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Wisconsin Senior Living Communities

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Deciding which Wisconsin retirement choice is right for you is a major decision. That's why we've created Senior Living. We wanted to give seniors a complete, unbiased web directory of all 3000+ of the Wisconsin's assisted living options whether you';re already a Wisconsinite or are considering retiring here. Below we've compiled some Wisconsin facts you may find useful.

The Cost of Senior Living In Wisconsin

Wisconsin residents pay 10.2% in state and local taxes. And property taxes are assessed at 100% of the market value of the property. The following types of retirement are not taxed: Social Security, Railroad Retirement, Military, VA, and some Wisconsin state and local pensions. Out-of-state government pensions are fully taxed. There is an estate tax but no inheritance tax. Wisconsin';s overall cost of living is lower than 31 other states. And the state's median household income is $49,993. Though the tax burden is relatively high (9th highest in the country) the cost of housing is relatively low. The median home value in the state is $173,300 according to Let’s look at average home prices in some the largest cities. In Milwaukee, the average price is $155,916; In the college city of Madison it jumps to $303,980. Green Bay is $145,616.

Wisconsin Senior livingThe Badger State's crime rate is 17% lower than the national rate with property crimes accounting for 91% and the remainder made up of violent crimes. Though Milwaukee’s—by far the state’s largest city—crime rate is almost twice the national average, Green Bay (14% lower) and Madison (19% lower) have rates lower than the national average.

There is no escaping the cold winters and hot humid summers in Wisconsin. Of the major cities, Green Bay tends to be the coldest with January normal highs of 24 degrees; July highs of 81 degrees. Average snowfall in the north near Lake Superior is over 100 inches per year while in the southern part of the state it’s only 30 inches. For cities on or near Lake Superior the average snow cover is 140 days; 85 days in the south.

If you don't mind the cold, you can take advantage of Wisconsin's ski hills, ice fishing and snow mobiling. Powers Bluff near Wisconsin Rapids has downhill skiing, cross country skiing, tubing and snowshoeing. Little Switzerland and Sunburst, both near Milwaukee, are popular ski hills. In the summer months, Wisconsin has 604 public and private golf courses with many in Milwaukee and Madison. If one-armed bandits and blackjack are more your speed, casinos.

If you’re ready to start searching for a retirement community, click on one of the cities listed or enter an address or zip code in the box above. You can also fill out Senior Living’s information form and someone will get back to you. Get on your to finding the right Wisconsin senior living communities

If you're looking for information about senior living communities in Wisconsin, we're confident that we can help. Wisconsin's 3490+ senior living options for seniors include nursing homes, in-home residential and assisted living situations, retirement communities, adult day care, a whole range of independent living situations, as well as Alzheimer’s and hospice care. Senior Living is the website that will provide you with the most comprehensive information about these options, including (both positive and negative) reviews from seniors who have first-hand experience of them. Here at Senior Living, we’re not affiliated with any specific care providers. What this means is that we can provide you with the most unbiased information about the various senior living communities that Wisconsin has to offer.

Using the Senior Living website to find information about Minnesota’s senior living communities is easy! Simply (1) Click on a Wisconsin city to see the list of its options; or (2) Enter a Wisconsin street address, zip or county to find senior living nearest to a desired location; or (3) Fill out a form provided on this site, and someone will contact you. Use the Senior Living website in these three ways to find a situation that fits your needs perfectly, and allows you (or your loved one) to live close to family and friends, and to enjoy their senior years fully, in one of Wisconsin’s senior living communities.

Wisconsin Senior Living Information

Since larger cities typically offer the greatest number of living options, and supportive resources, for senior citizens, you might want to focus your search on Wisconsin’s three largest cities: Milwaukee, Madison and Green Bay. Wisconsin’s cost of living index is slightly below the national average. Its personal income tax rate ranges from 4.6% - 7.75% and the sales tax rate is 5%. The overall crime rate is 17% lower - and the violent crime rate 40% lower - than the national averages, making it a very safe state to live in! Humid summertime temperatures can climb into the 80’s, and plummet into the single digits during the coldest months of its the snowy winters.

Senior Living Amenities In Wisconsin

Staying involved in activities for which we feel passion and enjoyment allows us to relish our senior years. Knowing about Wisconsin’s available amenities is, therefore, important when considering retirement options there. If you’re a golfer, you’ll be happy to know that Wisconsin has 604 golf courses to choose from. Legal gambling options include lotteries, charitable, pari-mutuel and Indian gaming. The Milwaukee Art Museum, an abundance of Frank Lloyd Wright architecture, and the Milwaukee County Zoological Gardens are among the state’s most well-known cultural attractions. Wisconsin also has more county music festivals that any other state!

Whether searching by city and state, or by street address; or by filling out a simple online form, we’re confident that the Senior Living website will continue to be an invaluable resource for you, for locating the Wisconsin senior living community that perfectly suits your needs.

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