Medicaid is helpful because it helps to pay for medical services.

Wyoming Seniors – This resource provides valuable insight on a variety of programs available to older Wyomingites, such as the senior companion program, health insurance information program, Medicare patrol program, caregiver support program, and more.

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