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Masonic Senior Housing and Senior Care

Masonic senior housing care options include continuing care retirement communities, independent living, assisted living, Alzheimer's care, nursing homes, respite care, home care and day care. The difference between Masonic senior housing and other private senior housing providers is the association with Freemasonry. This can mean different things between individual Masonic providers, which we will discuss later. To begin, let's look at what Freemasonry is and what it's not.

A Brief History of Freemasonry

The exact origins of Freemasonry are a matter of debate. King Solomon, Euclid, Moses, the Druids. They have all been connected to Masonry's origins. A poem printed in 1390, the Regius Manuscript, makes a reference to Masons. But the first "organized" group of Masons met in 1717 when four London lodges met and formed the first Grand Lodge of England.

The fraternity quickly spread throughout Europe and over to the American colonies where men such as George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Paul Revere, John Paul Jones, and other prominent colonial figures became Masons.

Mason alumni read like a who's who of famous figures: Davy Crockett, Kit Carson, Wyatt Earp, Mark Twain, Henry Ford, Ty Cobb, Harry Houdini, Charles Lindbergh, Clark Gable, Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Duke Ellington, Nat King Cole, Gerald Ford, Arnold Palmer, and John Elway to name a few. Most Masons, however, are not famous.

Today, there are 6 million active Masons around the world with 2 million in the US. It is the oldest and largest fraternal organization for men in the world.

What is Freemasonry?

Freemasonry is a fraternal organization much like the Rotary Club, Kiwanis, the Knights of Columbus, and others. And like these fraternities, the Masons believe in giving back to their communities through charity and service. The three principle tenets of Masonry are brotherly love, relief and truth. Notice the "brotherly"? Yes, that means that Masons only allow men. More on that in a moment.

According to, the main purpose of the Mason's is to "make good men even better," by placing "emphasis on the individual man by strengthening his character, improving his moral and spiritual outlook, and broadening his mental horizons."

Freemasonry is not a cult. It is not a secret society bent on controlling the world. And it is not a religion.

Who is Eligible?

Masonry is open to all men of good character who believe in a supreme being and who are at least 18-25-years old (depending on the jurisdiction). The Supreme Being can be God, Buddha, or whoever you hold in that position. Masons come from many religious traditions including Christianity, Buddhism, Sikhism, Islam, Judaism, and Hinduism.

Women, as we said earlier, are prohibited though there are some Lodges in England bucking the tradition. However, the Order of the Eastern Star is a Freemason-related organization open to men and women.


One of the main purposes of Masonry is to provide charity and service. Masons do this through a number of charities, both local and national. The following are national Mason-related charities: Shriner's Hospital for Children, Scottish Rite Children's Medical Center, Scottish Rite Learning Centers, Dentistry for the Handicapped, and The Museum of Our National Heritage.

Masons are said to give $2 million a day to various charities in this country.

Additionally, Masons give back to other Masons in need through housing and medical assistance. This is where Masonic senior living comes in.

The Masonic Senior Living Tradition

Over 100 years ago, Masons saw the need to establish homes for their elderly Masonic members, their wives, widows and children who needed daily care and could no longer live on their own.

Many of today's Masonic senior living facilities originated as a charity by Masons for Masons. Like Masonic Pathways of Michigan that originated in 1891; the Montana Masonic Home that has provided care to the Big Sky state elders since 1907; or the Masonic Home of Florida providing care in the St. Petersburg area since the early 1900s.

Look on just about any Masonic senior living facility website and you'll see a "History" page, documenting the efforts of that community's Masons to provide a home for the elderly and infirmed.

Masonic Senior Living Today

The Masonic senior care facilities of a century ago are largely different than the ones operating today. Aside from the many medical and technological innovations, many of today's facilities are even open to non-Masonic members, though this varies by facility. The general public, however, is typically given less priority than Masons and their family members. They also will pay a higher rate.

Masons, on the other hand, enjoy a discounted daily/monthly (depending on the service) rate. In addition, as a Mason or relative, you are often give guaranteed access to the care you need. And you are given priority on the waiting list as many of these facilities have a wait.

Who is Eligible?

As stated above, some facilities will admit non-Masons. However, Masons are usually given admission priority over the general public. For facilities that are strictly Mason, admission again varies.

Here are some eligibility examples you may find:

A Master Mason who is a member of that state's Lodge and in good standing

A Master Mason's wife

A widow of a Master Mason

A female dependent of a Master Mason

Paying for Care

Like other public senior care facilities, Masonic facilities accept private payment. Monthly fees are based on a number of factors: level of care, city/state of the facility, and amenities. See our "Senior Lifestyles" article for information on costs of care.

Some facilities have an "assignment of assets" option where residents assign a percentage of their assets and income to the facility. The assets are converted to cash and deposited into an account that is used to pay for care.

Many Masonic senior care homes have financial assistance programs made available to those senior Masons and spouses who qualify. These programs are typically state-specific. Some examples are the Masonic Financial Assistance Program, the Benevolent Financial Assistance Program, and Masonic Advantage Program.

Additionally, for Veterans there are a number of options for financial assistance such as Aid and Attendance, the Housebound Benefit and the non-profit Veterans Angels.


For many years, Masons have been giving back to their communities and to their own members. Masonic senior homes and senior care is just another way that their members are taken care of in later life. And today, many of these homes have opened their doors to the general public. To begin your search for a Masonic senior home, scroll below to find care options throughout the US.

