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Senior Housing & Assisted Living in Georgia

When thinking about retirement, people often resort to warm places like Florida, Texas, and California. Another great option that people don't always think about though, is Georgia. The Peach State offers mild winters, rich history, and plenty of golf courses. Additionally, the tax rules are favorable to retirees.

Learn more about Georgia's senior living costs, facilities, and benefits today. We've gathered valuable information about Georgia's senior living options, from independent living facilities to assisted care choices. Discover a wealth of information about the different types of support systems and amenities that each has to offer here. The list of cities below are clickable, allowing you to find the closest senior living options available to you in Georgia.

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Best Senior Living Communities in Georgia

With so many options to consider, it can be a challenge to find the right living facility for yourself or an aging loved one. To help make your search more efficient, we have put together a handy list of the best senior living communities in Georgia below.

Phoenix at Tucker

type of care

Assisted Living, Memory Care

Creekside Pines

type of care

Independent Living

Angels Garden Senior Communities

type of care

Assisted Living, Memory Care

Palms of Lake Spivey

type of care

Assisted Living, Independent Living

Gardens of Gainesville

type of care

Assisted Living, Independent Living, Memory Care

Safe Haven at Lenox Park

type of care

Assisted Living, Memory Care

Options for Senior America Atlanta

type of care

Home Care

Somerby Sandy Springs

type of care

Assisted Living, Independent Living, Memory Care

Parkside Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

type of care

Nursing Care

Miss Willie's Manor

type of care

Assisted Living, Memory Care

Georgia's Living Costs for Seniors

Georgia's cost of living is generally lower than the national average. Its housing index is 93.20 out of 100. In this state, a one bedroom apartment averages out to $716 a month compared to the national average of $825 a month. You can get a two bedroom apartment for an average of $849, while the U.S. average for a similar apartment costs is around $1,027 a month.

Home health care costs are reasonable in Georgia, with an average cost of $3,623 a month. These costs allow seniors to live in their homes while service aides help to run everyday errands, cook meals, and keep the house clean.

Seniors needing supervision in a facility during the day can expect to pay an average of $1,300 per month for adult day health care. This does not include 24/7 nursing care, so it's ideal for seniors who are mostly independent but could use some socialization.

Assisted living facilities are available throughout Georgia for elderly requiring more assistance with their everyday tasks. Seniors are able to receive personal care and health services for an average monthly cost of $2,800 a month.

Older people who need round the clock supervision may want to consider a nursing home in Georgia. The cost for a semi-private room is roughly $6,222 a month, while a private room is about $6,707 a month. Nursing home care entails personal care, medication, housing, supervision, and therapies and rehabilitation.

The Best of Retired Life in Georgia

Wondering what seniors in Georgia love about the state? Below are some of the benefits of retiring in the Peach State.

Mild Winters & Warm Summers

If you're coming from somewhere that snows all winter long, you'll appreciate the fact that Georgia has pretty mild winters. There is little snowfall around the state. Georgia has a variety of terrains, such as lakes, valleys, and mountains, which means that weather will vary depending on the area you choose to settle down in. However, it's safe to say that Georgia gets plenty of rain, with an average rainfall of 49.74 inches. Summers are warm, allowing residents to enjoy the sun and a change in seasons.

Senior Friendly Sights & Activities

There are plenty of beautiful areas to sightsee in Georgia, including the expansive Centennial Park and all the pecan and peach tree farms. Seniors can partake in southern cooking and barbecuing, as well as some tasty drink making. Tabletop games are huge in Georgia, including bingo, bridge, and chess. People can often find some sort of tabletop game going on at a nearby public park. There are many exploration opportunities in popular areas, such as Cobb County and Fulton County.

Tax-Friendly for the Elderly

Georgia is one of the most tax-friendly states in the union. It exempts Social Security income, and up to $35,000 of most types of retirement income for those between the ages of 62 and 64. The tax exemption is $65,000 for those who are 65 and up. The elderly may also qualify for more property tax deductions, and full-time Georgians get a homestead exemption as well.

Plenty of Historic Charm

Georgia has always been known for its southern charm, and that charm is steeped in history. From the rich music scene that helped give birth to the blues, up to hosting the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia has always been active in all aspects of past times. There are several intact colonial towns in the state to visit as well, like Athens and Canton, where you can see and feel a part of 18th and 19th century life.

Living Options for Senior Georgians

Georgian seniors have the option of selecting between a few living options including independent living, assisted living, memory care, and nursing home care. Explore each below to get an idea of which is most compatible with your lifestyle.

Independent Living

Georgia is home to more than 290 independent living facilities. Seniors who are active, healthy, and don't require 24/7 supervision will prefer staying at an independent living facility or living in a senior apartment. The average costs of independent living facilities in the state range from $467 to $4,372 a month.

Senior apartments often include great amenities for the elderly to enjoy, including but not limited to workout rooms, walking trails, pools and jacuzzis, and more. Of course, the exact amenities will differ from place to place.

Assisted Living

There are numerous assisted living facilities available throughout Georgia to provide seniors with attentive caregivers, healthcare, and social opportunities to help them feel at home. Similar to independent living facilities, amenities will vary from place to place. However, residents can expect to receive assistance with housekeeping duties, laundry, transportation, meal services, and 24-hour staffing to ensure safety.

It costs anywhere from $850 to $7,950 a month to stay at an assisted living facility in the state. The cheaper facilities are located in the suburban areas, while the costs are higher in the metropolitan areas.

Memory Care

Senior residents with Alzheimer's, dementia, and other memory ailments will benefit from memory care in Georgia. Memory care facilities help patients get through the day without too much frustration as a result of memory loss. They are also monitored 24/7 to prevent patients from getting lost. The average monthly cost to stay at a memory care facility in this state ranges from $1,232 to $11,527 a month. The range is huge, and the prices differ on a variety of things like location. The Savannah metropolitan area has some of the most expensive memory care facilities, while the Warner Robins area offers lower memory care prices in Georgia.

Nursing Homes

There are more than 1,300 senior living providers in the state of Georgia to meet the growing population of seniors. Amongst all those providers is every type of senior living facility needed for all types of lifestyles and special needs.

Seniors who want to be actively involved in a community and make friends will enjoy one of the 107 adult day care centers in Georgia. At an average cost of $15,600 per year, seniors will be well taken care of and able to engage in a variety of activities to keep their bodies and minds engaged. The costs of adult daycare centers are higher in Georgia when compared to neighboring states, but lower than the national average.

Nearing end of life is never an easy stage of life for seniors and their families. Georgia has around 230 hospices. A hospice can be fully funded through Medicaid and Medicare, as well as private insurances. Hospices will have dedicated staff to help incoming patients complete the right paperwork to have the costs covered by insurance. Staff at hospices will also provide medications to ease any pain, chaplain services, and counseling.

Respite care facilities in Georgia are plentiful, with 416 operating in the state. Caregivers needing relief from the demands of senior care can make use of a respite care facility, where staff will take in the senior and lovingly care for them. Stays at a respite care facility can be as short or as long as needed. Meals and activities are provided to seniors, along with health monitoring and medical attention on a need basis. The average cost of respite care in Georgia is $65,700 per year.

Resources for Seniors in Georgia

State of Georgia Department of Human Services – Find out what kind of aging services are available to seniors, dementia resources, Medicare info, and more.

State of Georgia Department of Revenue – Learn about retirement income exemption and how it works in Georgia. This resource also includes a handy worksheet for calculating the maximum allowable adjustment for each individual. – Discover more about Georgia's lifestyle and standard of living, the many wonderful things to do in this state, the rich culture the state boasts, and more.

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