The Best Assisted Living in Cincinnati

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Home to several award-winning hospitals, a thriving arts scene, and diverse dining options, Cincinnati has many benefits to offer older adults. You’ll also find dozens of assisted living communities in Cincinnati, so you can continue to live in the city you love while getting extra support.

But with so many assisted living communities available, choosing the right one for you can be tricky. It’s important to find a community that’s the right fit for your budget. You should also consider essential elements like the types of care offered, amenities, environment, and the community’s location within the city.

Our team of senior living experts has highlighted some of the best assisted living communities in Cincinnati to help you get started. We’ve also identified the factors that make each community unique and shared facts about senior living in Ohio. Toward the end of this article, you’ll find some tips to help you review this information and make a well-informed decision about which community is best for your needs and preferences.

Our Methodology: How We Chose the Best Assisted Living in Cincinnati

With so many assisted living communities in Cincinnati, how do you find the one that’s right for you? Our housing experts spent over 50 hours researching the best options to help narrow your search. We’ve evaluated communities all over the country, so we know what sets an exceptional facility apart from the rest. We used the criteria below to evaluate the best assisted living in Cincinnati:

  • Cost: While cost can vary, we looked for assisted living communities that deliver real value. We also considered what services were included in monthly fees and if residents had to pay entrance fees. Any costs listed below came from facility websites or conversations with staff members.
  • Available care options: We considered the types of care that each community offered and whether it could meet evolving care needs. We also looked for important safety elements, like the use of an emergency alert system.
  • Amenities: When evaluating communities, we looked for amenities that are important to resident wellness and overall enjoyment, including gyms, pools, and libraries.
  • Location: We carefully considered how the community’s location within Cincinnati would affect resident safety and travel for visiting family members, along with access to health care, dining, and entertainment outside of the community.
  • Staff: Staff have a tremendous impact on resident safety and wellness. We considered the availability of staff, their talent, and the community’s staff-to-resident ratio.
  • Reviews: We read dozens of reviews to understand what communities are doing well and ways they could improve. We looked for common trends that were repeatedly mentioned in reviews, and we highlighted those in our community summaries.

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