The following is a list of Masonic Senior Care Organization. If you know of another Masonic organization that should be on this list, just find the facility in the directory and then use the notify admin button to tell us that this listing should be included as a Masonic service organization. This list was originally created based on feedback from a users. Once we build a more complete list, we will make it a searchable criteria. This list is new but we are tryin to build lists for special interest groups of seniors.
45 Current Listing(s) 
No. Title Corporate Senior Care
1: Masonic Home
34400 Mission Blvd, Union City, CA
CCFC Indep Living Asssted Living Alz/Dimentia Care Nursing Home In Home
2: Masonic Home at Covina
1650 Old Badillo Street, Covina, CA
Indep Living Asssted Living
3: Robert Russell Eastern Star Masonic Center
2445 S Quebec Street, Denver, CO
Indep Living Asssted Living In Home
4: Eastern Star-Masonic Retirement Community
2445 S Quebec St, Denver, CO
Asssted Living Retirement
5: Lockwood Lodge
139 Toddy Hill Road, Newtown, CT
CCFC Indep Living Asssted Living Alz/Dimentia Care Nursing Home In Home
6: Ashlar Village
74 Cheshire Road, Wallingford, CT
CCFC Indep Living Asssted Living Nursing Home In Home In Home
7: Masonicare Home Health & Hospice
Administrative Office, Wallingford, CT
In Home
8: Masonicare Home Health & Hospice
33 North Plains Industrial Rd, Wallingford, CT
In Home
9: Masonicare Home Health & Hospice
20 Furnace Street, Danielson, CT
In Home
10: Masonicare Partners Home Health & Hospice - Hartford
95 Woodland Street, Hartford, CT
In Home
11: Masonicare Partners Home Health & Hospice - Suffield
450 South Street, Suffield, CT
In Home
12: Masonicare Home Health & Hospice
309 Main Street, Portland, CT
In Home
13: Masonicare Home Health & Hospice - Norwalk Hospice
535 Connecticut Avenue, Norwalk, CT
In Home
14: Masonicare Home Health & Hospice - Wallingford Hospice
33 North Plains Industrial Road, Wallingford, CT
In Home
15: Masonic Home
4800 Lancaster Pike, Wilmington, DE
In Home
16: Masonic Home of Florida
3201 1st Street, N.E., Saint Petersburg, FL
Asssted Living
17: Eastern Star Masonic Home
715 West Third Street, Boone, IA
Nursing Home
18: Iowa Masonic Health Facilities
2500 Grant Street, Bettendorf, IA
CCFC Nursing Home
19: Rowley Memorial Masonic Home
3000 East Willis Avenue, Perry, IA
Nursing Home
20: Illinois Masonic Medical Center Home Health Department
836 West Wellington Avenue, Chicago, IL
In Home
21: Indiana Masonic Home Inc
690 S State Street, Franklin, IN
CCFC Nursing Home
22: Kansas Masonic Home
401 S Seneca St, Wichita, KS
CCFC Nursing Home
23: Masonic Home Of Louisville
240 Masonic Home Drive, Masonic Home, KY
Nursing Home
24: Masonic Home Of Shelbyville
711 Frankfort Road, Shelbyville, KY
Nursing Home
25: Overlook Masonic Health Center
Masonic Home Road Po Box 1000, Charlton, MA
Nursing Home
26: Masonic Health System of Massachusetts
PO Box 1000, Charlton, MA
In Home
27: Michigan Masonic Home
1200 Wright Ave, Alma, MI
CCFC Nursing Home
28: Michigan Masonic Home
1200 Wright Avenue, Alma, MI
Asssted Living Alz/Dimentia Care
29: Masonic Home
11350 Masonic, Warren, MI
Asssted Living
30: Minnesota Masonic Home
11501 Masonic Home Drive, Bloomington, MN
CCFC Indep Living Asssted Living Alz/Dimentia Care Nursing Home In Home
31: North Ridge
5430 Boone Avenue North, New Hope, MN
CCFC Indep Living Asssted Living Alz/Dimentia Care Nursing Home In Home In Home
32: Montana Masonic Home
2010 Masonic Home Rd, Lewis & Clark, MT
Asssted Living
33: Masonic and Eastern Star Home of N.C., Inc.
700 South Holden Road, Greensboro, NC
CCFC Nursing Home
34: Masonic Home Of New Jersey
902 Jacksonville Road, Burlington, NJ
Nursing Home
35: Dumont Masonic Home
676 Pelham Road, New Rochelle, NY
Nursing Home
36: Masonic Care Community Of New York
2150 Bleecker Street, Utica, NY
Nursing Home
37: Springfield Masonic Community
2655 W National Rd, Springfield, OH
Nursing Home
38: Western Reserve Masonic Comm
4931 Nettleton Road, Medina, OH
CCFC Nursing Home
39: Masonic Senior Services of Ohio Inc.
2655 W National Road, Springfield, OH
In Home
40: Masonic Village At Elizabethtown
One Masonic Drive, Elizabethtown, PA
CCFC Nursing Home
41: Masonic Village At Lafayette Hill
801 Ridge Pike, Lafayette Hill, PA
CCFC Nursing Home
42: Masonic Village At Sewickley
1000 Masonic Drive, Sewickley, PA
CCFC Nursing Home
43: Masonic Village At Warminster
850 Norristown Road, Warminster, PA
CCFC Nursing Home
44: Masonic Home of Virginia
4101 Nine Mile Road, Richmond, VA
Asssted Living
45: Masonic Health Care Center
400 N Main St, Dousman, WI
CCFC Nursing Home

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